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1 Asia 2015 English Language Teaching Catalogue With LEARNERS for life

2 New for 2015 p21 p25 p24 p15 p40 p42 p110 p49 p60 p100

3 Contents Contacts and About Macmillan 2 Childrens18 Teenage44 Adult58 Exams72 Skills, Grammar & Vocabulary 86 Palgrave Study Skills 96 Business English 98 Chinese Language Learning 108 Readers110 p26 Methodology118 Palgrave Macmillan 124 Title Index 130 Author Index 131 Key Title Level Chart 132 Childrens Key Title Level Chart 133 p113 For information about Macmillan Education, visit www.macmillaneducation.com For information about Macmillan Language Learning products and resources, visit www.macmillanenglish.com For teaching support tips, resources and articles, join the onestopenglish community at www.onestopenglish.com With LEARNERS for life p81 1

4 Macmillan in Asia ABOUT MACMILLAN With Macmillan Life Skills Days taking place across China, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea and Japan we have inspired thousands of Asian teachers to develop their learners 21st century skills as part of everyday English language classes. Join us for more exciting events in 2015! Our Teams in Asia China Hong Kong Room 1607, Culture Square, Macmillan Education Asia No.59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Suite 811, 8/F, Exchange Tower, 33 Wang Chiu Road, Beijing 100872, China Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong T: (86) 10 888 11359 T: (852) 2811 7122 E: [emailprotected] F: (852) 2811 0743 E: [emailprotected] Rest of Asia Taiwan Macmillan Education Asia Macmillan Taiwan Limited Suite 811, 8/F, Exchange Tower, 33 Wang Chiu Road, 11F-2, 83, Yenping South Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong T: (886) 2 2388 3208 T: (852) 2811 7122 F: (886) 2 2375 6882 F: (852) 2811 0743 E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] Our Recommended Distributors Cambodia Hong Kong Indonesia Indonesia The United Knowledge Co., Ltd Hong Kong Educational Fenross Book Java Books Phnom Penh Publishing Company Surabaya 60117 Jakarta 13930 T: (+855) 23 666 0 999 Shau Kei Wan T: (62) 031 596 3300 T: (62) 46821088 E: [emailprotected] T: (852) 2887 8018 F: (62) 031 596 2207 F: (62) 4610206 theunitedknowledge.com F: (852) 2570 9795 E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] www.periplus.com www.hkep.com 2

5 Part of our dedication to helping Asian teachers achieve outstanding results is to constantly grow our team of passionate and supportive professionals who promote the highest standards in modern education. ABOUT MACMILLAN Japan Korea Macmillan Language House Macmillan Korea Publishers Limited Chiyoda Bldg.,3/F Suite 1832, Gwanghwamun Officia, 163 Sinmunno 1-ga, 2-37 Ichigaya-Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea Toyko 162-0843, Japan T:(82) 2 723 8422 T: (81) 3 5227 3538 F:(82) 2 723 8424 F: (81) 3 5227 3539 E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] Thailand Vietnam Macmillan Education Thailand Macmillan Vietnam Gypsum Metropolitan Tower, 15th Floor B, Room 302, 105 Ky Con Street, District 1, 539/2 Sri-Ayuttaya Rd., Ratchthevi, Ho Chi Minh City 700000, Vietnam Bangkok 10400, Thailand T: (84) 8 3915 1134 T: +66 02 6424241 F: (84) 8 3915 1134 F: +66 02 6424242 E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] Malaysia Myanmar Singapore Thailand UBSD Learning Sdn Bhd Myanmar Book Centre Co., Ltd Pansing Distribution Pte Ltd D.K.Today Co.,Ltd Selangor D.E, Yangon Singapore 536196 Bangkok 10900 T: (603) 8076 3042 T: (951) 212 409, 221 271 T: 65 6319 9939 T: +66 (02) 930-6215-8 F: (603) 8076 3142 F: (951) 221 271 F: 65 6459 4930 F: +66 (02) 541-7377 E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] E: [emailprotected] www.ubsd.com.my www.myanmarbook.com www.pansing.com www.dktoday.net 3

6 Macmillan Educa with learners ABOUT MACMILLAN for life You can rely on us for exceptional ELT materials whether youre helping a child learn English with the Bebop app, teaching teenagers with Beyond, buying the Study Skills Handbook ready for university or supporting an ambitious CEO online with In Company 3.0 Global Teacher training Youre never far away from one of our expert ELT Macmillan Education isnt just about publishing great consultants, teacher trainers or distributors. Youll courses. Teacher training is a huge part of what find Macmillan Education in over 130 countries. we do. Our trainers visit schools to give practical Take a look at pages 2-3 to discover where to find a advice to teachers and parents while our authors Macmillan representative near you. give workshops and seminars at events across the globe. Come and see us at a conference near you or with a local touch join our monthly webinars and online conference by registering online. Everyones welcome. You might We might be a global publisher, but the local touch even get to meet an author or two! is what helps us really get close to you and the ELT community. We work with teachers, students, parents and ministries of education to make sure our courses Forward-thinking are as relevant as they can be, like Interface for With over a decade of digital expertise, we dont just Poland, Hot Spot in Mexico or Topics for Abu Dhabi. have some of the most innovative digital products in ELT, we also know the best ways to help you integrate Award-winning resources education technology with sound pedagogy in a way that suits your teaching style. To find out more - see From the English Speaking Union (ESU) Presidents pages 8-15. Award, BESIG and ELTons awards, our titles have gained international acclaim. Thats because we put teachers and students at the heart of everything we develop to create the best courses, supplementary material and digital products in ELT. 4

7 tion ABOUT MACMILLAN EVER-CURIOUS Helping people to broaden their horizons Helping lecturers to Helping institutions deliver run successful courses cost-effective solutions EMPLOYMENT Giving people the skills to succeed at work POSTGRADUATE Helping graduates to ask different questions HIGHER EDUCATION Helping colleges to Helping college students to go compete with the best Helping instructors to further in life build better careers SECONDARY Helping students to get Helping schools better grades to thrive in a Helping educators to digital age teach new subjects PRIMARY Introducing children to a whole world of learning Helping teachers to Helping governments deliver great lessons deliver excellent education PRESCHOOL LEARNER JOURNEY Helping children learn their TEACHER JOURNEY first words of English INSTITUTIONAL JOURNEY 5

8 Macmillan Life Skills ABOUT MACMILLAN Video interviews Chris Hadfield, astronaut, software developer Adrian Hon We launched Macmillan Life Skills in and Arctic explorer Rosie Stanter January 2014 to help you and your are just some of the people we have interviewed as part of the life students build not only their language skills, skills campaign. Each share which but also the transferable skills they need life skill they feel is important, and to progress confidently and successfully answer one key question: through life. If you could go back to being 18 years old, what one piece of Since then, we have published a wide range of FREE life skills information would you give yourself? teaching resources which have been shared and downloaded by thousands of teachers worldwide. The feedback and response to Macmillan Life Skills have been phenomenal. In a survey of over 1500 teachers: 93% said they considered life skills were essential to language learning and 99% loved receiving our fortnightly life skills emails. So we wanted to say THANK for taking part. YOU 6

9 ABOUT MACMILLAN Whats new? Well be adding teacher training videos to help you teach everything from critical thinking to time management, so you can see how others are covering these skills. Therell be new resources for young learners, as well as a new-look web page to make searching for materials even easier. Well also be offering practical online workshops and life skills teacher training webinars, to help you get the most from our resources and your students! For fun Need a five-minute filler, warm/wrap up or something for the quick finishers or the homework averse? Our Life Skills for fun activities, including crosswords, puzzles and games, are guaranteed to entertain and engage your learners. Lesson plans Last year, we published free lesson plans to help teachers explore 12 key Life Skills themes, including Time Management, For the latest Life Skills Networking and Know Yourself. Well continue to extend this resources by email, sign up at collection throughout 2015, by adding more lesson plans and www.macmillanenglish.com resources specifically for Young Learners. For more information about Life Skills, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/life-skills 7

10 The home of Macmillan ELT ABOUT MACMILLAN News, resources, support and inspiration: youll find it all at Macmillanenglish.com Macmillan English online is packed with a wealth of information and tools to support Visit the site today to: and inspire you as you choose and use your Macmillan resources. Browse and buy the products listed in this 2015 catalogue Download samples and watch demos for all our latest courses Read customer case studies and author profiles Access all of our course-linked resource sites Contact and get advice from your local Macmillan representatives Keep up to date with all our latest news, events and competitions Heaths Macmillanenglish.com Highlights! To help you get the most from Macmillanenglish.com, we asked our Web Editor, Heath Gordon-McCall, to recommend his top three things to do on the site: MACM LIFE SKI LILL A N For Fun LS: Work Wheels Can you answe find 11 career r are in the word s, using the wheels skills . You can and attitud use each es necess letter as ary for many that career times as you as clues? The need to. letters Work Whe you need for each 1. My skill is with numbe els rs, and Im very 2. My skill good with details: is with motors ; I dont mind getting t e my hands m dirty: o a c u h 1. My skill i n is working with food, and Im 2. very clean My skills 1 2 3 is with and tidy: horses , Im very 3. calm and compa My skill is using in all weathe slate, straw ssionat e: k c rs: or pottery , and I like being e out o f r 1. My skill m g caree is my voice, and I work well with 2. My skill an audien is ce: know how in making things someth ing works:from metal; I always want to 3. a r / wo My skill is with colour; I see beauty s in many differen i e t forms: t n r g 1. My skill p rk is afraid of in learning comple heights x instruc : tions, and Im not 2. My skill is in learnin unders tand whats g languages; being said: I like to help people j a 3. My skill is the latest in using words p news: and photos s l t ; I like to know o r n i u Macmillan Publisher s Limited, 2014. E BL D IA OPNLOADE TE OC BSI OTBE DOW M WE PHCAN FRO Sign up for email Discover our Download FREE teaching newsletters new Exams section resources Keep up-to-date and be inspired Covering Young Learners, Alongside all the latest resources by all the latest news, topical Business, Academic, Professional in our hugely popular Life teaching resources, events and and general English, our brand- Skills series, each term on competitions from Macmillan new exams section is packed with macmillanenglish.com we publish English! teaching tips, self-study materials a selection of FREE topical and essential exam information teaching resources. Take a look! to help guide students of all levels towards exam success. 8 Explore and bookmark www.macmillanenglish.com today!

11 Boost your skills at our FREE ABOUT MACMILLAN online events led by ELT experts! Whatever level you are teaching at and wherever you are in the world; theres a Macmillan Education webinar for you! Pick up practical teaching tips, techniques and ideas to implement in your classroom Learn more about current and emerging teaching methodologies Gain new knowledge and skills to enhance your CV and employability Get best-practice advice and chat directly to ELT experts Network and share your expertise and ideas with other teachers Online Webinars Conference Each year we broadcast a series of webinars featuring Macmillan authors and experts talking about some of the biggest One of the biggest online events in the ELT topics in ELT. calendar, the Macmillan Education Online Conference (#MEOC) will be back in November Last years events, including Drama in the 2015 for another action-packed week of FREE Young Learner Classroom with Jeanne Perrett webinars. (pictured) and Pronuciation Tips with Tim Bowen, were watched by over 20,000 teachers The line-up will be revealed in September, meanwhile worldwide. Be sure to tune in and join them why not watch the highlights from 2014 over on our this year! YouTube channel! View our full 2015 online event schedule at www.macmillanenglish.com/online-conference 9

12 Get social with Macmillan English ABOUT MACMILLAN and thousands of ELT teachers worldwide! Join us on social media and be part of the passionate, ever-growing community of teachers who enjoy: Links to all our latest FREE teaching resources, including Life Skills lessons and videos All our latest product news, special offers and competitions Alerts and reminders about our forthcoming events and webinars Live chats and Google hangouts with our expert team and authors Our pick of interesting articles, infographics and news from the world of ELT Behind-the-scenes exclusives and fun from our London Head Office! Talk to us! We love receiving your feedback and seeing what youre up to in the classroom, so dont be shy; join us on social media and share your news, photos and views! Macmillan Education ELT @macmillanELT Macmillan Education ELT Macmillan Education ELT 10

13 Join our c mmunity ABOUT MACMILLAN of over 500,000 teachers on onestopenglish.com 10 reasons why teachers love onestopenglish: It helps me to deliver funnier and richer lessons to my pupils It gets me out of those ooops, I have a class in 20 minutes situations! No matter what Im teaching, I never fail to find something suitable to use I can find lessons planned and adjusted for every level and age It makes my life simpler It makes me updated! It is a very user-friendly site and easy to understand If youre teaching It helps me develop as an EFL teacher and gives me ELT and youve the opportunity to use other teachers experiences and get in touch with them never used It helps and inspires me to teach my students onestopenglish, much, much better heres why you It is the most complete source to find everything I need to teach English should! Launched in 1999, our flagship teacher resource site is home to over 8,000 ready-to-use ELT resources and an active community of over 500,000 passionate teachers worldwide who come together to share their ideas, enter our competitions and enjoy unlimited access to our materials. Whats more, the site caters for all learning levels and settings; so whether youre teaching CLIL to young learners or business English to adults, youll find something to inspire and support you! Register, explore and download FREE resources online today at www.onestopenglish.com 11

14 Supporting learnin All Macmillan courses include integrated digital materials ABOUT MACMILLAN to enrich and extend the learning and teaching experience. Whichever Macmillan course you choose, you and your students will be equipped with a number of fully-integrated and intuitive digital tools as part of your blended learning package. All of our new courses come with the following digital resources as standard, which you will see signposted throughout this catalogue: Teachers Resource Centre The Teachers Resource Centre provides teachers with worksheets and testing solutions for use in the classroom or as homework. Speaking activities to accompany the Students Book Progress Checks Placement and downloadable tests, including unit, mid-course and end-of- course tests Class Audio, Workbook audio and videos Students Resource Centre The Students Resource Centre provides a bank of media and vocabulary as well as additional course-related materials that enable students to extend learning beyond their coursebook. Class Audio, Workbook Audio and Videos Wordlists for all levels Presentation Kit The Presentation Kit is an enhanced digital version of the Students Book designed for use as a presentation tool in the classroom. It includes embedded audio and video, interactive activities, a pop-up answer key and suggested answers for open-ended activities. Online Workbook The Online Workbook is a fully interactive digital version of the Workbook and comes with embedded audio and a variety of activities to help students practise and build their skills. The Online Workbook marks work and sends instant results back to students and teachers. Digital Students Book The Digital Students Book enhances content from the Students Book with embedded audio, video and a range of interactive activities to enrich the learning experience. It also features inbuilt note-taking and bookmarking tools to aid students as they learn, as well as a gradebook and teacher view. 12

15 g in the classroom ABOUT MACMILLAN Macmillan Practice Online Wherever you see this symbol in our catalogue it indicates that theres an accompanying Macmillan Practice Available anywhere, anytime, Macmillan Practice Online course available. Online offers the flexibility to suit any teaching situation; whether youre teaching large groups, one-to- one, or need practice materials for your students: Over 120 online courses cover business English, Academic English, Exam Practice and General English Automatically marked activities offer instant feedback and help keep students motivated, and your teacher account enables you to keep track of their progress in one place For our range of courses and to sign up for free teacher access today: www.macmillanpracticeonline.com Macmillan English Campus Fully adaptable to meet the needs of your institution, Macmillan English Campus offers resources to cover every competence level, whether youre teaching professionals in work or preparing students for university. Introducing Macmillan English Campus enables you to expand your offering as an institution, giving your students a flexible learning environment to suit their individual needs: Over 60 ready-to-use courses and 5,000 activities cover listening, reading, writing, speaking, pronunciation and grammar Authentic, graded content from the Guardian updated every week, complete with ready-to-use activities. Internal messaging service and bookmarking tools to save and assign resources An intuitive design, making it easy for students to see assigned courses and track their progress More than 100 pre-built tests and an inbuilt placement test Find out more and sign up for a FREE online demo of Macmillan English Campus at: www.macmillanenglishcampus.com 13

16 NEW Learning on the go ABOUT MACMILLAN Introducing the new Macmillan eBook store Whether youre a student looking to get some extended independent reading or a teacher looking for methodology eBooks, theres plenty to discover and download from our new eBook store! Students: From Shakespeare to short stories, theres a wide range of Graded Readers across all levels and genres. Students can take our new interactive test to check their reading level and choose the right eBooks for them, and a selection of Macmillan Readers audio books are also available to help boost listening skills. For teachers: Youll find a range of our best-selling photocopiables, ELT resource books and methodology titles, including Jim Scriveners classic, Learning Teaching: The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching, one of the most successful guides to ELT of all time! All of our eBooks are available in EPUB 2 and Adobe PDF formats, making them easy to add to your library. Discover over 200 eBooks now online! Look out for these brand-new titles in 2015: Classics: Othello and Agnes Grey Cultural: Australia and Italy Short Stories: Animal Stories Start shopping today! www.macmillaneducationebooks.com 14

