Webb family genealogy - Irish Pedigrees (2023)

Connected with the Society of Friends, in Ireland

John O’Hart

Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation

1892 (5th Edition)

Volume 2

The connection of this branch of the Webb family with the other branches in Ireland has not yet been traced.

1. Roger Webb, son of Edward and Margaret Webb, was born at Dunmurry, co. Antrim, in 1622. He was a wheelwright or turner. His father is supposed to have come from England. He mar. in 1649, Anne, dau. of Adam Growcroft, of Ratford Green, now Charlo, in Lancashire. He settled at Achanron, parish of Sego, near Lurgan, and had:

Edward, b. 1651, died young.

James, b. 1654. (See No. 2.)

John, b. 1656. (See No. 3.)

Edward, b. 1659. (See No. 4.)

Deborah, b. 1661, m. John Turner.

Jonathan, b. 1664.

Ruth, b. 1666, in. John Hooper.

Mary, b. 1668.

Mary, b. 1671, m. Moses Shaw.

Roger, b. 1674. (See No. 5.)

2. James (son of No. 1), mar. in 1679, Sarah, dau. of Richard and Alice Jones. They settled at Hillsborough, and had:

Richard, b. 1680. (See No. 6).

No particulars regarding John, Henry, Roger, Mary, Ruth, James, Jane, Sarah, Alice, Hannah, James: who were born between 1681 and 1699.

3. John (son of No. 1), mar. in 1673, Judith Jones. They settled at Achanron, and had issue:

Rebecca, Alice, Anne, Roger, Edward, Jonathan: who were born between 1680 and 1689.

4. Edward (son of No. 1), settled in Dublin in 1683, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Abraham Fuller, of Lehinchey, King’s County, and had issue:

Joseph, John, Elizabeth, born between 1688 and 1692.

His wife, Elizabeth, died, and in 1695, he m. Sarah, dau. of Thomas and Mary Walker, of Lurgan, and had issue:

Mary, Joseph, Anne, Bridget, Hannah, Edward, Thomas, Benjamin, born between 1696 and 1710.

5. Roger (son of No. 1), mar. in 1698, Mary Robson, and had issue:

Anne, Deborah, Joseph, Jonathan, Anne, Sarah, Edward, Ruth, Mary, Edward, Roger, Anne, born between 1699 and 1721.

6. Richard (son of No. 2), mar. in 1705, Sarah, daughter of William Brownlowe, who lived near Lurgan. By his second marriage to Jane Malone, he had:

James, b. 1720. (See No. 7.)

7. James (son of No. 6), of Ballyhagan, farmer and weaver, married Mary Payne, and had:

Joseph, b. 1746, d. 1803. (See No. 8.)

John, born 1748, died 1828. See No. 9.)

Anne, b. 1756. (See No. 10.)

Richard, b. 1758, d. 1828. (See No. 11.)

Mary, b. 1765, d. 1785.

Henry, b. 1768; died a soldier at Madras.

James, b. 1771, d, 1848. (See No. 12.)

8. Joseph (son of No. 7), mar. in 1773, Rebecca (b. 1749, d. 1810), daughter of Jacob Haydock. They settled at Dungannon, and had:

Mary, born 1774, d. 1856. (See No. 13.)

James, b. 1776, died 1854. (See No. 14.)

Jacob, b. 1778. (See No. 15.)

John, b. 1779, died in infancy.

John, b. 1780, died 1873. (See No. 16.)

Rebecca, b. 1783, d. in infancy.

Rebecca, b. 1784, d. 1874. (See No. 17.)

Joseph and Richard, died young.

Anne, b. 1788, d. 1819. (See No. 18.)

Margaret, b. 1791, d. 1807.

9. John (son of No. 7), of Richhill, married Mary Allen, and had:

Richard. (See No. 19.)

Hannah, b. 1790.

Sarah, b. 1797.

10. Anne (dau. of No. 7), married James Asten, and had:

James. His blind dau., Anne, now (1888) lives at Loughgall, co. Armagh.

11. Richard (son of No. 7), m. in 1794, Sarah Watson. He carried on business in Earl Street, Dublin. He had:

Margaret, b. 1795. (See No. 20.)

James, b. 1796. (See No. 21.)

William, b. 1798, d. 1878. (See No. 22.)

Mark, b. 1800, d. 1805.

Mary, b. 1803. (See No. 23.)

Anne, b. 1806, d. 1868. Married in 1828, Richard Allen, of Dublin, d.s.p., Brooklawn, Blackrock.

12. James (son of No. 7), a farmer near Loughgall, married, first, Mary Asten, and had:

Henry, b. 1795.