17 NEW Introducing The Inks! ABOUT MACMILLAN Thinky Blinky Stinky Zinky Minky Stars of Macmillans brand-new series of apps for Young Learners Whether at home or on the go, Macmillan apps provide an excellent and engaging opportunity for learners to get extended practice and boost their vocabulary and skills. Our collection of award-winning apps is expanding rapidly, with a number of exciting new releases due in 2015, including a brand-new series of apps for young learners. We asked our Digital Product Manager, Logan Scott, to tell us more Q: So, just who and what are Q: What are the key features Q: Are the apps only available The Inks? of the new apps? to learners following Macmillan courses? A: The Inks are the stars of a A: Learners are in complete brand-new series of vocabulary control of their experience and A: No! Whilst the new apps are apps for young learners, designed can progress through each level at linked to Macmillan courses (the to bring American English to a rate that suits them. The apps first of which are Happy Campers life through exciting, extended feature three different types of and Story Central), they can be learning and practice. The Inks activity at each level and stage, used as stand-alone vocabulary- are colourful inky characters that and learners earn points, awards boosting tools for young learners engage and guide learners as they and trophies as they progress. everywhere. The apps have been advance through the different Each app also includes a mid-way created for all young learners of levels and stages of game play, review stage, providing that all- English and their parents who encouraging, challenging and important opportunity for them to wish to support and play a part rewarding them as they practise revise what theyve learnt so far. in their childs language-learning and progress. experience. Other popular apps available from Macmillan Bebop IELTS 1-3 Skills Sounds Developed to accompany the Winner of the ESU Presidents Winner of the 2012 ELTon pre-primary American English Award 2013, the IELTS Skills Award for Innovation in Learner course Bebop, the Bebop apps app provides students with Resources, our best-selling feature songs, games and tasks stimulating exam practice, Sounds app helps students to help young learners explore including video-based questions to practise and perfect their English and start to develop their and interactive tasks, to help pronunciation skills. vocabulary and skills in a playful boost their core skills ahead of and engaging way. their IELTS exams. Download the Apple OS App from the App Store or the Android App from Google Play. 15

18 Discover a world of with Macmillan Dic ABOUT MACMILLAN Macmillan Dictionary is the most up-to-date online dictionary and thesaurus for learners of British and American English. As the English language evolves, our dictionary is constantly updated with new words and definitions Gadge based on our analysis of a ts wide and varied corpus of Theres a range of gadgets available English texts, so learners can to help make it easier and faster to use our Dictionary, always rely on its accuracy including our double-click dictionary and relevance. plug-in; a clever little tool that enables learners to double-click on any word The best news is, this world on any website and see a pop-up of its definition and example usage of content is fully-responsive direct from the Macmillan Dictionary. for mobile and tablet use and completely FREE! Want to use Macmillan Dictionary content on your website? Find out more about our Macmillan Dictionary API online. Among the treasures to be discovered: Red words and star ratings highlight the 7,500 words that make up the core vocabulary of English Learner-friendly definitions and examples explain and show usage in context Audio pronunciation and phonemic transcription (IPA) for all headwords Fully integrated thesaurus for all words FREE teaching resources include pragmatics lesson plans and language puzzles Themed wordlists in the Sounds App practise pronunciation 16

19 Open words Got a ary suggestion D i c t i o n for a word or phrase that you think should tionary! be entered into the dictionary? Submit your entry to our crowd-sourced Open Dictionary and be a language pioneer! From time to time ABOUT MACMILLAN we select words from the suggestions to be entered into the Macmillan Dictionary itself next time it could be yours! Written by expert authors, teachers Blog and linguists including Michael Rundell and Stan Carey the Macmillan Dictionary Blog offers language tips, pragmatics lessons and interesting posts on all the latest lexical news Games and debate. Motivating and fun, our hugely-popular language games provide a great way for learners of English to build and practise their skills. From our Irregular Verb Wheel to our brand-new Collocations game, take a look at our full range of mobile and tablet-friendly games today! From bagel BuzzWo to chick noir, rd learners can explore all the latest English BuzzWords added to the Macmillan Dictionary each week. Teachers can also download Our dictionary a FREE lesson plan linked to our is constantly BuzzWord of the month. updated with new words and phrases as the English language evolves. Keep up-to-date by subscribing to our emails and well send you all the latest news, BuzzWords, lesson plans and highlights from the blog. Printed Dictionaries To get our #wordoftheday, weekly Macmillan Education ceased the printing of dictionaries in 2013. Editions may still be ordered, but we cannot guarantee availability. #BuzzWords, and to share your love British English Paperback British English Paperback American English Paperback of the English language; join us on + CD-ROM + CD-ROM Twitter and Facebook! Macmillan Essential Dictionary 9780230039476 9780230039483 9780333992128 Macmillan Collocations Dictionary 9780230724037 Macmillan Phrasal Verbs Plus 9781405063906 MacDictionary Macmillan Study Dictionary 9780230401969 Macmillan School Dictionary 9781405013420 MacDictionary For more information, visit www.macmillandictionary.com 17

20 CHILDRENS Little Learning Stars Little Learning Stars, new for 2015, uses the warmth, fun, vibrancy and characters of Learning Stars and teaches pupils through picture stories, patterned activities and craft activities. The book consists of a practical combined Pupils Book and Activity Book with teacher icons for guidance. Happy Campers Happy Campers has a fun and practical Flip Book design that joins the Student Book and The Language Lodge (Workbook). The course teaches new language through memorable musical echoes, songs and chants with an additional Skills Book offering further language practice. Tiger Time Tiger Time has truly engaging and humorous stories and covers a range Story Central of cross-curricular topics. Story Central is a new six-level It develops learners course with stories at the heart of confidence through songs, each chapter (unit). An accompanying a gradual approach to graded Reader not only develops grammar and an online students reading skills but also a love Student Resource Centre for reading. 21st century Skills run and offers a flexible teaching throughout the chapters developing approach. skills for life. 18

21 Our students are not only studying English through NEXT MOVE. They enjoy learning about various cultures and doing different activities. This book consists of short review and thinking sections which help better understanding of each unit and give opportunity for students to think logically. Colin Park, Principal, FTK English, South Korea 19

22 Bebop Lorena Peimbert Myriam Monterrubio Key features Animated storysongs and action videos Bebop Band App for use at home CHILDRENS American Sign Language video flashcards Students Book promotes critical thinking Multi-sensory approach Multi-sensory learning in action www.macmillanyounglearners.com/bebop Children have fun using sight, sound and motion whilst learning with the Bebop multi-sensory course. A Teachers Presentation Kit DVD-ROM, which includes video flashcards, action song videos, storysongs and projectable pages, worksheets and teachers notes, gives you all your class materials in one place. There is also a Teachers Resource Centre available online with assessment and home/school materials. The Bebop Band App connects the classroom with home through stories, songs and games so parents can support their childs learning. A Bebop Level 1 storysong Bebop Students Book Level 1 Bebop Students Book Pack Activity Book Teachers Edition Pack Level 1 9780230452930 9780230452947 9780230452961 Level 2 9780230453036 9780230453043 9780230453067 Level 3 9780230453135 9780230453142 9780230453166 Teachers Class Audio CDs Flashcards Presentation Kit (all levels) Level 1 9780230453005 9780230452978 Level 2 9780230453104 9780230453074 9780230452909 Level 3 9780230453197 9780230453173 Teachers Teachers Teachers Class Mobile App Flashcards American Download the Apple OS App from the App Store Resource DVD-ROM Presentation Audio English or the Android App from Google Play. Centre Kit 20 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

23 Learning Stars Jeanne Perrett Jill Leighton Learning Stars glove puppet Key features Systematic phonics strand Animated handwriting tool CHILDRENS Maths Book Projectable Digibook Lively songs, chants and jingles Pupils CD-ROM www.macmillanyounglearners.com/ Taking children from learning to learningstars read to reading to learn. Developing early literacy and numeracy skills is central to this high-level course with a strong emphasis on phonics, letter and number recognition and formation. Stories, drama and role-plays encourage the development of natural, communicative language while memorable songs, chants and jingles grab your learners attention and serve as a guided class management tool. New for 2015 is Little Learning Stars starter level which uses simple, patterned activities, picture stories and craft activities. A supportive Teachers Book Pack and a projectable Learning Stars Digibook combine with teacher icons in the Students Book preparing and Learning Stars guiding you from one activity to another. Pupils Book 1 Learning Stars Pupils Book Pack Activity Book Pupils Book + Activity Book Teachers Book Pack Starter (Little Learning Stars) 9780230455856 9780230455863 Level 1 9780230455696 9780230455702 9780230455726 Level 2 9780230455788 9780230455795 9780230455818 Maths Book Class Audio CD Puppet Flashcards (all levels) (all levels) Starter (Little Learning Stars) 9780230455870 Level 1 9780230455672 9780230455733 9780230455894 9780230455887 Level 2 9780230455764 9780230455825 Pupils Teachers Teachers Teachers Class Flashcards British Learning Stars Pupils Book CD-ROM CD-ROM DVD-ROM Resource Digibook Audio English Centre For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 21

24 BEST SELLER Hats On Top Caroline Linse Elly Schottman Key features New Nursery level Engaging songs, chants and stories CHILDRENS Big Book version for easy reading Literacy and numeracy development Discovery Disk for use at home www.macmillanyounglearners.com/hatsontop Drawing on young childrens knowledge of the world, this digitally enhanced edition of the popular series Hats On now has four levels which encourage children to explore key concepts through English. Hats On Top is a concept-driven syllabus that helps children develop key competencies. A Discovery Disk, packaged with the Students Book, includes exciting interactive activity stories to reinforce book awareness, fun language games, animated course and wiggle songs, and a parent page with take-home activities. The Early Letters and Early Numbers books, along with the Students Book, help phonemic awareness and introduce basic literacy and numeracy. The Big Book, with embedded audio Concept Mats, is ideal for interactive groupwork activities in class. Hats on Top Student Book Level 2 Hats on Top Students Book Pack* Activity Book Teachers Edition + Webcode Teachers CD- ROM Early Letters Hats on Top is an excellent Nursery 9780230453654 9780230444812 9780230444720 9780230445307 9780230444911 Level 1 9780230444805 9780230444997 9780230444850 9780230445369 9780230445086 resource that gives a strong Level 2 9780230444980 9780230445178 9780230445031 9780230445376 9780230445239 structure to each lesson, it also Level 3 9780230445161 9780230445215 encourages the young language learner to speak freely in class. Early Numbers Big Book Interactive Concept Mats Puppet Classroom Pack (all levels) (all levels) William Kim, Principal, Wonderland, South Korea Nursery 9780230444928 9780230444744 9780230456358 9780230444676 9780230454118 Level 1 9780230445055 9780230444867 9780230456372 Level 2 9780230445260 9780230445048 9780230456396 Level 3 9780230445222 Students Teachers Audio Video American CD-ROM Resource Component English Centre 22 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

25 Fingerprints Faces Caroline Linse Elly Schottman Jeanne Perrett Child-centered approach Three-level course helps develops language children express themselves alongside physical skills naturally in English Cross-curricular activities Students Book Pack includes CD and Sticker Songs, chants, Pack vocabulary games and guided dialogues Songs teach important establish communicative social skills and values CHILDRENS language American American English English Cheeky Monkey Little Bugs Kathryn Harper Claire Medwell Elisenda Papiol Carol Read Ana Sobern Maria Toth Total Physical Response methodology Story-based units with Story Cards Students Multi-ROM with stories, games and Key vocabulary presented songs with Flashcards Action rhymes, mimes Together with Big Bugs and songs make a six level primary course Story Cards and Cheeky Monkey Puppet Busy Book for further skills practice British British English English Hello Jojo / You and Me Naomi Simmons Hello Jojo and You and Me together Sticker Pack or Poster Pack and make a three-level course simple craft activities Motivating games, stories and songs Engaging characters and stories Activities suitable for mixed-level pre Methodology encourages cognitive primary classes development Extensive phonics, reading, listening and numeracy programme British English Fingerprints Students Book Teachers Faces Students Book Teachers Edition Hello Jojo / Pupils Book Teachers Book Book Pack You and Me Level 1 9780333954553 9780333954577 Nursery Hello Jojo 9780230727809 9780230727793 Level 2 9780333954591 9780333954614 Level 1 9781405068772 9781405068741 You and Me 1 9781405079440 9781405079471 Level 3 9780333954638 9780333954652 Level 2 9781405068789 9781405068758 You and Me 2 9781405079518 9781405079549 Level 3 9781405068796 9781405068765 Cheeky Pupils Book Pack Teachers Notes Little Bugs Pupils Book Teachers Book Monkey Level 1 9781405061490 9781405061513 Hello Cheeky 9780230011588 9780230011595 Level 2 9781405061599 9781405061612 Cheeky Monkey 1 9780230011427 9780230011410 Cheeky Monkey 2 9780230011496 9780230011526 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 23

26 Happy Campers Angela Llanas Libby Williams Angela Padron Patricia Acosta Gabriel Diaz-Maggioli Lesley Painter-Farrell Key features Practical flip book saves class time Language is presented through musical echoes, cheers CHILDRENS and sound-outs Additional Skills Book providing further speaking, listening, reading, writing and phonics activities Teacher support includes teacher workshops and practical teaching sequences to improve time management Digital presentation tools include animated grammar and vocabulary presentations Learn and sing and play together; Happy Campers, friends forever. www.macmillanyounglearners.com/happycampers Happy Campers puts practice and support at the center of the course. Frontloading the unit language in the first four lessons provides students with more opportunities to practice all of the new language. Musicalized presentations build memory and hone listening and pronunciation skills as students echo, sing, and cheer their way through the units. The course is centered around clear, achievable goals, that ensure students encounter with English is a memorable one. Happy Campers offers a unique range of components including a Flip Book Happy Campers Student Book with a Student Book and The Language Level 5 Lodge (workbook) on the reverse side. Songs, episodic comic strips and reading texts are shared over consecutive lessons, Happy Campers isnt just about allowing students several opportunities to work helping teachers teach well. Its about with them. The Language Lodge provides helping teachers create a positive traditional practice activities and self-assessment environment in which students flourish. activities. The Skills Book focuses on further practice of Angela Padron, Happy Campers co-author language and productive and receptive skills including phonics work in earlier levels and thinking and spelling skills in the higher levels. Happy Students Flip Book Students Book Pack Students Skills Book Teachers Book Teachers Book Pack Class Audio CD Campers Starter 9780230472495 9780230473263 9780230473270 9780230473287 9780230473294 Level 1 9780230470705 9780230473317 9780230470743 9780230473331 9780230473348 9780230473362 Level 2 9780230470712 9780230473386 9780230470750 9780230473393 9780230473416 9780230473430 Level 3 9780230470729 9780230473454 9780230473461 9780230473485 9780230473508 9780230473515 Level 4 9780230471108 9780230473539 9780230473546 9780230473553 9780230473584 9780230473591 Level 5 9780230470736 9780230473614 9780230473621 9780230473638 9780230473652 9780230473676 Level 6 9780230472488 9780230473690 9780230473706 9780230473713 9780230473737 9780230473751 Happy Campers Students Flip Book Level 1 FLIP BOOK Students Teachers Audio Online Video Mobile App American Resource Resource Component Workbook English 24 Centre Centre

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27 Story Central Viv Lambert Mo Choy Angela Llanas Libby Williams Key features Original stories, in a variety of genres, at the heart of every chapter and developed in the Reader Learners receive a rich literary experience, developing critical CHILDRENS literacy and storytelling Teachers Presentation Kit includes Music Videos and ASL Vocabulary Videos CYLE style practice activities in the Activity Book A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Story Central: where www.macmillanyounglearners.com/storycentral imagination, creativity and Crticial thinking, critical literacy and storytelling are at the hub of this learning come alive. beautiful new six-level course. With a rich literacy strand the course exposes students to a variety of storytelling styles through the Reader. Students critically examine stories, working together to find meaning. Every chapter (unit) covers key language and includes a feature story, a grammar corner, CLIL content and a project lesson. Each level contains a Student Book, a Reader to develop students reading skills, and an Activity Book with CYLE style practice activities. Chapters are enriched with CLIL content from subjects such as social sciences, math Story Central and art, covering a broad base of topics Digital Presentaion Kit Level 2 ensuring students develop skills for life. The Presentation Kit offers an extensive collection of video including American Sign Language Videos and Oral Storytelling Videos and Music Videos to enhance your lessons and Story Central help students to retain their learning. The Student App consolidates Student App vocabulary through highly motivating games. We loved writing Story Central together! The beautifully illustrated stories at the heart of Story Central Student Activity Book Teacher's Class Audio CD Book Pack Edition Pack every unit, along with factual texts, nurture a Level 1 9780230451971 9780230451988 9780230452008 9780230452015 love of reading and spark natural imagination Level 2 9780230452060 9780230452077 9780230452091 9780230452107 and curiosity. We focus on critical thinking skills, Level 3 9780230452152 9780230452169 9780230452183 9780230452190 encouraging the children to interpret what they Level 4 9780230452244 9780230452251 9780230452275 9780230452282 have read and to explore and research further Level 5 9780230452336 9780230452343 9780230452367 9780230452374 Level 6 9780230452428 9780230452435 9780230452459 9780230452466 a crucial skill as they begin to navigate their way in todays information-overloaded world. Viv Lambert and Mo Choy, Story Central co-authors Story Central Mapping CEF CYLE Level 1 A1 Starters Level 2 A1 Starters Level 3 A1+ Movers Level 4 A2 Movers Level 5 A2 Flyers Students Teachers Audio IWB Video Mobile App American Resource Resource Component English Level 6 A2/B1 Flyers Centre Centre For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 25

28 Tiger Time English Time is Tiger Time Grrrr! Carol Read Mark Ormerod Key features Transparent approach to grammar and vocabulary Development of critical thinking via Thinking Skills feature CHILDRENS Strong focus on CLIL and culture Promotion of learner autonomy Integrated digital components A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ www.macmillanyounglearners.com/tigertime Tiger Time is a fun, six-level course based around the children that live on Tiger Street and a tiger that comes alive when adults arent around. Units contain humorous stories told through different genres which use everyday language, plus enjoyable songs including a Tiger Chant, CLIL content taught with the help of comic characters or through the Tiger Magazine, as well as a focus on grammar, listening, speaking and phonics. Each unit finishes with revision encouraging active communication. Written with classroom management in mind, activities are practical and well-staged. The accompanying Interactive Whiteboard Materials help Tiger Time Student Book 1 you create dynamic lessons and parents can help their children to learn on the Student Website connecting school and home. Tiger Time Digital Presentaion Kit Level 1 Tiger Student Book Pack Activity Book Teacher's Edition Pack Class Audio CD Flashcards Time Level 1 9780230483903 9780230483576 9780230483910 9780230483590 9780230483606 Level 2 9780230483958 9780230483620 9780230483965 9780230483644 9780230483651 Level 3 9780230484009 9780230483675 9780230484016 9780230483699 9780230483705 Level 4 9780230484054 9780230483729 9780230484061 9780230483743 9780230483750 Level 5 9780230484108 9780230483774 9780230484115 9780230483798 9780230483804 Level 6 9780230484153 9780230483828 9780230484160 9780230483842 9780230483859 Students Teachers Audio CD Presentation Video Flashcards British Resource Resource Kit English Centre Centre 26 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

29 BEST SELLER English World (levels 1-6) Liz Hocking Mary Bowen Wendy Wren Key features Informative cross-curricular and cross-cultural content Stories, topics and projects that promote social values CHILDRENS Phonics syllabus in the Pupils Book, Workbook and DVD-ROM Grammar and exam Practice Books A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ www.macmillanyounglearners.com/englishworld Engaging learners with beautiful visuals, this series now offers ten levels providing children with a seamless foundation in English from primary through to lower secondary. English World successfully combines best practice methodology with innovative features for the modern classroom. The series provides students with the opportunity to consolidate their learning. The phonics syllabus is developed systematically across the Pupils Book, Workbook and DVD-ROM so that students build upon their skills. Likewise students can use the Grammar Practice Book to reinforce what they have learnt and gain extra practice. English World follows a methodology that encourages active learning and includes a Dictionary at each level to help vocabulary and promote learner independence, and a Workbook designed to aid the development of study skills. Flashcards and posters English World Student Book Level 1 introduce vocabulary at the lower levels and help to bring the course alive in class. The Teachers DVD-ROM, Online Resource Centre and Digibook provide comprehensive support including ,methodology videos, a test builder, interactive phonics and training videos. English World Pupils Book Teachers Guide Workbook Audio CD DVD-Rom Flashcards Posters Grammar Practice Book Dictionary Level 1 9780230024595 9780230024717 9780230024779 9780230024502 9780230032248 9780230024564 9780230024656 9780230032040 9780230032149 Level 2 9780230024601 9780230024724 9780230024786 9780230024519 9780230032255 9780230024571 9780230024663 9780230032057 9780230032156 Level 3 9780230024618 9780230024731 9780230024793 9780230024526 9780230032262 9780230024588 9780230024670 9780230032064 9780230032163 Level 4 9780230024625 9780230024748 9780230024809 9780230024533 9780230032279 9780230024687 9780230032071 9780230032170 Level 5 9780230024632 9780230024755 9780230024816 9780230024540 9780230032286 9780230024694 9780230032088 9780230032187 Level 6 9780230024649 9780230024762 9780230024823 9780230024557 9780230032293 9780230024700 9780230032095 9780230032194 English World Mapping CEF CEYL Level 1 Pre-A1 Starters More levels available Level 2 Pre-A1 A1 Starters Teachers DVD-ROM Teachers Resource Video Level 3 A1 Movers Centre Teenage levels p53 Level 4 A1+ Movers Level 5 Pre-A2 Flyers Level 6 A2 Flyers Class Flashcards British Audio English For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 27

30 BEST SELLER Next Move Nominated for British Book Design and Production Awards 2013 Amanda Cant Mary Charrington Viv Lambert Key features Strong focus on culture helps students learn about the world at the same time as they learn English CHILDRENS Culture videos make new language come alive in the class Interactive Classroom DVD allows teachers to project Students Book and Workbook content A new Teachers website offers a wide range of support tools and knowledge-building materials A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ www.macmillanyounglearners.com/nextmove Recognizing the importance of the childs own world, Next Move is a digitally enhanced edition of the popular series Next Stop. Now with seven levels, the course continues to welcome children aboard a language-learning and cultural journey to build not only their language skills, but also their cross-cultural awareness. With an entire lesson dedicated to phonics, followed by a reading lesson that recycles target sounds, the Students Book has a strong grammar focus with a clear development in the lessons and an additional Grammar Guide. The Students DVD-ROM provides extra practice activities, songs and cultural videos; a Next Move Parents Area and Help section are Student Book also included. Level 3 A new Interactive Classroom DVD for teachers includes page-faithful projectable versions of the Students Book and Workbook, embedded class audio and answer keys; as well as culture videos, karaoke songs, and animated presentation support tools for phonics and grammar. Next Move Students Book Teachers Edition Pack* Pack** Workbook Interactive Classroom Next Move Mapping CEF YLE Pack*** Levels 1 & 2 Pre-A1 Starters Starter Level 9780230444195 9780230444553 9780230444201 9780230455535 Levels 3 & 4 A1 Movers Level 1 9780230444249 9780230444560 9780230439453 9780230455559 Levels 5 & 6 A2 Flyers Level 2 9780230444287 9780230444577 9780230440944 9780230455573 Level 3 9780230444324 9780230444584 9780230441057 9780230455597 Level 4 9780230444362 9780230444591 9780230441064 9780230455610 Level 5 9780230444409 9780230444607 9780230440975 9780230455634 Level 6 9780230444447 9780230444614 9780230440999 9780230455658 Students Teachers Audio Video Presentation American CD-ROM Resource Component Kit English Centre 28 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

31 Online Teachers Resource Various resources can be free downloaded, included game, audio, grammar, lesson planning resources and test builder. CHILDRENS Next Move is a well-organized text that can easily be split into separate days if needed. The CDs activities, videos and interactive student/ work books make the teaching fun, interesting, and engaging. The book allows the students to explore interesting and exciting new places. This makes be students wants to learn more. Gensemer Britney, English Teacher, Springbay, South Korea Macmillan Next Move Amanda Cant Mary Charrington Viv Lambert Key features Macmillan Next Move is a highly adaptable six-level series set in Extensive personalisation creates real-world contexts. Units open cross-cultural awareness with colourful graphics and, as they Students travel around the world progress, allow personalisation to aid via active learning tasks language retention. A Students DVD- ROM features interactive activities Optional extension activities and a parents area, and a Teachers Values illustrated through stories Presentation Kit offers projectable encourage self-reflection book pages with audio and video. Visual grammar presentations and A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ culture videos Macmillan Next Move Pupils Book Pack Workbook Teachers Book Pack Teachers Presentation Kit Class Audio CD Macmillan Next CEF YLE Starter 9780230466241 9780230466258 9780230466265 9780230466296 9780230466272 Move Mapping Levels 1 & 2 Pre-A1 Starters Level 1 9780230466319 9780230466326 9780230466333 9780230466364 9780230466340 Levels 3 & 4 A1 Movers Level 2 9780230466388 9780230466395 9780230466401 9780230466432 9780230466418 Levels 5 & 6 A2 Flyers Level 3 9780230466456 9780230466463 9780230466470 9780230466500 9780230466487 Level 4 9780230466524 9780230466531 9780230466548 9780230466579 9780230466555 Level 5 9780230466593 9780230466609 9780230466616 9780230466647 9780230466623 Level 6 9780230466661 9780230466678 9780230466685 9780230466715 9780230466692 Students Teachers Class Video Presentation British DVD-ROM Resource Audio Kit English Centre For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 29

32 Grammar Goals Nicole Taylor Michael Watts Julie Tice Dave Tucker Angela Llanas Libby Williams Key features Cross-curricular topics link grammar to everyday life Age-appropriate content with carefully graded activities CHILDRENS Language presented in a clear context with pictures for reinforcement Exam-style practice activities for Cambridge English Young Learner Tests Step-by-step lesson notes and a Teachers Resource Centre with test builder Animated grammar presentations Go for Gold! A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ www.macmillanyounglearners.com/grammargoals Grammar Goals is a six-level grammar series that can supplement any primary English course. It offers lively, appealing contexts that reflect students real lives. Units are carefully staged with three levels of challenge and success: bronze, silver and gold. Self-evaluation tasks develop students confidence in their learning and ability. Grammar Workout CD-ROM Grammar Goals is not only a clear, developmental and motivating grammar course, it is also in the choice and range of its subject matter a captivating and fascinating read! Dave Tucker, Grammar Goals co-author Grammar Goals Students Book Pack Teachers Edition Pack American English Level 1 9780230446113 9780230446137 Level 2 9780230446182 9780230446205 Level 3 9780230446250 9780230446274 Level 4 9780230446328 9780230446342 Level 5 9780230446397 9780230446410 Level 6 9780230446465 9780230446489 Grammar Goals Grammar Goals Pupils Book Pack Teachers Book Pack Students Book 2 British English Level 1 9780230445697 9780230445710 Level 2 9780230445765 9780230445789 Level 3 9780230445833 9780230445857 Level 4 9780230445901 9780230445925 Level 5 9780230445970 9780230445994 Students Teachers Audio British American Level 6 9780230446045 9780230446069 CD-ROM Resource Component English English Centre 30 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

33 Brainwave Cheryl Pavlik Andrea Harries Key features CLIL sections in each unit, linked to curriculum subjects including natural science and maths CHILDRENS Skill Builder sections introducing key reading strategies Homework Zone on Brainwave student website Teacher Technology Pack with a wealth of resources A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ www.macmillanyounglearners.com/brainwave Offering students and teachers lots more to think about, this new edition of Brainstorm maintains and enhances its challenging approach to developing young learners language skills. The series has been updated significantly, in terms of both content and design, and now also offers up-to-date digital support to both students and teachers. Each unit of the Students Book begins with a Thinking Point to encourage thinking skills and ends with a Talking Point to help children assess what they have learnt. There are also CLIL sections with clear links to curriculum subjects Brainwave Student Book such as natural science and maths, and Level 4 a Skill Builder for every reading lesson to introduce children to key reading strategies. Packaged with the Students Book is a Progress Journal to help students reflect on what they have learnt Brainwave has successfully and encourage them to think independently. turned me into a 21st century teacher! The new edition also offers teachers more with clear, procedural notes Jessie Liao, teacher, Jessie Magic English School, in the Teachers Edition and a Teacher Website which includes Taiwan a lesson planning tool, a Grade Book to monitor students progress and a host of extra resources such as a Methodology Handbook and an Extended Teachers Edition. The Teachers Tech Pack also provides class audio, a projectable Students Book and Language Activity Book, and interactive activities including projectable posters to support classroom teaching. Brainwave Students Book Pack Language Activity Book Teachers Edition Pack Teachers Technology Pack Level 1 9780230421196 9780230415386 9780230427709 9780230421202 Level 2 9780230421240 9780230415409 9780230427716 9780230421257 Teachers Students Teachers American DVD-ROM Resource Resource English Level 3 9780230421301 9780230421318 9780230427723 9780230421332 Centre Centre Level 4 9780230421387 9780230421394 9780230427730 9780230421417 Level 5 9780230421462 9780230421479 9780230427747 9780230421493 Level 6 9780230421547 9780230421554 9780230427754 9780230421578 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 31

34 All Aboard! Jump Aboard Paul A. Davies Paul A. Davies Imaginative stories, songs, Your Page encourages poems and chants independent learning Systematic coverage of Jump Ahead Readers phonics using tongue accompany each level twisters recycling the grammar and vocabulary Interleaved Teachers Edition with clear lesson Brightly coloured posters in notes, answer keys, the Poster Pack CHILDRENS grammar references and Systematic coverage of extra activities phonics and spelling A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ American British English English Footprints Selections Carol Read Donna Shaw Various Language progression in A six-level series of primary line with CEF, Cambridge reading anthologies ESOL and Trinity YL exams Encourages reading for Integrates cross- pleasure curricular content and Develops knowledge of cultural awareness language CD-ROM pack includes Supportive Teachers Book worksheets, tests, exam practice and Digital Books Ideal for encouraging independent reading skills A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ British American English English Jump Take Shape Nick Beare Jeanette Greenwell Paul A. Davies Hans Mol Jill Florent Six-level grammar Audio enhanced real-world complement to any primary e-Readers series Integrated picture Grammar Boxes present dictionary clear tips Six-level spelling program Unique Spelling Routine A blend of fiction and non- offers strategies to improve fiction texts spelling Teachers Edition with Fun Page in every unit additional Teachers Resource CD A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ American American English English All Aboard! Students Book Workbook Teachers Book Jump Students Book Teachers Book For details and ISBNs of Jump Aboard, Footprints, Selections and Take Shape, Level 1 9780333996256 9780333996263 9780333996270 Level 1 9789706501288 9789706501349 please visit www.macmillanenglish.com Level 2 9780333996317 9780333996324 9780333996331 Level 2 9789706501295 9789706501356 Level 3 9780333996379 9780333996386 9780333996393 Level 3 9789706501301 9789706501363 Level 4 9780333996430 9780333996447 9780333996454 Level 4 9789706501318 9789706501370 Level 5 9780333996492 9780333996508 9780333996515 Level 5 9789706501325 9789706501387 Level 6 9780333996553 9780333996560 9780333996577 Level 6 9789706501332 9789706501394 32 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

35 Smile Twist and Shout Gabby Pritchard Sue Mohamed Viv Lambert Students Book includes Designed to promote My Progress Diary and language learning colorful Vocabulary through movement and Stickers play Teachers Edition and Homework Book Teachers CD-ROM includes Audio CD with aid lesson planning and dictations, songs and evaluate progress stories CHILDRENS Gently graded syllabus Teachers Visual Pack gives children a sense of and Resource CD offer achievement extra materials A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ American American English English Beeline Plus See Saw Julie Kniveton Angela Llanas Libby Williams Amanda Cant Kathryn Harper Cross-curricular projects Imaginative storyline for in interesting Be Wise each level sections Memorable grammar Blend of new and cartoons, games and recycled language in chants each unit Simple, clearly-structured Series of 12 Beehive learning tasks Readers thematically Carefully graded phonics linked to the course syllabus A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ American American English English Big Bugs Elisenda Papiol Carol Read Ana Sobern Maria Toth Story-based units with Story Cards Cultural festival lessons Picture dictionary Key vocabulary presented with Flashcards Includes curricular studies on science and art Together make a six level primary course British Big Bugs Activity Book contains stickers, cut-outs and mini-books English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Smile Students Book Activity book Teachers Edition See Saw Students Book Pack Workbook Teachers Edition Level 1 9781405029636 9781405026666 9781405026727 Level 1 9781405014205 9780333998731 9780333998793 Level 2 9781405029643 9781405026673 9781405026734 Level 2 9780333997291 9780333998748 9780333998809 Level 3 9781405029650 9781405026680 9781405026741 Level 3 9780333997307 9780333998755 9780333998816 Level 4 9781405029667 9781405026697 9781405026765 Level 4 9780333997314 9780333998762 9780333998823 Level 5 9781405029674 9781405026703 9781405026758 Level 5 9780333997321 9780333998779 9780333998830 Level 6 9781405029681 9781405026710 9781405026772 Level 6 9780333997338 9780333998786 9780333998847 Beeline Students Book Workbook/ Scrapbook Pack Teachers Book Plus Level 1 9780333970966 9780333975619 9780333970980 More components available for Smile, Bee- line Plus and See Saw, please contact local Level 2 9780333972557 9780333975626 9780333972571 Macmillan office for details. Level 3 9780333972656 9780333975633 9780333972670 For details and ISBNs of Twist and Shout and Level 4 9780333972748 9780333975640 9780333972762 Big Bugs, please visit www.macmillanenglish.com Level 5 9780333972830 9780333975657 9780333972854 Level 6 9790333972922 9780333975664 9780333972946 33