George, b. 1797. Went to United States, America, in 1821.

William, born 1799. Went to United States, America, in 1840; m. — Niblock.

Sarah, b. 1801, m. James Bell.

Mary, b. 1803; m. John Payne. Went to United States, America, in 1830.

Thomas, b. 1805; mar. Hannah Payne, and went to U.S.A., in 1805. James (No. 12) married, secondly, Mary Williamson, in 1839; and had: James, born 1840, who entered the Army. [“Sergeant James Webb,” died in N.S. Wales, in 1875.]

And three more children who died in infancy.

13. Mary (dau. of No. 8), m. in 1791, Samuel Gillan, and had issue:

Anne, Rebecca, Margaret, James, Deborah, Samuel.

14. James (son of No. 8), married in 1804, at Forrest, Taghmon, co. Wexford, Deborah (born 1772, died 1837), dau. of Thomas and Deborah Sparrow, of Wexford. This James established himself in business at Corn Market, Dublin, and died at Enniscorthy in 1854, having left the business to his son, James-Henry. He had issue:

Richard Davis, b. 1805, d. 1872. (See No. 24.)

Thomas, b. 1806, d. 1884. (See No. 25.)

Joseph, b. 1828, d. 1813.

Deborah, born 1809, died 1887. (See No. 26.)

James-Henry, b. 1810, d. 1868. (See No. 27.)

Jacob, b. 1811 (died young).

Sarah, b. 1812, d. 1830.

15. Jacob (son of No. 8), went to America in 1801, and married there; returned to Ireland in 1824; went back to New York, and was lost sight of.

16. John (son of No. 8), married in 1813, Mary Waring, and had:

Joseph, b. 1816, d. 1863. (See No. 28.)

Thomas Waring, born 1818, died 1881. (See No. 29.)

Hannah Abigail, born 1820, died 1877. (See No. 36.)

Rebecca, b. 1822, d. 1882. (See No. 30.)

John Joshua, b. 1826, d. 1848.

17. Rebecca (dau. of No. 8), mar. in 1823, Samuel Eves, and had:

Joshua, b. 1824, d. about 1854. (See No. 31.)


Albert, died young.

18. Anne (dau. of No. 8), mar. in 1811, Francis Sparrow, of Wexford, son of Thomas and Deborah Sparrow, and had:

Eliza, b. 1811. (See No. 32.)

Thomas. Went to U. S. America, about 1844, and lost sight of.

Rebecca. (See No. 33.)

Joseph. (See No. 34.)

Jacob. (See No. 35.)

19. Richard (son of No. 9), m. — Allen, and had:

John. (See No. 36.)


20. Margaret (dau. of No. 11), m., first, Surgeon Blair, and had:


Maryanne, m. Peter Mansergh, and settled in Melbourne. Married, secondly, John Neale, and had:

Joseph-John, went to New Zealand; not heard of.

Sarah Elizabeth, m. — Molloy, and settled in Melbourne.

21: James (son of No. 11), m. in 1852, Susanna, dau. of Benjamin and Mary Fisher, and had issue:




William Fisher, sol. of Dublin.

22. William (son of No. 11), m. Maria Lamb, and had issue:

Charlotte, died young.

Wilhelmina, married John Webb, No. 36.

Anna. (See No. 37.)

William-Henry, a Dublin ship-builder; was drowned accidentally in Lough Neagh, in 1868.

Maria Dorothea, artist, m. Henry Robinson, artist, of St. Ives, Cornwall.

Charles James. (See No. 38.)

Richard-Thomas. (See No. 39.)

Sophia, died young.

Frederick, died young.

23. Mary (dau. of No. 11), m. in 1828, William Neale, and had:





24. Richard Davis Webb[1] (son of No. 14), m. in 1833, Hannah, dau. of Thomas and Anne Waring of Waterford, and had issue:

Alfred, Printer, of Dublin, born 1834, mar. in 1861, Elizabeth Shackleton, of Ballytore. He is head of the Webb family of which we treat.

Richard (b. 1835, d. 1882). He lived in California the latter part of his life, and voyaged amongst the South Sea Islands, in the languages, manners and customs of the inhabitants of which he was deeply interested.


Anne m. in 1868, Donald Steel, tea planter of Cachar. She d. the same year at Galle, Ceylon.

25. Thomas (son of No. 14), m. in 1833, Mary, daughter of Benjamin Clarke and Mary Fisher of Limerick, and had:

James, died 1839.


Isabella, d. 1846.


Elizabeth, d. 1887.