36 Macmillan English Mary Bowen Liz Hocking Wendy Wren Printha Ellis Louis Fidge Key features Fully illustrated Fluency Book Working with words CD-ROM CHILDRENS Ideal for use within the National Literacy Framework as EAL material Extensive exposure to new language A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ www.macmillanyounglearners.com/macmillanenglish Offering a unique approach for young learners striving to become bilingual, this series is based on how English is taught to native speaking children yet provides support for EFL / ESL learners. Taught using a combination of L1 and L2 methodologies, lessons provide extensive exposure to new language through varied text types and activities. Both reading and writing syllabus are informed by the UK national curriculum Macmillan English and help prepare students for Language Book Level 2 English medium education. A Fluency Book presents the topics and language through an 18-episode story developing listening and speaking. A Language Book extends Perfect companions the language introduced develops Macmillan Science p35 reading, writing and grammar through Macmillan Mathematics p35 Macmillan English Explorers p42 rich, cross-curricular content. Students learn to write through independent and collaborative writing tasks presented in a Practice Book, now packaged with a Multi-ROM. Macmillan English Fluency Book Fluency Book Audio CDs Language Book Language Book Audio CDs Practice Book Pack Teachers Guide Flashcards Posters Level 1 9781405003650 9780230022812 9781405013673 9781405096171 9780230434561 9781405013734 9781405003681 9781405017121 Level 2 9781405003667 9780230022836 9781405013680 9781405096188 9780230434578 9781405013741 9781405003698 9781405017138 Level 3 9781405003674 9780230022850 9781405013697 9781405096195 9780230434585 9781405013758 9781405003704 9781405017145 Level 4 9781405081269 9780230022874 9781405081252 9781405096201 9780230434592 9781405081283 9781405081290 Level 5 9781405081320 9780230022881 9781405081313 9781405096218 9780230434608 9781405081344 9781405081351 Level 6 9781405081382 9780230022799 9781405081375 9781405096225 9780230434615 9781405081405 9781405081412 Students Teachers Audio Flashcards British CD-ROM Resource Component English Centre 34 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

37 Macmillan Science David Glover Penny Glover Written by leading UK authors of primary science resources specifically for the cross-over ESL and L1 market Carefully graded activities and exercises Investigative hands-on approach through practical learning Students British CD-ROM English CD-ROM with hundreds of activities for each level and CHILDRENS a Teachers Book with additional language support A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Macmillan Mathematics Paul Broadbent Anne Broadbent Written by experts in the field of primary education and based on extensive research specifically for the cross-over ESL and L1 market A one concept per lesson methodology with clear, concise explanations Bridges the gap between mainstream teaching and CLIL CD-ROM with further practice activities and an Students CD-ROM British English interleaved Teachers Book The Pupils Book and Workbook are combined and A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ split into part A and part B for ease and practicality Macmillan Natural and Social Science Joanne Ramsden Helen Sanderson Develops knowledge of science, history and geography through speaking, listening, reading and writing Children carry out their own experiments, collecting their own results Content-based songs, raps and stories in the Pupils Book which contains a Vocabulary and Songs CD Class IWB Flashcards British Interactive Whiteboard Material includes slide Audio English presentations, animations, simulations and A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ interactive posters Macmillan Science Pupils Book Pack Workbook Teachers Book Macmillan Mathematics Pupils Book Pupils Book B Teachers Book Pack A Level 1 9780230732933 9780230028395 9780230028401 Level 1 9780230732872 9780230028159 9780230028166 Level 2 9780230732940 9780230028432 9780230028449 Level 2 9780230732889 9780230028197 9780230028203 Level 3 9780230732957 9780230028470 9780230028487 Level 3 9780230732896 9780230028234 9780230028241 Level 4 9780230732964 9780230028517 9780230028524 Level 4 9780230732902 9780230028272 9780230028289 Level 5 9780230732971 9780230028555 9780230028562 Level 5 9780230732919 9780230028319 9780230028326 Level 6 9780230732988 9780230028593 9780230028609 Level 6 9780230732926 9780230028357 9780230028364 Macmillan Natural Pupils Book Pack Pupils Book Activity Book Pack Teachers Notes Flashcards Poster Pack IWB Material *Audio CDs and Social Science can be found in the Level 1 and Level 1 9780230400801* 9780230719989 9780230720022 9780230400818 2 Pupils Book 9780230413757 Level 2 9780230400849* 9780230720046 9780230720084 9780230400856 Packs and the Level 3 9780230720169 9780230400887* 9780230720114 9780230400894 Levels 3-6 Activity 9780230419490 Book Packs Level 4 9780230720237 9780230400924* 9780230720183 9780230400931 Level 5 9780230720305 9780230400955* 9780230720251 9780230400962 9780230433960 Level 6 9780230720374 9780230400986* 9780230720336 9780230400993 35

38 Macmillan English Quest Jeanette Corbett Roisin OFarrell Key features Animated Stories and Songs CDs Teachers Book with projectable Digibook CHILDRENS CLIL lessons Phonics activities A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Offering a fun and gentle introduction to English, this storybased series takes children on a voyage of real-world discovery. The series offers a gentle introduction with reading and writing implemented from Level 2. The phonics activities introduce the letters and sounds and allow for practice, while the CLIL lessons help students to develop language in the context of other primary subjects. The stories are brought to life with a projectable Digibook and Animated Stories and Songs CDs, which also offer extra activities, songs and games that can be done either in class or at home. Macmillan English Quest Pupil Book 2 Macmillan English Pupils Book Pack Activity Book Teachers Book Pack Audio CDs Flashcards Quest Level 1 9780230443808 9780230439801 9780230443815 9780230439825 9780230451209 Level 2 9780230443822 9780230439856 9780230443839 9780230439860 9780230451216 Level 3 9780230456648 9780230456655 9780230456679 9780230456686 9780230456716 Level 4 9780230456730 9780230456747 9780230456761 9780230456778 9780230456808 Level 5 9780230456822 9780230456839 9780230456853 9780230456860 9780230456891 Students Class Teachers Flashcards British Level 6 9780230456914 9780230456921 9780230456945 9780230456952 9780230456983 CD-ROM Audio Digibook English 36 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

39 Bounce Now Lulu Campbell Julie Kniveton Angela Llanas Key features Starter level helps children with no previous exposure to English to quickly build basic level of listening and speaking CHILDRENS skills Flexible format allows making the best of the book in classes with only 1-2 hours of English per week CLIL and Life Skills content extend the content of Bounce Now beyond a standard language course A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Maintaining the essence of the highly successful Bounce series, Bounce Now brings the learning of English up-to-date. A new starter level with a focus on developing listening and speaking skills allows students with no previous exposure to English access to the language. In levels 1 to 6 a balanced four-skill approach provides learners with a foundation in the basics of the language. Talk Time and Talk about sections provide Bounce Now personalized speaking practice Students Book 1 of the new language in controlled contexts. New Bounce around lessons provide cross-cultural material linked to the theme of each unit. In addition, new digital components reflect recent advances in technology and English language teaching. Bounce Now is a book for kids NOW as it not only develops their English communication skills but also their 21st century skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, creative thinking and values, to mention but a few. Nikka Shih, Director of English Department, Stanford English School, Taiwan Bounce Now Students Book Pack* Bounce Now Assessment Pack Teachers Edition Teachers Multi-ROM Big Book Builder Starter 9780230427341 9780230427365 9780230427372 9780230427358 Level 1 9780230419957 9780230417403 9780230419995 9780230419919 Level 2 9780230420014 9780230419940 9780230420038 9780230420069 (for levels 1 & 2) Level 3 9780230420083 (for levels 1-6) 9780230420106 9780230420137 9780230419926 Level 4 9780230420151 9780230420175 9780230420205 (for levels 3 & 4) Level 5 9780230420229 9780230420243 9780230420274 9780230419933 Level 6 9780230420298 9780230420311 9780230420342 (for levels 5 & 6) Students Teachers Audio Video American *Students Book Pack of Starter Level contains Students Book and Multi-ROM. CD-ROM DVD-ROM Component English Students Book Packs of Levels 1 to 6 contain Students Book, Activity Resource Book and Multi-ROM For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 37

40 New Finding Out David Paul Key features Designed to encourage children to discover how language works, New A truly child-centered approach Finding Out is a truly child-centered Phonics lessons specifically series. The tried-and-tested approach designed to meet the needs of to phonics is specifically formulated Asian learners to meet the needs of young Asian learners. The series aids a balanced A balanced development of all four development of all four language skills, CHILDRENS language skills including meaningful conversation Building on its popularity in Asia, this patterns that encourage children to best-selling five-level course has been talk, while further activities motivate thoroughly updated, keeping all the children to use English to discover the popular elements of the original series, world outside the classroom. and adding new features to make it more exciting and easier to use for both learners and teachers. Students Audio American A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ CD-ROM Component English Fantastic! Jane Revell Carol Skinner Key features Students Book Pack includes helpful extension materials such as a Values Gradual development of all four Booklet to raise learners awareness skills of their social roles and responsibilities Cross-curricular lessons and a Grammar Resource Pack to practice sentence building. Each unit Additional Values Booklet and includes a cross-curricular lesson, Grammar Resource Pack allowing children to use new language Combining a structured syllabus and across a variety of different subject an appealing design, this six-level areas including history, maths and primary course brings the learner social studies. and the target language together A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ in a clear, controlled way. Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are all developed gradually and systematically, with fun pronunciation activities providing additional help in Students Audio American the listening and speaking skills. The CD-ROM Component English New Finding Out Class Book + My CD Pack Home Book Teachers Book Class CD Level 1 9781405096850 9781405080828 9781405096867 9781405080859 Level 2 9781405096874 9781405080880 9781405096881 9781405080910 Level 3 9781405096904 9781405080941 9781405096911 9781405080972 Level 4 9781405096935 9781405081009 9781405096942 9781405081030 Level 5 9781405096966 9781405081061 9781405096973 9781405081092 Fantastic! Students Book Pack* Workbook Teachers Edition Class Audio CD Reading Time Resource Grammar Resource Pack (all levels) (all levels) Level 1 9781405073615 9781405028677 9781405028660 9781405071185 9781405071246 9781405073608 Level 2 9781405073622 9781405028691 9781405028684 9781405071192 9781405071246 9781405073608 Level 3 9781405073639 9781405028714 9781405028707 9781405071208 9781405071246 9781405073608 Level 4 9781405073646 9781405028738 9781405028721 9781405071215 9781405071246 9781405073608 Level 5 9781405073653 9781405028752 9781405028745 9781405071222 9781405071246 9781405073608 Level 6 9781405073660 9781405028776 9781405028769 9781405071239 9781405071246 9781405073608 38 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

41 www.macmillanyounglearners.com CHILDRENS Course specific materials accessed via a code: Planners and organisers Flashcards Assessment resources Teachers notes, guides, tips and lesson ideas and plans The Young Learners Portal Videos (stories, grammar) provides a wealth of extra Games for vocabulary and grammar practice materials supporting you in Assortment of worksheets the teaching of the course from learning to write to grammar practice ect l conn e-schoo : Hom World English Free general resources: Adaptable lesson plans Teaching tips Activities for all levels Weekly planners Learnin g Stars : Flashca rd Progress certificates Free series information: Book samples Audio samples Scope and sequences Gra Book descriptions mm ar G Author biographies oal s: Sco pe and Seq Brainwave: Video Tour uen c e For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 39

42 NEW titles Macmillan Childrens Readers Key features Can be used as supplementary reading material with any primary course CHILDRENS Each reader includes a picture dictionary or wordlist as well as activity pages Full audio downloads, worksheets and Teachers Notes are available to download from the Macmillan Young Learners website The drama section on www.macmillanyounglearners.com includes activities to inspire you and your students to act out the stories that theyve read Perfect companions Macmillan Factual Readers p41 Macmillan English Explorers p42 Macmillan Childrens Reader Fun at the Beach / The Big Wave About the series Fun, cultural and informative, Macmillan New titles for 2015 Childrens Readers offer a mix of fact and Level 1 Clothes/Georges Snow Clothes 9780230469198 Level 2 Fun at the Beach/The Big Wave 9780230469204 fiction titles that reinforce the basic structures Level 3 Big and Little Cats/Grandads Weekend with Leo 9780230469211 and vocabulary found in most primary courses. Level 4 Chocolate, Chocolate, Everywhere/ 9780230469228 Your students will love the exciting adventures in The Chocolate Fountain Level 5 The Wild West/The Tall Tale of Rex Rodeo 9780230469235 stories such as Fun at the Beach, Big and Little Level 6 Edinburgh/Festival Fear 9780230469242 Cats and The Wild West. The accompanying audio gives children a chance to listen to the stories while they read them and the blend of A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Fact Files and topical fictional stories appeals to A full list of boys and girls equally. The picture dictionary (or ISBNs for Macmillan bilingual dictionary) and activity pages included Childrens Readers can be found on p116. at the back of each reader provide material for Teachers Audio British more in class use. Resource available to English Centre download 40 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers

43 Macmillan Explorers Phonics Key features Teaching phonics is recognised as an essential part of the teaching Fun, engaging narratives of reading and writing. Macmillan The phonics focus is set within the Explorers Phonics complement the first context of a story to ensure that four levels of the Macmillan English reading for meaning is retained Explorers in a way that will teach CHILDRENS children how to sound out words, blend Popular and familiar characters sounds to read words and segment from the Macmillan English the sounds in the words in order to Explorers series reappear and spell them accurately. Each book in the new contexts and characters are series has a strong, identifiable phonics also introduced focus. The series follows the scope and The systematic, clearly defined sequence of phonics skills taught in the and structured progression of existing Macmillan English Explorers phonics teaching is in line with the Phonics Workbooks. existing Phonics Workbooks from the Macmillan English Explorers series Detailed Teachers Notes show A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ you how to focus on letters and sounds to support pronunciation, Teachers Audio British Resource available to English reading and spelling Centre download Macmillan Factual Readers NEW titles Key features This six-level non-fiction series allows young English language learners to Beautifully designed, with striking explore a variety of fascinating real- full colour images world topics. Each reader has been Clear and precise natural language carefully graded to reinforce the main with careful language progression structures and vocabulary covered over six levels in most major language courses. All readers include a glossary with The plus symbol (+) highlights explanations of key vocabulary. the increased level of challenge Macmillan Factual Readers help your in language compared with a learners build confidence and fluency in standard reader their reading ability as well as enhances Full audio downloads, exercises their knowledge of other subjects. and Teachers Notes are available to download from the Macmillan Young Learners website Teachers Audio British Resource available to English Centre download A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ *This series are available in Asia except in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers 41

44 NEW titles Macmillan English Explorers Key features The series offers a variety of texts and promotes social values such as friendship and respect CHILDRENS Cross-curricular content at higher levels, linking other school subjects The Teachers Notes support structured whole-class teaching with page-by-page lesson notes, including activities that deal with characterisation, style and plot The Comprehension Workbooks help develop a range of reading skills Phonics Workbooks support the systematic teaching of phonics Word-recognition skills are reinforced by the Workbooks and word cards (included in the Teachers Notes) Full audio downloads, worksheets and Teachers Notes are available to download from the Macmillan Young Learners website About the series Macmillan English Explorers form an eight-level reading scheme written specifically for young learners of English. Informed by the National Literacy Strategy and by teaching methodology for first language speakers of English, the series is supported by an understanding of the needs of young learners and teachers of English. The series is complemented by a four-level phonics scheme called Macmillan Explorers Phonics. The readers plus the supplementary materials can be used alongside any primary course. New titles for 2015 Macmillan Young Explorers 1 Red Riding Hood 9780230469259 Macmillan Young Explorers 2 Puss in Boots 9780230469266 Macmillan English Explorers 3 The Ugly Duckling 9780230469273 Macmillan English Explorers 4 The Jungle Book 9780230469280 Macmillan English Explorers 5 Alices Adventures in Wonderland 9780230469297 Macmillan English Explorers 6 Through the Looking Glass 9780230469303 A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ A full list of ISBNs for Macmillan Childrens English Teachers Audio British Explorers can be found Resource available to English on p116. Centre download 42

45 Celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland Follow Alice into Wonderland this year, with the CHILDRENS Macmillan English Explorers edition of Lewis Carrolls masterpiece. It is 150 years since Macmillan originally published Lewis Carrolls fantastical adventure, and this new edition features the original artwork that accompanied the first edition. One sunny day, Alice follows a White Rabbit down a rabbit hole and into Wonderland! Wonderland is a very strange place and lots of very strange people live there. Alice has some wonderful adventures with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat. And she even plays a game of croquet with the frightening Queen of Hearts! The sequel Through the Looking Glass, is also available as a Macmillan English Explorer Macmillan English Explorers 5 Alices Adventures in Wonderland For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers 43

46 TEENAGE Go Beyond Go Beyond is a new six-level American English course for teenagers, with a focus on developing strong linguistic skills as well as teaching the wider strategies your students need to improve as language learners. CultureView CultureView offers a window into contemporary culture and life in Britain with engaging videos for the teenage student. 44

47 When we were trying to find a good source of revision, practice and inspiration for our students and also a good preparation for school-leaving exams MATURA for students in their last year, we got information about Gateway Course books Now we know it was a great tip. Mima Valchova, Martina Jaroscakova, Slovakia 45

48 NEW Beyond Robert Campbell Rob Metcalf Rebecca Robb Benne Key features Carefully researched and planned subskills syllabus Life skills lesson in every unit Two separate videos strands bring the pages to life TEENAGE Flexible multimedia components A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanbeyond.com Beyond is a new six-level course for teenagers, skills lessons ensure students not only develop with a focus on developing strong linguistic skills as academically, but also grow into considerate well as teaching the wider strategies your students and confident individuals. The regular use of need to improve as language learners. multimedia materials, class and homework activities on the Resource Centres Beyond follows a practical subskills syllabus, ensures that your students are equipping students with strategies they can learning from a variety of transfer to other areas of their education. The sources. age-appropriate, 21st century life skills introduce a new dimension to language teaching. The life Beyond Students Book Pack Students Book Premium Pack Workbook Online Workbook Teachers Book Premium Pack A1+ 9780230461031 9780230461024 9780230460164 9780230466005 9780230465992 A2 9780230461123 9780230461130 9780230460171 9780230466050 9780230466036 A2+ 9780230461239 9780230461222 9780230460188 9780230466098 9780230466074 B1 9780230461321 9780230461338 9780230460195 9780230466128 9780230466111 B1+ 9780230461420 9780230461437 9780230460201 9780230466166 9780230466159 B2 9780230461536 9780230461529 9780230460218 9780230466203 9780230466197 Students Teachers Class Online Presentation Video British Resource Resource Audio Workbook Kit English Centre Centre Robert Campbell on Video in the Classroom Images, especially moving images, play an important part in the lives of teenagers today. In Beyond, weve used video to bring the pages to life for todays digital natives. The Moving Picture strand includes documentary clips, vox pops, slide shows, digital animation, and YouTube-style videos. The Speaking lessons also include video, allowing students to watch as well as hear the model conversations spoken and acted by teenage drama group actors. 46

49 Learn Beyond. Teach Beyond. Go Beyond. New American English Go Beyond on p49 TEENAGE Multimedia Beyond online components give you the opportunity to transform your lessons and present the material in a variety of ways, making learning more enjoyable and rewarding. Students can benefit from a smart and flexible online learning environment as independent learners as well as from motivating and engaging classes. The Beyond Presentation Kit and Online Workbook part of the Beyond multimedia offering Beyond A2+ Students Book Rob Metcalf on Engaging Teenage Learners Successful lessons start with engaging material. Students need to find out things they didnt know before, discover new ways to look at familiar topics, and work out the rules behind language for themselves. They also need regular opportunities to say what they know or feel about things that matter to them. In Beyond, weve kept these needs in mind through every page of the book. For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 47 www.macmillanbeyond.com

50 Beyond Robert Campbell Rob Metcalf Rebecca Robb Benne Resource Centres The Students Resource Centre provides a bank The Teachers Resource Centre provides you of media and vocabulary as well as additional with worksheets and testing solutions for use in the Beyond materials to extend and practise the main classroom or as homework. Students Book content. Extra worksheets, including culture and CLIL Beyond Class Audio, Workbook Audio TEENAGE lessons, projects and life skills lessons and Videos Speaking activities accompany the Students Extra vocabulary and grammar worksheets Book Progress Checks Beyond wordlists for all levels of the course Downloadable tests, including placement, unit, mid-course and end-of-course tests A customisable Test Generator lets you build and edit specific tests for your class Onestopenglish.com resources created especially for Beyond Beyond Class Audio, Workbook Audio and Videos Online Workbook The Online Workbook is a fully interactive digital version of the Beyond Workbook, providing students with a variety of activities along with embedded audio. The Online Workbook instantly marks the students work, sending immediate feedback to them and reporting results to the teacher. Students benefit from an assessment of their progress and teachers can closely monitor individual and class performance. Along with practising the material covered in the Students Book, the Beyond Online Workbook revises the course scope through a variety of contexts and reviews. Beyond A2+ Online Workbook Centre Resource Teachers Beyond Rebecca Robb Benne on Developing Life Skills English teaching materials should play a part in helping secondary students to develop as a whole person. Transferable skills such as flexibility and creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and cultural awareness are essential in todays globalised world. Beyond features a comprehensive syllabus of 21st century skills, which aim to help teenagers understand more about themselves and equip them for life in and beyond the classroom. 48

51 Learn Beyond. Teach Beyond. Go Beyond. TEENAGE Beyond A2+ Presentation Kit Presentation Kit This is the digital version of the Beyond Students Book designed for use as a presentation tool in the classroom. It includes embedded audio and video, interactive activities, a complete pop-up answer key and pop-up suggested answers for open activities. The Presentation Kit is ideal for visually attractive classroom interaction. Go Beyond NEW Go Beyond is an American English version of Beyond. The comprehensive syllabus covers the four skills and the systematic development of essential sub-skills. The life skills features give students transferable skills they can use beyond the secondary classroom. British content has been sensitively adapted to suit the American English markets. Go Beyond holds students attention with an informative and creative approach to topics, making language learning more meaningful and successful. Specially produced videos bring the pages to life. Students are supported in assessing and consolidating their progress, as language is recycled and reviewed throughout the course. Go Beyond Students Book Pack Students Book Premium Pack Workbook Online Workbook Teachers Book Premium Pack Level 1 9780230476820 9780230476813 9780230476769 9780230476851 9780230476806 Students Teachers Class Online Level 2 9780230476417 9780230476400 9780230472839 9780230476431 9780230476394 Resource Resource Audio Workbook Level 3 9780230476493 9780230476486 9780230472846 9780230476523 9780230476479 Centre Centre Level 4 9780230476608 9780230476592 9780230476547 9780230476639 9780230476585 Presentation Video American Kit English For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 49 www.macmillanbeyond.com

52 Motivate! Emma Heyderman Fiona Mauchline Patrick Howarth Patricia Reilly Key features Grammar presentations lead on to practice in both oral and written contexts Graded practice and extension exercises for mixed-ability classes TEENAGE Careful models guide students to success in speaking and writing Strong culture and CLIL features in every unit Real-world content throughout the units A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Motivate! is a four-level course for secondary school students. The Students Book offers a well-paced approach to teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the four skills. Each Students Book comes with a Digibook on a CD-ROM. The Teachers Book provides comprehensive support to teaching the material in the Students Book and comes with class audio CDs, ready-made tests and a test generator. The teachers Interactive Classroom CD-ROM is easy to use with IWB, integrated audio and an answer key. The Workbook, with audio, provides a Motivate! great resource for additional practice and Students Book 1 consolidation of materials taught in the Students Book. A self-study bank at the back of the Workbook provides vocabulary extension work, extra grammar explanations and exercises, and an alphabetical wordlist with phonetic transcriptions. Students Teachers Digibook IWB Class British Book Pack Book Pack Audio English Motivate! Students Book Pack Workbook Pack Teachers Book Pack Interactive Classroom CD-ROM Level 1 9780230453791 9780230451346 9780230452695 9780230451407 Level 2 9780230453807 9780230451438 9780230452602 9780230451490 Level 3 9780230453814 9780230451520 9780230452718 9780230451582 Level 4 9780230453821 9780230451612 9780230452725 9780230451674 Motovate! IWB 1 50 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

53 CultureView Key features Videos cover topics and language that will complement any secondary course Ideal for mixed-ability classes as each video has two TEENAGE worksheet options: High and Standard Authentic language and cultural information about Britain Documentary and drama videos can be played with or without subtitles Photocopiable lesson worksheets include role-plays, research and project work Before, While and After watching activities CultureView is a teachers resource offering a window into contemporary culture and life in Britain with engaging videos for the teenage student. The material consists of two DVD Packs, each containing 12 videos, with a documentary and a drama sketch for each topic. Each DVD pack covers six different topic areas: DVD Pack 1: Home, Transport, Food, Appearance, Sport, School DVD Pack 2: Music, Landscape, Media, Animals, Literature, Language The accompanying CD-ROM provides graded photocopiable worksheets at two levels, teachers notes and DVD scripts. CultureView Teachers CD-ROM / DVD Pack DVD Pack 1 9780230466760 Teachers Video British DVD Pack 2 9780230466791 DVD-ROM English For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 51

54 Gateway David Spencer Key features CLICK (Cross-Curricular, Literature, International Cultural Knowledge) thought-provoking cross-curricular and cultural content TEENAGE Gateway to exams sections focus on real exam-style activities and specific exam skills Developing writing sections help guide students to write accurately and effectively New Gateway wordlists available to use with Sounds: The Pronunciation App A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Digital Extra Sounds: The Pronunciation App p15 www.gateway-online.net with Gateway wordlists Gateway is an academically rich, well-structured five-level course designed to lead your teenage students to success in school-leaving and university entrance exams. Taking an inductive approach to grammar, Gateway revises and extends students active knowledge of grammar and vocabulary through a wealth of varied skills-based activities that revise, evaluate and develop language skills. Gateway Online can be accessed using a webcode in the Students Book and enables students to play games, watch videos, compile their own interactive wordlists and much more. The course equips your students with lifelong learning and study skills preparing them for university and the world of work. Gateway, Students Book B1 Students Teachers IWB Class Sounds: The British Gateway Gateway Gateway (single user) Audio Pronunciation English Practice Online Online App Wordlists Online Gateway Students Book Students Book + Webcode Workbook Teachers Book + Test CD Pack + Webcode A2 9780230723382 9780230417595 9780230723399 9780230411791 B1 9780230723443 9780230417601 9780230723450 9780230417229 B1+ 9780230723504 9780230417632 9780230723511 9780230417212 B2 9780230723566 9780230417618 9780230723573 9780230411838 B2+ 9780230723627 9780230417625 9780230723634 9780230417656 Class Audio CD IWB DVD-ROM Gateway (single user) Practice Online A2 9780230723412 9780230723429 9780230761957 B1 9780230723474 9780230723481 9780230761964 B1+ 9780230723535 9780230723542 9780230761971 B2 9780230723597 9780230723603 9780230762435 Gateway, IWB A2 B2+ 9780230723658 9780230723665 9780230762442 52 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

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55 English World (levels 7-10) Mary Bowen Liz Hocking Wendy Wren Key features Cross-curricular and critical-thinking content A three-stage approach to writing TEENAGE A course-specific dictionary Exam preparation and testing in the Exam Practice Book Workbook with Student CD-ROM includes class audio, games and pronunciation activities Teachers Digibook includes the Students Book with teacher training and methodology videos A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 The four secondary levels (710) of English World begin at A2+ and build on the systematic language development and consistent approach to skills covered by levels 16 (see page 27), whilst also developing important real-world skills. The course offers a blend of first-language learning and teaching methodology combined with the literacy needs of the teenage EFL student. Motovate! IWB 1 More levels available Primary levels p27 English World, Students Book 8 Students Teachers Class British CD-ROM Digibook Audio English English World Students Book Teachers Guide Workbook + CD-ROM Audio CD Teachers Digibook Exam Practice Book Dictionary Level 7 9780230032521 9780230032569 9780230440920 9780230032446 9780230032309 9780230032101 9780230032200 Level 8 9780230032538 9780230032576 9780230441309 9780230032453 9780230032316 9780230032118 Level 9 9780230032545 9780230032583 9780230441323 9780230032460 9780230032323 9780230032125 Level 10 9780230032552 9780230032590 9780230441347 9780230032477 9780230032330 9780230037038 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 53

56 New Inspiration Judy Garton-Sprenger Philip Prowse Unit opener pages introduce each topic and highlight learning objectives Teachers IWB Class British New Cross-curricular and cultural content Test Audio English Inspiration CD-ROM Practice Task-based approach Online Language Links features look at the A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 influence of other languages and cultures on English www.macmillaninspiration.com Teachers Book includes a photocopiable TEENAGE resource pack and a Test CD-ROM Four extra CLIL lessons in the Workbook Practice Online includes interactive practice activities, videos and language games Platform-independent Interactive Classroom, digitally presents the entire Students Book and contains extra interactive activities Inspired Judy Garton-Sprenger Philip Prowse American English version of New Inspiration Teachers IWB Class American Inspired Rich cross-curricular and cultural content Test Audio English Practice CD-ROM Online Structured, task-based approach A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Personalisation and critical-thinking focus Emphasis on learner independence, study skills and self-assessment New Inspiration Students Book Workbook Teachers Book + Test CD Pack Interactive Classroom New Inspiration Practice Online Level 1 9780230408470 9780230412545 9780230412385 9780230412415 9780230751736 Level 2 9780230408487 9780230412552 9780230412422 9780230412453 9780230751743 Level 2 Starter Unit 9780230466807 Level 3 9780230408494 9780230412569 9780230412460 9780230412491 9780230751750 Level 4 9780230408500 9780230412576 9780230412507 9780230412538 9780230751767 Inspired Student's Book Workbook Teacher's Book + Test CD Pack Interactive Classroom Class Audio CD Inspired Practice Online Level 1 9780230415072 9780230415089 9780230415102 9780230428720 9780230424913 9780230433977 Level 2 9780230415126 9780230415133 9780230415157 9780230428737 9780230424920 9780230433984 Level 3 9780230415171 9780230415188 9780230415218 9780230428744 9780230424937 Level 4 9780230415232 9780230415249 9780230415263 9780230428751 9780230424944 54 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

57 Insights Judy Garton-Sprenger Philip Prowse Marcelo Baccarin Provides a systematic approach to specific language skills within each unit Audio American Grammar functions and structures are Component English presented through a range of text types A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Guided and open writing activities Cross-curricular and intercultural content Self-assessment opportunities TEENAGE Hot Spot Colin Granger Katherine Stannett Check your English activities at the end of every lesson Students Teachers IWB British Hot Spot Illustrated grammar summary at the back CD-ROM Test English Practice CD-ROM Online of the Students Book Pronunciation activities in every module A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 focus on common pronunciation problems The Activity Book contains learning diaries to record and review personal progress Mega Chris Barker Libby Mitchell Real-life contexts, characters and language, reflecting the lives of teenagers Students Audio Teachers American Careful attention to practicing skills using CD-ROM Component Test English CD-ROM authentic texts in the Skills Development section A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Extensive cultural input Regular progress checks sections to consolidate learning and provide feedback Insights Students Book & Teachers Book Workbook Pack Class Audio CD SBW/MPO Pack Level 1 9780230427402 9780230434042 9780230434059 9780230434073 Level 2 9780230434080 9780230434103 9780230434110 9780230434134 Level 3 9780230434141 9780230434165 9780230434172 9780230434196 Tempo, British English edition of Mega Level 4 9780230434202 9780230434226 9780230434233 9780230434257 is also available. For details, please Level 5 9780230434264 9780230434288 9780230434295 9780230434318 visit: www.macmillanenglish.com Level 6 9780230434325 9780230434349 9780230434356 9780230434370 Hot Spot Students Book + CD-ROM Activity Book Teachers Book + Test CD Mega Students Book Workbook Teachers Edition Level 1 9781405023108 9781405023115 9781405023122 Level 1 9780230723740 9780230533714 9780230717886 Level 2 9781405023160 9781405023177 9781405023184 Level 2 9780230723757 9780230533752 9780230717909 Level 3 9781405023221 9781405023238 9781405023245 Level 3 9780230723764 9780230533790 9780230717923 Level 4 9781405023283 9781405023290 9781405023306 Level 4 9780230723771 9780230533837 9780230717947 Level 5 9780230408777 9780230408784 9780230408807 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 55

58 Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series Keith Kelly Key features A series of CLIL books designed for students who are taught subjects Key subject-specific topic areas through the medium of English. Created as an easy-to-use reference Transparent topic glossary with key tool for students, each title in the series headwords, definitions and phonetic includes clear glossaries and motivating transcriptions activities that practise the vocabulary in Engaging practice exercises in each context. The subject specific vocabulary TEENAGE topic is informed by the Macmillan School Dictionary curriculum corpus. Clear diagrams visually represent difficult concepts CD-ROM with a word-mapping tool, animations and pronunciation examples Students CD-ROM British English A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Macmillan Topics Susan Holden The Macmillan Topics series presents Key features factual topics in an interesting The readers personal experience is magazine-style format that motivates placed at the centre of the reading students to read in English. The cross- process curricular nature of the series makes it easy to integrate school subjects with The articles present a variety of text English language learning. Developing types, styles and formats students intercultural awareness Topics related to science, history with articles and projects, Macmillan and the arts Topics offers challenging insights into modern culture and asks students to A Check it Out section provides a compare other cultures with their own. checklist of specialist language 10 titles available Audio British Component English A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Book (+ Key) Practice Book ( Key) Practice Book (+ Key) Practice Book ( Key) Macmillan Topics Practice Series + CD-ROM Pack + CD-ROM Pack People (beginner) 9781405094900 Places (beginner) 9781405094917 Science 9780230535039 9780230535022 9780230535060 9780230535053 Animals (beginner plus) 9781405095013 Geography 9780230719743 9780230719736 9780230719767 9780230719774 Sports (beginner plus) 9781405094931 Environment (elementary) 9781405094948 Festivals (elementary) 9781405094955 Communication (pre-intermediate) 9781405094962 Entertainment (pre-intermediate) 9781405094979 Consumers (intermediate) 9781405094986 Travel and Tourism (intermediate) 9781405094993 Teachers Book Pack (with Audio CD) 9780230009745 56 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com


60 ADULT Mind Series 2nd edition Look inside to find out all about the ground- breaking course which provides vital life skills along with its thorough grammar and functional skills syllabus. Combining digital and print materials to create a flexible teaching and learning environment. The way we teach and learn is changing. Technology is making it possible to create classrooms without walls. Online learning programmes can now take away many of the time-consuming tasks teachers face such as marking, grading and level testing, giving them more time for communicative classroom activities. Data can be used to accurately monitor student engagement and performance helping teachers to address their students needs in a personalised way. Flexible blended learning models can give teachers much more freedom to choose what they want to do in the class and what they want the students to do online outside of the classroom. New ideas abound such as adaptive learning, personalised learning and flipped classrooms. Macmillan will be engaging in this new world and we want to take you with us on this exciting journey, and listen to your ideas, thoughts and concerns. Look out for the Big tree logo over the coming year. 58

61 openMind brings critical thinking skills to our English class and takes the class to real life. Todsaporn It-ngam, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, Burapha University Language Institute, Thailand 59