Thomas-Henry. (See No. 40.)

Theodore, d. 1847.

Arthur. (See No. 41.)

Marian, d. 1869.


26. Deborah (dau. of No. 14), m. in 1832, John Thompson of Manchester. They and their family moved to Melbourne, Australia, about 1851. She d. 1887. They had:

William-Hargraves, died 1860.

Henry, d. 1841.

Elizabeth, d. 1841.

John-Edward. (See No. 42.)


Edith. (See No. 43.)

Mary-Elizabeth, died 1852.

Sophia, died about 1886.

Frances Maria.

Thomas Arnold.


27. James-Henry Webb (son of No. 14), m. Anne, dau. of James Mary White of Ballitore, and had:

Mary-Elizabeth, d. 1854.



James-Henry Webb, d. in 1868. His widow and children removed to London in 1880.

28. Joseph Webb (son of No. 16), m. in 1852, Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Gatchell, and had:

John-Wilfred, settled in the south of England, and died 1888.

29. Thomas-Waring Webb, m. in 1847, Sarah, dau. of William and Mary Walpole, of the Queen’s County, and had:

John Herbert, mar. — Turtle, settled in Baltinglass.

Mary-Francis, m. John B. Beale.

William Walpole, m., Alice Davis, settled in Limerick.

Sarah-Sophia, m. Robert M. Lidbetter.


Rebecca, m. Joseph Morrison, of Ferns.

Thomas-Edward, d. 1878.


30. Rebecca Webb, (died 1882), (dau. of No. 16), m. Joseph [The] MacQuillan, and had:


John Webb, m. Eugenie Aviolat, settled in Canada.



31. Joshua Eves, (son of No. 17), mar. Mary Jane, dau. of Daniel O’Brien, and had:

Joshua Valentine, settled in Belfast.

32. Eliza Sparrow (daughter of No. 18), m. William Whitney, and had:

Francis, Martha Jane, Albert, John, William.

33. Rebecca Sparrow (dau. of No. 18), m. Wm. Hughes, and had:

Ambrose, Francis, John, Henry, Annie Frances.

34. Joseph Sparrow, m. Susan Cox, and had:

Martha, Lizzie, Mary.

35. Jacob Sparrow (son of No. 18), m. Elizabeth Woodcock Davis, and had issue:

Edward. (See 44).


36. John Webb, (son of No. 19), merchant, of Dublin, mar. Louisa, Adamson, who dying, s.p., he mar. in 1837, Hannah Abigail, dau. of No. 16, and had:




37. Anna Webb (dau. of No. 22), m. in 1860, Abraham Shackleton, of Ballytore, now (1888) of Dublin, and had:







38. Charles J. Webb, of Randalstown, co. Antrim (son of No. 22), m. in 1869, Charlotte Ellen Brooke, and had:

Ellen Winifred, W. Hubert, Kathleen Mary, Hilda Maria, Charles Walsham, Frederick Richard, Oswald Brooke, Evelyn Lucy, Norman Fitzroy.

39. Richard T. Webb of Randalstown (son of No. 22), m. in 1880, Louise Stromeyer of London, and had:

Melanie Louise, Ethel Maria, Richard Randel, Wm. Henry.

40. Thomas H. Webb (son of No. 25), married Elizabeth Emily Chandlee, and had:

Roger, Rebecca C. (d. in infancy), James Henry, Grace Isabel.

41. Arthur Webb (son of No. 25), mar. Emilie Margaret, daughter of Samuel and Susanna Watson, and had:

Leonard, Anna Miriam, Samuel Watson, Roland.

42. John Edward Thompson of Melbourne, Australia (son of No. 26), m. Jane Ingram, and had:

Mary W., Ernest I., Edith Alice, Horace Bernard, William H., Helen Christiana.

43. Edith Thompson of Melbourne, Australia (dau. of No. 26), m. E. Moss, and had:

Nina Christiana, Lilian May, Joseph Wilberforce.

44. Edward Sparrow (son of No. 35), married Anna Pillar; issue:

Charlotte-Elizabeth, Francis-Edward, George-Frederick.


[1] Richard: This Richard Davis Webb established a printing business in Dublin. He devoted himself much to the Temperance Movement, and later to the Anti-Slavery Cause, to which he gave his best years and energy. For many years he was Editor of the Anti-Slavery Advocate. His character and abilities were better known in the United States than in his native country. He was seconded in his efforts for the good of humanity, by his wife, a woman of great natural abilities and of the sweetest disposition. Most of their life was passed at 176 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, which is now [1888] being demolished for the Loop-line Railway.

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