62 NEW levels Mind Series 2nd Edition Mickey Rogers Steve Taylore-Knowles Joanne Taylore-Knowles Dorothy E. Zemach Ingrid Wisniewska Key features Prominent life skills syllabus New Online Workbook allows for interactive practice and an efficient classroom management system ADULT New Presentation Kit is an interactive classroom tool Online Students and Teachers Resource Centers come with video, audio, downloadable worksheets and additional resources A1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1 C2 www.macmillanmind.com Developing more than just English, the Mind Series incorporates a comprehensive life skills syllabus that recognizes learning English as part of preparing students for a successful life. The new edition offers a completely new design, updated material and a wide array of new digital components. openMind 2nd edition Students Book 1 For your students: Fully revised and restructured grammar in Students Book. Clearly present four language skills in every unit with an additional New For you: Language study skills section in Starter Presentation Kit includes projectable Students Book with level. embedded video, class audio and full answer keys. Revised Life Skills. Online Workbook for your students to work at home, all scores captured and stored for you to monitor their results. Resources and Online Workbook for self-study. New Resource Centre, accessed through webcodes, offer resources for class-study including downloadable Speaking and Writing Workshops, and video and audio to accompany each unit. Mind Series Students Book + Students Book Workbook Pack Pack Standard Students Book Online Workbook Print Workbook+ Print Workbook+ Teachers Book Premium Pack Audio CD Pack Audio CD Pack Premium Pack 2nd edition (with Key) (without Key) starter 9780230458895 9780230469686 9780230458994 9780230469587 openMind 1 9780230459083 9780230459045 9780230459052 9780230459175 9780230459151 9780230469617 openMind 2 9780230459397 9780230459373 9780230459427 9780230459502 9780230459489 9780230470330 openMind 3 9780230459724 9780230459717 9780230459755 9780230459854 9780230459847 9780230469655 masterMind 1 9780230469716 9780230470354 9780230470361 9780230474338 9780230474321 9780230470378 masterMind 2 9780230469846 9780230470408 9780230470415 9780230474369 9780230474352 9780230470422 Split Edition Students Book Pack A Students Book Pack B Workbook A Workbook B openMind 1 9780230459090 9780230459106 9780230459182 9780230459199 openMind 2 9780230459434 9780230459656 9780230459519 9780230459526 openMind 3 9780230459731 9780230459748 9780230459861 9780230459878 masterMind 1 Forthcoming Forthcoming Forthcoming Forthcoming Students Teachers Audio Online Video American Resource Resource Component Workbook English MasterMind 2 Forthcoming Forthcoming Forthcoming Forthcoming Centre Centre 60

63 Whats new in Mind Series 2nd edition? The series has been thoroughly revised and updated to include the most current content and methodology. New Features: Three-page grammar section at the front of the book provides review of previous levels. Enhanced Grammar Review section at the back of the book provides further practice as well as reference. Unit Objectives box lists target learning outcomes for the unit. ADULT Revised life skills syllabus organizes skills into three clear domains: Work and Career, Study and Learning, Self and Society. Research projects on life skills pages provide independent learning. opportunities. Online speaking and writing workshops further develop these crucial skills. Brand-new website utilizes the most up-to-date digital features to transform learning and teaching both inside and outside the classroom. Gradebook for Teachers tracking students progress. Presentation Kit brings teaching to life via videos and projectable lessons. Enhanced: Revised grammar syllabus, firmly linked to CEFR levels A1-C1. Updated texts and design reflect latest technologies, recent events, and broad global interests of young adults. Online Workbook The Online Workbook provides interactive workbook activities that consolidate the Students Book material and provide your students with instant feedback. Their scores are then captured in an integrated gradebook, which you can access and use to recommend extra practice, as it gives you full visibility of your students progress. The Online Workbook is available as part of the Students Book Premium Pack, Teachers Book Premium Pack or openMind 2nd Edition as a stand-alone Online Workbook component. Also available in British English as the Open Mind. see more on p62 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanmind.com 61

64 NEW levels Open Mind Mickey Rogers Joanne Taylore-Knowles Steve Taylore-Knowles Ingrid Wisniewska Dorothy E. Zemach From its solid grammar and language skills syllabus to its unique coverage of LifeSkills section, Open Mind answers your need for fully rounded language instruction. A full complement of digital and print materials optimise flexible teaching opportunities, allowing both you and your students to work in the way that suits you best. ADULT A1 A2 B1 B1+ B2 C1 C2 www.macmillanopenmind.com For you: A choice of print and digital components and resources that allow you to adapt for different class requirements. Open Minds optional flipped classroom For your students: approach means classroom time can be Life Skills feature engages your students as maximised for teaching productive skills, while individuals as well as language learners by students practise their receptive skills and developing 21st-century skills to equip them for consolidate language using Online Workbooks, real life situations in the three domains of self and at home. Automatic gradebooks mark their society, study and learning, and work and career. work and capture their scores saving you time outside the class. Functional language focus with regular recycling of language skills taught throughout the course Additional life skills material provides ample guides students towards confident use of English. opportunity for the full exploitation of this unique course feature and the creation of input- Visually engaging introductions with clearly rich lessons that relate directly to your students laid-out unit objectives inspire your students to lives with step-by-step lesson plans. participate from day one. Options to study independently with a wealth of digital material, including the Online Workbook. Collaborative working opportunities offer chances of peer- and self- assessment in speaking and writing skills. Extensive grammar coverage through step-by-step analysis Open Mind of form and function with Students Book Intermediate access to full grammar support in additional grammar reference sections. Students Teachers Audio Resource Resource Component Open Mind Students Book Pack Students Book Premium Pack Online Workbook Workbook + CD (+ Key) Workbook + CD ( Key) Teachers Book Premium Pack Centre Centre Beginner 9780230458277 9780230458154 9780230458789 9780230458369 9780230458420 9780230469402 Elementary 9780230458284 9780230458109 9780230458734 9780230458437 9780230458376 9780230469433 Pre-intermediate 9780230458291 9780230458116 9780230458741 9780230458383 9780230458444 9780230469464 Intermediate 9780230458307 9780230458185 9780230458697 9780230458451 9780230458390 9780230469495 Upper intermediate 9780230458253 9780230458192 9780230458703 9780230458406 9780230458468 9780230469525 Online Video British 62 Advanced 9780230458260 9780230458260 9780230458710 9780230458413 9780230458475 9780230469556 Workbook English

65 Choose from a wealth of online material... Teachers Resource Centre Video, audio and extra lessons ADULT The Teachers Resource Centre includes downloadable class and workbook audio, online video and video worksheets with extensive teachers notes, additional life skills lessons, Writing and Speaking Workshops and CEFR checklists. Testing and Assessment Resources You get a wide selection of assessment and testing materials, including unit, mid-course and end-of-course tests in PDF and editable Word formats, as Open Mind Teachers Resource Centre video Intermediate well as a course placement test. You can access all of this via a unique code in each Teachers Book Premium Pack. Your code also gives you access to the Students Resource Centre, and helps you to plan lessons more effectively using these additional resources. Students Presentation Kit Resource Centre Available in the Teachers Book Premium Pack, the The Students Resource Presentation Kit is an interactive digital version of the Students Centre includes the class and Book with embedded audio, video, pop-up answers and interactive workbook audio as MP3 files, tools, making it perfect for you to use as a classroom presentation videos with optional captions, tool for communicative, heads-up teaching. You can use the and downloadable video Presentation Kit through an Interactive Whiteboard or with a worksheets. laptop plus projector. Other material for students includes wordlists and translated wordlists, CEFR checklists, audio and video audio scripts and much more. Your students can access this through their Students Book Premium Pack and Students Book Pack. Open Mind Teachers Presentation Kit, Intermediate For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 63

66 BEST SELLER Breakthrough Plus Miles Craven Breakthrough Plus sets the standard for teaching international, cross-cultural general English with a range of native and non-native accents. With a fresh design and a brand new digital version of the Student Book, this popular communicative course offers a comprehensive package for adult learners. ADULT A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanenglish.com/breakthroughplus For you: Breakthrough Plus is designed to be genuinely flexible when you prefer a pick- and-mix approach without compromising the integrity of your lessons. You can ensure your adult students get the input For your students: they need to help build their confidence through strategies for speaking and listening. Rich, communicative material, which is challenging yet manageable and helps build A useful Challenge feature contains optional students confidence in English. Significant visual extra activities in the Student Book, and is support on the page enhances the scope for ideal for using in mixed-ability classes. students creativity. Your teachers access to the Digibook allows you Students can develop their skills effectively with to use the Student Book as a class presentation a particular emphasis on listening and speaking, tool for communicative teaching. It also provides as well as conversation strategies. extra resources such as photocopiable worksheets and opportunities for assessment. Students gain extra language and skills practice using their Digibook via interactive The Test Generator contained in your activities, integrated video and audio, and a Teachers Resource Book provides extensive markbook functionality. testing options. Breakthrough Student Book Teachers Book Class Audio CD + Digibook Pack + Digibook Code Plus + Test Generator Introduction 9780230443594 9780230443600 9780230438415 Level 1 9780230438132 9780230438156 9780230438163 Level 2 9780230438200 9780230438224 9780230438231 Level 3 9780230438262 9780230438286 9780230438293 Level 4 9780230438330 9780230438354 9780230438361 Students Teachers Teachers Class Interactive Test Resource Audio Practice Generator Markbook Videos CD-ROM Breakthrough Plus exciting video content, as part of the digibooks, adds a motivating component to the course and helps students develop communication Digital IWB Video American Student English skills, even at lower levels of language competence. Book 64 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

67 The books are easy to use and every activity is relevant to the topic/theme studied. Pair work/ conversation activities are well spread out so that students can put what they have just learnt into The emphasis in Breakthrough Plus is on practice right away... The books are both teacher authentic, natural language presented and and student friendly. Finally the book teachers practiced in context. Its very practical, easy to can fully use in a classroom. use, and has a refreshingly light and humorous ADULT Claude Brisbois, The Institute of Foreign Language Studies, feel. Korea University, South Korea Miles Craven, Breakthrough Plus author Miles is also the author of Reading Keys (p94), a popular series helping older teenagers and young adults to develop reading strategies Breakthrough Plus Student Book 2 Digibooks Both teachers and students have access to a digital version of the Student Book or Teachers Book through a unique code in their books. Ideal for you to use with IWB or laptop and projector in class and for students to use on any device, it provides students with extra homework-friendly interactive practice and provides teachers with extra resources. For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 65

68 Straightforward Second Edition Philip Kerr Lindsay Clandfield Ceri Jones Roy Norris Jim Scrivener As the title suggests, Straightforward, Second Edition uses a methodical approach to teaching English and places a strong emphasis on multi-skill teaching with a structured, easy-to-deliver grammar syllabus. All the old favourites from the first edition remain, but have been substantially updated to reflect changing themes and trends. ADULT A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanenglish.com/straightforward For you: The format is intuitive and easy to follow for new or busy teachers, while also being adaptable For your students: for more experienced teachers. The flexibility to pick out key sections or Clarity of progression for the learner is ensured focus on specific language points due to the by clearly signposted and scaffolded language, interlinked lessons format and the consistent and is reinforced through integrated CEFR unit structure helps you plan the perfect class. material, which includes self-assessment opportunities, language portfolio and clear The Teachers Books come with methodology learning objectives. videos by Jim Scrivener, as well as additional class videos, tests, photocopiable material, and Strong emphasis on reading and vocabulary online videos to extend a lesson. This means your through the language input lessons and extra time can be used more effectively in planning fun communication pages which ensure productive and engaging classes all the preparation work skills get additional coverage. is done for you! Each unit contains four lessons with a focus on Teachers Book and course website offer different language functions and skills, and is teaching tips, downloadable CEFR portfolios and designed to last about 90 minutes, which means other information. students get all the content they need in a neat and well-paced lesson. The Straightforward Digital Disk for IWBs means you can create dynamic lessons with whole-class, heads-up participation. Straightforward Practice Online Give students the opportunity to practise their language online with interactive exercises, BBC and ITN videos, and a markbook that gathers their scores, also viewable by the teacher. Straightforward Students Book Students Book + Webcode Workbook (+ Key) + CD Workbook ( Key) + CD Teachers Book Pack Class Audio CD IWB DVD-ROM (single user) IWB DVD-ROM (multiple user) 2nd Edition Beginner 9780230422957 9780230424449 9780230422971 9780230422964 9780230423015 9780230423022 9780230424166 9780230424159 Elementary 9780230423053 9780230424456 9780230423060 9780230423077 9780230423114 9780230423121 9780230424227 9780230424210 Pre-intermediate 9780230414006 9780230424463 9780230423169 9780230423152 9780230423206 9780230423220 9780230424272 9780230424289 Intermediate 9780230423244 9780230424470 9780230423268 9780230423251 9780230423305 9780230423329 9780230424340 9780230424333 Upper Intermediate 9780230423343 9780230424487 9780230423350 9780230423367 9780230423404 9780230423428 9780230424395 9780230424401 Advanced 9780230423442 9780230424494 9780230423466 9780230423459 9780230423503 9780230423510 9780230423589 9780230423596 Teachers Students Teachers IWB Class Audio British Macmillan Resource Resource Resource English Practice DVD-ROM Centre Centre Online 66 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

69 Feedback to the first edition of Straightforward has been so positive that we didnt want to make major changes for a new edition. Weve replaced and improved a number of the reading and listening texts, but the greatest enhancement is the addition of extra features to make teachers lives easier. For many people, I imagine, the most exciting addition will be the interactive whiteboard version, but the new website also promises to be excellent. Philip Kerr, Straightforward author ADULT Straightforward 2nd Edition Students Book Elementary Digital Extra Wordlist apps are available for each level of Straightforward Second Edition. Lists contain vocabulary(single words and phrases), the phonemic transcriptions, and audio recordings. Visit www.soundspronapp.com/wordlists for more information. Straightforward Practice Online For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 67

70 Global Lindsay Clandfield Amanda Jeffries Jackie McAvoy Kate Pickering Rebecca Robb Benne Michael Vince Robert Campbell Global is an award-winning general English course for adult learners, sophisticated in both approach and presentation. It has true global appeal, combining challenging content and intelligent topics with cross-cultural awareness. ADULT A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanglobal.com For you: The digital components provide opportunities for flexible teaching, through the eWorkbook with combined markbook for students consolidation and recycling, and the Interactive Whiteboard material for heads-up teaching. For your students: The Teachers Book Pack makes planning University students and other adult learners and teaching easier. It includes: background will enjoy the challenge of the information-rich, information, language notes, lesson plans, intelligent topics, free from celebrity-driven essays from contributing ELT specialists, and lifestyle content. a CD-ROM containing additional photocopiable material, activity ideas, and diagnostic Critical-thinking skills are promoted through (placement) and progress tests. the wide range of topics covered by the course, which encourage discussion and debate. The Global website supplies even more resource material including free to search and Exposure to global English through Global Voices, use e-lessons and infographics, sample units a series of authentic recordings, which expose and audio. learners to the reality of globally spoken English and support effective communication in English between both native and non-native speakers. Global English by David Crystal provide students the opportunity to discover and appreciate the academic aspects of English in the field of linguistics. The award-winning eWorkbook allows your students to practice their language and skills in different ways. Add a business dimension to online learning Global business class eWorkbook offers a business-related learning to the eWorkbook, Global eWorkbook Upper Intermediate providing extra business-specific material, in addition to the existing content. Available either as a stand-alone or as part of your Global Coursebook. For more information, see p105. Students Teachers Class Online IWB Video British CD-ROM DVD-ROM Audio Workbook English Global Coursebook Coursebook + eWorkbook Class Audio CDs Teachers Book + Resource CD Workbook + CD (+ Key) Workbook + CD ( Key) Global Digital (single user) Global Digital Coursebook (multiple user) + Business Class Business Class eWorkbook Pack Pack eWorkbook Pack (stand-alone) Beginner 9780230032828 9780230032859 9780230032866 9780230032897 9780230430181 9780230430198 9780230032903 9780230407695 Elementary 9780230032910 9780230032941 9780230032958 9780230032989 9780230430211 9780230430228 9780230032996 9780230407701 Pre-intermediate 9780230033092 9780230033122 9780230033139 9780230033160 9780230430242 9780230430259 9780230033177 9780230407718 9780230443747 9780230443754 Intermediate 9780230033009 9780230033030 9780230033047 9780230033078 9780230430280 9780230430273 9780230033085 9780230407725 9780230443761 9780230443778 Upper Intermediate 9780230033184 9780230033214 9780230033221 9780230033252 9780230430310 9780230430303 9780230033269 9780230407732 9780230443785 9780230443792 68 Advanced 9780230033276 9780230033306 9780230033313 9780230033344 9780230430334 9780230430341 9780230033351 9780230407671 9780230444621 9780230444638

71 Move Bill Bowler Jon Hird Angela Holman Sue Kay Peter Maggs Bruce Milne Sue Parminter Rebecca Robb Benne Barbara Webb A self-study interactive CD-ROM Flexible and easy-to-use Teachers Book with photocopiable discussion and communication activities Students British CD-ROM English ADULT A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Get Real! Miles Craven Angela Buckingham David Williamson Realistic and achievable aims Easy to use, with a clear unit format Adaptable content designed to fit fifty-minute or ninety- minute classes Lively activities Students American CD-ROM English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ New English Upgrade Steven Gershon Chris Mares A Conversation Tool in each unit PowerPoint presentations for use in class Interactive Student Multi-ROM Test Generator CD-ROM Class IWB Flashcards American Audio English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ Move Coursebook+ CD-Rom Pack Class CD Teachers Book Get Real! Students Book Pack Workbook Teachers Guide Pack Class CD Elementary 9781405095129 9781405022972 9781405022958 Foundation 9780230447165 9780230010420 9780230010505 9780230010543 Pre-intermediate 9781405086141 9781405003186 9781405003162 Level 1 9780230447080 9780230010437 9780230010512 9780230010550 Intermediate 9781405086165 9781405003315 9781405003292 Level 2 9780230447103 9780230010444 9780230010529 9780230010567 Upper-intermediate 9781405086189 9781405003445 9781405003421 Level 3 9780230447127 9780230010451 9780230010536 9780230010574 Advanced 9781405095143 9781405023016 9781405022996 New English Student Book + Multi-ROM Pack Workbook Teachers Resource Book + Class CD Upgrade Test Generator CD-ROM Pack Level 1 9780230020450 9780230020283 9780230020467 9780230020313 Level 2 9780230020474 9780230020344 9780230020481 9780230020375 Level 3 9780230020498 9780230020405 9780230020504 9780230020436 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 69

72 New Inside Out Sue Kay Vaughan Jones Ceri Jones Tania Bastow Amanda Jeffries Philip Kerr Full of character and personality, New Inside Out takes a lively and engaging approach to teaching young adult and adult learners. It provides meaningful presentation, practice and communication, making it enjoyable for both teachers and students. Its wide range of components which include Inside Out Digital, Practice Online, CD-ROMs, and the online videos ADULT and elessons allow it to be used in a more flexible way. New Inside Out is also available in an American English version. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.insideout.net For you: The comprehensive all-in-one Teachers Book contains teachers notes, practical teaching tips and photocopiable activities, and the integrated For your students: Test CD contains editable unit and progress tests. A strong emphasis on personalisation involves Useful Phrases and Vocabulary Extra sections and engages the student and creates a learning provide real-world language input, while environment that relates to their own experiences Grammar Extra sections recycle and review key and interests. language points. Access to additional practice and extension The free online video lessons and accompanying activities through their multimedia CD-ROM, worksheets for different levels provide packaged conveniently with the Students Book. opportunities for students to use their English in an interactive and communicative way. Students can use New Inside Out Practice Online can be used as a self-study resource. It provides extra interactive language practice with feedback available through a students markbook, which teachers can also access to view their progress. New Inside Students Book + CD-ROM Pack Workbook (+ Key) Workbook (- Key) Teachers Book + Test CD Out + Audio CD Pack + Audio CD Pack Beginner 9781405099462 9781405070607 9781405070614 9780230020931 Elementary 9781405099493 9781405085984 9781405085991 9780230020955 Video Lessons Pre-intermediate Intermediate 9781405099547 9781405099646 9781405099554 9780230020993 9781405099677 9780230009097 9781405099684 9780230020979 Re-discover your favourite New Inside Out Video Upper Intermediate 9780230009141 9780230009233 9780230009158 9780230021013 Lessons all available free online at Advanced 9780230009271 9780230009363 9780230009288 9780230020917 www.insideout.net Class Audio CD Inside Out Inside Out Digital Digital (single user) (multiple user) Beginner 9781405070560 9781405099479 9780230400153 Elementary 9781405086004 9781405099509 9780230400160 Pre-intermediate 9781405099578 9781405099561 9780230400177 Intermediate 9781405099707 9781405099691 9780230400184 Upper Intermediate 9780230009172 9780230009165 9780230400191 Advanced 9780230009301 9780230009295 9780230400207 Students Teachers Class IWB Video British Macmillan CD-ROM CD-ROM Audio English Practice Online 70 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

73 New American Inside Out Sue Kay Vaughan Jones Key features Interactive self-study CD-ROM Comprehensive writing course DVD series ADULT A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Offering all the key benefits of New Inside Out to learners of American English, this six-level series helps young adults express themselves and their ideas in English. The course is designed to give students the opportunity to improve their language skills in their own time; the Students Book includes an interactive self-study CD- ROM, while the Workbook, with Audio CD, offers further practice of the language and skills, plus a comprehensive writing course and a simplified short story. The Teachers Book contains a bank of extra grammar, vocabulary and communication activities, and a Test CD. A stand-alone DVD series, Viewpoints, can be used alongside the course. In addition there are extra resources available online for download. Personally, I like New American New American Students Book + Workbook + Teachers Book + Class Audio CDs CD-ROM Pack Audio CD Pack Test CD Pack Inside Out a lot. The contents of the Inside Out reading, listening and speaking are fun, Beginner 9789708091398 9789708091428 9789708091459 9789708091480 Elementary 9789708091497 9789708091527 9789708091558 9789708091589 engaging and true to life, and the variety of Pre-intermediate 1120090100059 1120090100066 1120090200049 9789706504692 activities helps students gradually acquire Intermediate 1120090101261 1120090101278 1120090201251 9786074730746 the vocabulary, grammar, expressions, etc. Upper Intermediate 1120100101953 1120100101960 1120100201943 9786074731835 And the exercises all link together! This Advanced 1120100102455 1120100102462 1120100202445 9786074732450 series works in my class. Cheng-Fang Huang, Assistant Professor, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan Students Teachers Class American Macmillan CD-ROM CD-ROM Audio English Practice Online Digital Extra Live from London podcasts A series of innovative podcasts featuring interviews with members of the public. Each podcast comes with a set of worksheets for you to download and use in class. Available from: www.onestopenglish.com For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 71

74 EXAMS Ready for Series Updated for A comprehensive and supportive 2015 exam series by authors with a wealth of exam knowledge. The series combines traditional teaching materials with interactive practice. Testbuilders Updated for This series helps improve students 2015 exam performance and increase their language competence. 72

75 Ready for First is exceptionally thorough, covering every exam paper in real detail as well as addressing the necessary grammar and vocabulary in real depth. The Speaking video material is an extremely useful teaching tool in preparing the students in what to expect. Alex Warren, Academic Director, British Study Centres, Bournemouth, UK 73

76 Young Learners English Skills Sandra Fox Brendan Dunne Robin Newton Key features Structured practice builds towards Cambridge English: Young Learners Starters, Movers and Flyers tests Plenty of material for a complete school year EXAMS Teachers Books include a webcode which provides access to extra material for consolidation Accompanying website provides additional information and support A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanyounglearners.com/exams Perfect companions Young Learners English Practice Tests p75 The Young Learners English Skills books practice the language and skills used in the Cambridge English: Young Learners tests through tasks similar to those found in the Starters, Movers and Flyers tests. Each three-part book provides fun, motivating activities, from basic recycling of language to step-by-step task preparation and full test practice. The webcode packaged with the Teachers Book gives access to further classroom practice and test activities. Young Learners English Skills Starters Pupils Book Teachers Resource Centre Young Learners Pupils Book Teachers Book Pack Audio CD English Skills Sample speaking Starters 9780230448995 9780230449015 9780230449022 test videos Movers 9780230449046 9780230449060 9780230449077 Flyers 9780230449091 9780230449114 9780230449121 Exam practice activities Classroom activities Complete practice test for each level Teachers Audio British Resource CD English Centre 74 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com

77 Young Learners English Practice Tests Sandra Fox Bryan Stephens Key features Four complete practice tests for each level of the Cambridge English: Young Learners tests Downloadable Teachers Notes EXAMS Audio CD Full-colour artwork by a range of childrens illustrators A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanyounglearners.com/exams The Young Learners English Practice Tests cover all the papers for each of the Cambridge English: Starters, Movers and Flyers tests. The content, levels and layout reflect the exams to provide authentic and targeted practice. These books have been written by teachers, teacher trainers and examiners, and are the ideal bridge between coursebook and exam for in-class use. Young Learners English Practice Tests Flyers Pupils Book Young Learners Students Book + Audio CD Pack Perfect companions English Practice Tests Young Learners English Starters 9780230412255 Skills p74 Movers 9780230409972 Audio British CD English Flyers 9780230407077 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanyounglearners.com 75

78 Updated for 2015 First Testbuilder 3rd Edition Mark Harrison Key features Four complete practice tests updated to reflect the revised Cambridge English: First (FCE) examination from 2015 Further Practice and Guidance sections support students in all exam tasks EXAMS Practice activities build students confidence in approaching exam tasks Guided analysis of sample answers for all Writing tasks Audio CDs with listening material for all four tests Answer key with useful explanations and scripts for audio in the Listening papers A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 First Testbuilder exam-style exercises Audio British familiarise students with the tasks they will CDs English face in the exam, building their confidence in answering them. This new edition of First Testbuilder supports students with a range of new activities designed to systematically develop skills for success in the updated 2015 Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam. First Testbuilder + Key Key + Audio Pack + Audio Pack First Testbuilder, 3rd Edition 9780230476110 9780230476127 More Testbuilders: + Key Key + Key + Audio Key + Audio + Audio Pack + Audio Pack + MPO Pack + MPO Pack KET for Schools Testbuilder 9780230407114 KET Testbuilder 9781405069762 9780230409699 PET for Schools Testbuilder 9780230407121 PET Testbuilder 9781405063012 9781405063029 Proficiency Testbuilder, 4th Edition 9780230436923 9780230436930 9780230452732 9780230452749 Testbuilder for TOEFL iBT 9780230409712 9780230452787 PTE Academic Testbuilder 9780230427860 + Key Key + Audio Pack + Audio Pack BEC Preliminary Testbuilder 9781405018333 BEC Vantage Testbuilder 9781405018364 BEC Higher Testbuilder 9780230717039 LCCI English for Business, Testbuilder 1 9780230733862 LCCI English for Business, Testbuilder 2 9780230733893 LCCI English for Business, Testbuilder 3 9780230733923 Testbuilder for the TOEIC tests 9780230427891 9780230452763 76 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

79 Updated for 2015 Advanced Testbuilder 3rd Edition Amanda French Key features Four complete practice tests updated to reflect the revised Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination from 2015 Further Practice and Guidance sections build students confidence in approaching exam tasks EXAMS Useful language and tips for the Speaking test Guided analysis of sample answers for all task types in the Writing tasks Audio CDs with listening material for all four tests Answer key with useful explanations and scripts for audio in the Listening papers Advanced Testbuilder is designed to improve exam performance and increase language competence as students prepare for the updated Cambridge English: Audio British Advanced (CAE) exam from 2015. Exam-style exercises build students knowledge CDs English and confidence. Advanced Testbuilder is ideal for self-study or classroom use. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 IELTS Testbuilder Sam McCarter Judith Ash The IELTS Testbuilder series is designed to Series key features improve exam performance and increase language Four complete practice tests competence for success in Useful language for the Speaking tests the International English Reading and Writing tests for the Language Testing System academic module (IELTS) from Band 4.57.0. Audio CDs contain listening material for all four tests Key with useful explanations self-study or in-class use IELTS Testbuilder 1 IELTS Testbuilder 2 New Edition Suitable for Band 4.5 and above Audio CDs British English Test-specific exercises to develop exam Suitable for Band 5.57.0 students A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 techniques Completely new and revised content B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Informative introduction to the International English Language Testing System + Key + Audio Pack Key + Audio Pack Full range of typical IELTS-type tasks Advanced Testbuilder, 3rd Edition 9780230476202 9780230476196 IELTS Testbuilder 1, 2nd Edition 9780230476141 IELTS Testbuilder 2 9780230028852 77

80 Updated for 2015 Ready for First 3rd Edition Roy Norris Key features Thorough exam preparation for the revised Cambridge English: First (FCE) examination from 2015 Two computer-based practice tests EXAMS Complete video of all four parts of the Speaking test Model answers prepare and support Writing tasks Coursebook audio available in downloadable MP3 format Comprehensive teacher training videos by the authors Course Audio CDs included in Teachers Book A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanenglish.com/exams Ready for First is the new, third edition of this popular preparation course aimed at students training for the updated Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam from 2015. All four skills are systematically developed and practised in each unit, while in-depth exam practice is given in the form of What to expect in the exam and How to go about it help boxes. This step-by-step approach ensures your students will be fully prepared and confident when sitting the new 2015 exam. There is a complete grammar syllabus and reference section, and each Coursebook is packaged with a code to access Macmillan Practice Online (MPO). Ready for First Coursebook Presentation Kit Ready for First Coursebook Coursebook (+ Key) + MPO (- Key) + MPO 3rd Edition (+ Audio) Pack (+ Audio) Pack 9780230440029 9780230440012 The Ready for First Presentation Workbook Workbook Kit is the digital version of the (+ Key) (- Key) + Audio CD Pack + Audio CD Pack Ready for First Coursebook for 9780230440074 9780230440067 use in the classroom. Teachers Teachers Book Pack Presentation Kit The Presentation Kit is ideal 9780230440111 9780230474819 for visually engaging classroom interaction and includes embedded audio and a complete pop-up answer key. Audio Teacher Presentation British Macmillan Ready for First Presenation Kit Class CDs Training Kit English Practice Videos Online 78 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

81 Revised for 2015 Ready for Advanced 3rd Edition Roy Norris Amanda French Key features Thorough exam preparation for the revised Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination from 2015 Two computer-based practice tests EXAMS Complete video of all four parts of the Speaking test Exam-style tasks in each end-of-unit Review section Coursebook audio available in downloadable MP3 format Comprehensive teacher training videos given by the author Course Audio CDs included in Teachers Book A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanenglish.com/exams Ready for Advanced is a comprehensive course which offers thorough preparation for all four papers of the updated Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) examination from 2015. This new edition of Ready for Advanced supports students with a range of new activities designed to systematically develop skills for success. The updates include additional exam-type listening practice as well as brand-new digital materials that enhance the print content. Each Coursebook is packaged with a code to access Macmillan Practice Online (MPO). Ready for Advanced Coursebook Ready for Presentation Kit Coursebook Coursebook (+ Key) + MPO (- Key) + MPO Advanced (+ Audio) Pack (+ Audio) Pack 3rd Edition 9780230463677 9780230463691 The Ready for Advanced Workbook Workbook (+ Key) (- Key) Presentation Kit offers a + Audio CD Pack + Audio CD Pack 9780230463608 9780230463592 page-faithful version of the Coursebook. Teachers Teachers Book Pack Presentation Kit This Presentation Kit contains 9780230463714 9780230474826 embedded audio, pop-up answers and interactive tools. Perfect as an engaging class presentation tool for the modern classroom. Audio Teacher Presentation British Macmillan Class CDs Training Kit English Practice Ready for Advanced Presenation Kit Videos Online For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 79

82 Ready for IELTS Ready for PET Sam McCarter Nick Kenny Anne Kelly IELTS band score 56.5/7 Course for students preparing for the Ready for... sections Cambridge English: focus on each IELTS exam Preliminary English Test paper Tip boxes give advice Analysis of important IELTS on how to tackle each exam language areas question type in the exam Review section at the end Help sections with advice of each unit with exam- on the Preliminary exam style tasks skills needed EXAMS Coursebook CD-ROM Examples of written containing two practice answers complete with tests helpful examiners Workbook with further comments writing and reading practice Audio British Audio British Model Speaking test Class CDs English Class CDs English Teachers Book with five Two practice tests at the photocopiable revision back of the book A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 tests and a full final test in A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 IELTS format, including a Six practice tests on the Listening test CD-ROM Ready for IELTS Coursebook (+ Key) Coursebook ( Key) Workbook (+ Key) Ready Coursebook (+ Key) Coursebook ( Key) Teachers Book Class Audio CDs + CD-ROM Pack + CD-ROM Pack + Audio CD Pack for PET + CD-ROM Pack + CD-ROM Pack 9780230732186 9780230732179 9780230401037 9780230020719 9780230020733 9780230020740 9780230020757 Workbook Teachers Book Class Audio CDs ( Key) + Audio CD Pack 9780230401020 9780230732223 9780230732216 Macmillan Practice Online Macmillan Practice Online offers online courses to cover key exams, providing your students with the flexibility to study for their exams anywhere, anytime. Exams covered include: PET, Cambridge English: Proficiency, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL and TOEFL iBT Each course includes 100200 resources reflecting the exam structure and skills covered Automatically marked exercises provide students with immediate access to their latest and highest results Free teacher access enables you to easily see all of your students progress in one place and send direct feedback www.macmillanpracticeonline.com Macmillan Exam Practice Online Exam Practice Online Exam Practice Online Upper Intermediate Academic English with IELTS Practice Online 9780230750920 Cambridge English: Proficiency Practice Online 9780230762794 Advanced Academic English with IELTS Practice Online 9780230740624 TOEFL Preparation Online 9780230740730 Upper Intermediate Academic English with TOEFL Practice Online 9780230750937 TOEIC Practice Online 9780230740655 Advanced Academic English with TOEFL Practice Online 9780230725614 TOEFL iBT Practice Online 9780230762800 PET Practice Online 9780230740631 80 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

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83 Improve Your Skills Series Malcolm Mann Steve Taylore-Knowles Sam McCarter Norman Whitby Barry Cusack Stephanie Dimond-Bayir Jane Short Jo Preshous Series key features Skills series covering Cambridge English: First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE) examinations and two IELTS titles, bands 4.57.5 Perfect for self-study or as an in-class course supplement EXAMS Skills and language development for exam success Tips on exam preparation and strategy Audio CD included in Listening & Speaking books Authentic exam questions at the end of every unit Additional online practice edition available With or without key editions available A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Improve your Skills for First Improve your Skills for IELTS 4.5-60 Students Book Four-book series for students preparing to take the Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam 12 topic-based units guide students through the activities step by step Improve your Skills for Advanced Four-book series for students preparing to take the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam 12 topic-based units ensures the user methodically progresses through each activity Improve your Skills for IELTS 4.56.0 and Improve your Skills for IELTS 6.07.5 Three-book series for students preparing to take the IELTS exam Audio British Macmillan Ten topic-based units lead through the tasks CD* English Practice Online Improve Your Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Improve Your Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Skills for First + MPO Pack + MPO Pack - MPO Pack - MPO Pack Skills for IELTS + MPO Pack + MPO Pack - MPO Pack - MPO Pack 4.5-6.0 Listening & Speaking 9780230462809 9780230462816 9780230464650 9780230464667 Listening & Speaking 9780230462878 9780230462861 9780230464681 9780230464674 Reading 9780230460935 9780230460928 9780230460959 9780230460980 Reading 9780230462175 9780230462199 9780230462144 9780230462205 Use of English 9780230460942 9780230461871 9780230460973 9780230461925 Writing 9780230462182 9780230464698 9780230462168 9780230464704 Writing 9780230460911 9780230461888 9780230460966 9780230461918 Improve Your Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Improve Your Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Students Book (+ Key) Students Book (- Key) Skills for + MPO Pack + MPO Pack - MPO Pack - MPO Pack Skills for IELTS + MPO Pack + MPO Pack - MPO Pack - MPO Pack Advanced 6-7.5 Listening & Speaking 9780230462847 9780230462823 9780230462830 9780230462854 Listening & Speaking 9780230463424 9780230467637 9780230463417 9780230463431 Reading 9780230462007 9780230461987 9780230462045 9780230462069 Reading 9780230463394 9780230463370 9780230463356 9780230463448 Use of English 9780230461970 9780230461994 9780230462052 9780230462076 Writing 9780230463400 9780230463387 9780230463363 9780230463462 Writing 9780230462021 9780230462014 9780230462038 9780230462083 *Audio CD only comes with Listening & Speaking books 81

84 IELTS Introduction + Study Skills Sam McCarter Verity Cole IELTS band score 34 Study Skills key features Students Book key features Audio CD for further listening practice Essential IELTS task tips A full IELTS practice exam Exam information and strategy boxes Collocation exercises An increased focus on speaking skills EXAMS Model answers for each writing task Audio CD British English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 IELTS Foundation 2nd Edition + Study Skills Andrew Preshous Rachael Roberts Joanna Preshous Joanne Gakonga Jane Short Amanda French IELTS band score 45.5 Study Skills key features Students Book key features Reading material encountered in an Essential IELTS task tips English-speaking country Exam information and strategy boxes Essay writing (responding to a point Exam-linked study skills sections of view or problem) An increased focus on speaking skills Letter writing (requesting information Development for writing skills and explaining situations) (General Modules only) Audio CDs British English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Students Book Study Skills Pack Teachers Book Class Audio CDs IELTS Introduction 9780230422780 9780230425743 9780230425750 9780230425767 IELTS Foundation (Academic Modules) Second Edition 9780230422100 9780230425798 9780230425804 9780230425811 IELTS Foundation (General Modules) 9781405082013 IELTS Graduation 9781405080750 9781405080781 9781405080798 9781405080804 82 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

85 IELTS Graduation + Study Skills Mark Allen Debra Powell Dickie Dolby Charlie Martineau Jane Short IELTS band score 5.57/7.5 Study Skills key features Students Book key features Extra Audio CD for further listening practice Regular pronunciation development sections A full IELTS practice exam Exam information and strategy boxes Study skills sections contain advice on studying independently Model answers for each Writing task EXAMS Audio CD British English Regular Dictionary Focus boxes A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Additional photocopiable class tasks, extra study tasks and sample writing answers in the Teachers Book IELTS Language Practice IELTS Skills App Michael Vince Amanda French Key features 30 grammar units focusing on key language areas Written by Sam needed for the exam McCarter, author of Ready for IELTS 20 vocabulary units covering and Tips for IELTS the common topics 10 lexico-grammatical Words A wide range of and Phrases units tackle innovative and problem areas for students interactive exam practice exercises Practise answering the full range of IELTS Language Students Book question types that with Key Practice come up in the Audio CD British IELTS exam 9780230410565 English Each skill is explained with Tips for IELTS examples and an interactive exercise Score yourself in Sam McCarter the interactive Can Do statement All IELTS bands section Hints on how to tackle A detailed overview questions for each of the of the IELTS exam four skills sections Full package containing practice in all four skills, Strategies on how to or purchase Speaking, Reading, Writing or increase speed and accuracy Listening separately Useful language to be aware of and to employ Focus on common mistakes Mobile App British Download the Apple OS App from the App Store English or the Android App from Google Play. Audio CD British Tips for IELTS 9781405096164 www.macmillaneducationapps.com English 83

86 Direct to Series Sam McCarter Lin Lougheed Series key features Guides you to success in IELTS and TOEFL iBT Short courses that combine print and online materials Series website contains four computer-based practice tests and downloadable workbook-style material EXAMS Direct to IELTS Sam McCarter Band score 67 Key features Eight topicbased units A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Writing Bank provides practice of all exam writing task types with model www.directtoielts.com answers Four computer-based practice tests Downloadable worksheets, audio files and Online Audio British Practice Component English scripts available with every Webcode Website Direct to TOEFL iBT Lin Lougheed A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Key features Step-by-step skills practice www.directtotoeflibt.com Emphasis on reading and listening Three computer-based practice tests Downloadable worksheets and audio Online Audio American Practice Component English files and scripts available thropugh the Website Webcode Pack Direct to IELTS Students Book Students Book ( Key) (+ Key) + Webcode Pack + Webcode Pack 9780230439924 9780230439931 Teachers Book Class Audio CD + Webcode Pack 9780230439979 9780230439986 Digital Extra IELTS Skills App p83 Direct to TOEFL iBT Students Book + Webcode Pack Written by Sam McCarter, author of Ready for IELTS and Tips for IELTS 9780230409910 84 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

87 Laser Malcolm Mann Steve Taylore-Knowles Key features Laser is a five-level course. The topic-based units cover the lexical and grammatical Mapped to CEFR syllabus of the Elementary to Upper Regular opportunities for personalisation Intermediate levels of the Council of Europes Common European Framework. The Writing section, including Language Lab Students Book comes with a Macmillan and Project Planner sections, supports Practice Online and CD-ROM with unit writing tasks specific exercises. The Workbook is Additional databases at the back of the complete with an Audio CD. The Teachers book include Writing Database; Word Book includes a DVD-ROM with tests, a EXAMS Pattern Database; Speaking Database test generator and teacher support videos, and Grammar Database along with a separate disc providing access to the Digibook. The Digibook is a page- faithful, digital version of the Students A1 A1+ A2 B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Book with embedded audio designed for use in the classroom. Laser Students Book + CD-ROM Teachers Book Pack Workbook ( Key) + CD Workbook (+ Key) + CD Class Audio CD + MPO Pack Pack Pack A1+ 9780230470651 9780230424661 9780230424623 9780230424616 9780230424678 A2 9780230470668 9780230424814 9780230424753 9780230424746 9780230424821 B1 9780230470675 9780230433601 9780230433540 9780230433533 9780230433618 B1+ 9780230470682 9780230433755 9780230433694 9780230433687 9780230433762 Students Teachers Class Digibook British Macmillan CD-ROM DVD-ROM Audio English Practice B2 9780230470699 9780230433908 9780230433847 9780230433830 9780230433915 Online Macmillan Exams Portal Introducing the Macmillan Exams Portal the one-stop shop for exams success. Packed with tips and information to complement your students exam preparation. www.macmillanenglish.com/exams 85

88 SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY Skillful Skillful is a five-level academic course from Foundation to Advanced. Each level includes both Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing coursebooks that complement each other through parallel topics and features, providing the tools for academic success. Language Practice Series This is a comprehensive series that ensures that students confidence with language develops through the levels. Each title is a combination of two books with grammar clearly presented in the first half, and vocabulary input offered in the second half. 86

89 Macmillan English Grammar in Context is a great book for both students and teachers. The excellent practice sections present real- world information in a clear manner that helps students to use the knowledge they acquire in real situations, as well as expand their general knowledge. Unie Kim, Vice president, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea 87

90 BEST SELLER Skillful Lida Baker Jennifer Bixby David Bohlke Mike Boyle Robyn Brinks Lockwood Lindsay Clandfield Steven Gershon Ellen Kisslinger Mark McKinnon Louis Rogers Jaimie Scanlon Lindsay Warwick Jennifer Wilkin Series consultant: Dorothy E. Zemach SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY Key features Each Students Book level is divided into Reading & Writing skills and Listening & Speaking skills Foundation level uses 100% American English, until at Level 4, there is an equal American/British English mix Issues raised in the texts encourage students to engage critically Skills such as evaluating and synthesising information are developed Page-faithful Digital Students Book and practice area features interactive activities and video material Teachers can access additional material online A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Need more study skills? The study skills in Skillful are presented through www.macmillanskillful.com case studies and material from Stella Cottrell, author of The Study Skills Handbook Series p90-91 Skillful focuses on each of the four skills to present, practise and immerse the learner in higher-level academic language. The course offers students the opportunity to develop language skills with contemporary ideas, while building critical-thinking skills that are vital for academic success. The skills boxes that appear throughout the books signal the topic focus to you, while offering your students with relevant tips, words and phrases. The study skills focus adds to learner development providing your students with practical guidance and support, and also building confidence for independent learning throughout a university course. Students Book Teachers Book + Digital Students Book + Digital Students Book Skillful Reading and Writing Listening and Speaking Reading and Writing Listening and Speaking Foundation 9780230443440 9780230443433 9780230443860 9780230443853 Level 1 9780230431928 9780230431911 9780230429819 9780230429802 Level 2 9780230431942 9780230431935 9780230429925 9780230429918 Level 3 9780230431966 9780230431959 9780230430037 9780230430020 Level 4 9780230431980 9780230431973 9780230430143 9780230430136 Skillful Reading & Writing Foundation Audio CD Digital British/ Students American Book English Mix 88

91 Solving the academic puzzle SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY Perfect companions Macmillan Writing Series p93 Skillful Digital Students Book Skillful Digital Skillful provides the tools for academic success and creates an interactive learning environment. With student and teacher access, the Skillful Digital Students Book offers a smart and versatile learning environment, available wherever they may be. Digital Students Book Portable Skillful library available in one place An interactive version of the Students Book Audio files and videos A quick link to the Macmillan Dictionary Write & search notes and highlighting text tools Students monitor progress through the course Automatic marking An option to work online and offline Flexible content with iOS and Android support Skillful Practice Engaging interactive activities Skillful helps teachers prepare their Alternative unit assignments students for academic work in English by teaching not only language vocabulary and Teacher Resources grammar but the necessary skills to engage with topics, texts and discourse with classmates. Printable worksheets and test materials Dorothy E. Zemach, Series Consultant Teacher access to the Digital Students Book Methodology overview highlighting features, benefits and flexibility of the Skillful series For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanskillful.com 89

92 Updated for 2015 Language Practice Series Michael Vince Amanda French Peter Sunderland SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY Key features New editions of Language Practice for First and Advanced reflect the Cambridge English 2015 exam updates Regular consolidation units Focus on word-building, collocations and phrasal verbs Relevant exam-style exercises for the appropriate level A CD-ROM included with Elementary and Intermediate Language Practice First and Advanced come with more practice via Macmillan Practice Online A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 An in-depth approach to English grammar and vocabulary. Each title in this series offers a combination of two books, with grammar presented clearly in the first half, and vocabulary input and practice offered in the second half. It is a comprehensive series that ensures students confidence with language develops through the levels. The new editions of Language Practice for First and Language Practice for Advanced have been revised and updated for the 2015 Cambridge English exam changes and are now packaged with access to Macmillan Practice Online, offering your students even more practice and the ability for you to monitor their progress. Language Practice for First Students Book Language Practice Series Students Book (+ key) Students Book ( key) Students Book (+ key) Students Book and MPO Students Book and MPO + CD-ROM Pack + CD-ROM Pack (+ key) Pack ( key) Pack IELTS Language Practice 9780230410565 Elementary Language Practice 9780230726970 9780230726963 Intermediate Language Practice 9780230727021 9780230727014 Language Practice for First 9780230463752 9780230463769 Students British Macmillan Language Practice for Advanced 9780230463813 9780230463806 CD-ROM English Practice Online 90 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

93 Macmillan English Grammar in Context Simon Clarke Michael Vince A three-level grammar practice series Ideal both in the classroom and for self-study Up-to-date, real English, informed by the SKILLS, corpora used for the Macmillan School Available with or without answer key SKILLS,GRAMMAR Dictionary Focus on lexical grammar with work on collocations, prepositions and Students British common verbs CD-ROM English GRAMMAR& &VOCABULARY Unit-by-unit interactive practice exercises A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 A fully searchable glossary and contextual vocabulary Speaking of Speech VOCABULARY David Harrington Charles LeBeau A clear six-step approach builds learners Teachers Guide Pack contains both skills systematically Teachers Guide and Audio CD Includes a Student DVD featuring eight model speeches Offers advice on creating slides and giving American presentations using computer presentation English software A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 A variety of activity-based tasks keep students involved Check Your Vocabulary Series Tessie Dalton Rawdon Wyatt David Porter Aimed at students preparing for English Easy-to-use format with clear instructions exams: Cambridge ESOL, Academic and answer keys English, TOEIC and TOEFL Ideal supplement for the classroom or Each book in the series builds up, improves self-study and revises vocabulary relevant to the chosen exam through a range of various types of activities. Vocabulary is built up through exercises, British English word games, puzzles and quizzes Features general and topic-specific A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 vocabulary, grammar, use of English, pronunciation and spelling Macmillan English Students Book Students Book Check Your Students Book (+ Key) ( Key) Grammar In Context + CD-ROM Pack + CD-ROM Pack Vocabulary Series Essential 9781405070515 9781405071468 Check Your Vocabulary for PET 9780230033597 Intermediate 9781405071437 9781405071444 Check Your Vocabulary for FCE 9780230033634 Advanced 9781405070546 9781405071482 Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS 9780230033603 Check Your Vocabulary for TOEIC 9780230033627 Check Your Vocabulary for TOEFL 9780230033610 Check Your Vocabulary for Academic English 9780230033641 Speaking of Speech Student Book + Student DVD Teachers Guide + Audio CD Pack Pack 9780230726017 9780230726024 89 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 91

94 Communicate Kate Pickering SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY Key features Two-book video-based communication course Focus on three speaking tasks: describing a photo, oral presentations and projects Practice for everyday communication through activities and DVD quizzes Wordlist with summary of all vocabulary Regular progress checks A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Communicate is specifically designed to improve the listening and speaking skills of B1-level English students. All of the videos have been developed to give students practice in the challenges they face in everyday communication in an English-speaking country. The relevant themes link to situations students will experience in their personal, social, educational and working lives. Each unit comprises vocabulary, speaking, listening and functional language tasks, followed by a final task and a vocabulary review. Every fifth unit offers students the opportunity to consolidate what theyve learnt through a selection of Prepare to activities. These include describing a photo, participating in a debate and compiling and Communicate 1 DVD completing a class project. Communicate Students Coursebook Students Coursebook Teachers Multi-ROM Teachers CD-ROM + DVD Pack + DVD Pack Book 1 9780230440173 9780230440180 9780230440197 9780230440319 Book 2 9780230440357 9780230440340 9780230440333 9780230440326 Students Teachers DVD British CD-ROM Multi-ROM Video English 92 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

95 Macmillan Writing Series Dorothy E. Zemach Daniel Broudy Carlos Islam Robyn Brinks Lockwood Lisa A. Ghulldu Chris Valvona SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY Key features Develops writing from the basic sentence through to writing academic research papers Lower levels focus on accuracy, organising paragraphs and including appropriate language Upper levels focus on academic genres, developing ideas and incorporating ideas A strong emphasis on reading and vocabulary Extra support provided in a comprehensive Teachers Guide A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 This series of four Students Books gives step-by-step guidance and practice in writing in an academic context. Working through from sentences to essays and academic research papers, this series covers all writing needs. The Macmillan Writing Series Teachers Guide brings together the Teachers Guides for Writing Sentences, Writing Paragraphs, Writing Essays and Writing Research Papers into one book. Perfect companions Skillful p88 Writing Essays Students Book Macmillan Writing Series Students Book Teachers Guide (for all titles) Writing Sentences 9780230415911 Writing Paragraphs 9780230415935 9780230415447 Writing Essays 9780230415928 Writing Research Papers 9780230421943 British English versions Students Book British Academic Writing 9780333988534 English Writing in Paragraphs 9781405095860 British English versions available American English For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 93

96 Essential Reading Chris Gough Jackie McAvoy Scott Miles Amanda French 12 topic-based units per level feature a variety of motivating reading texts Focus on intensive and extensive reading, SKILLS, GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY with a complete short story per level Varied pages for each unit enable For details of Effective Reading, please visit www.macmillanenglish.com evaluation of learners progress Downloadable Teachers Notes plus dictionary work and extensive reading practice American Also available in British English as English Effective Reading A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Reading Keys Miles Craven American English reading course Spotlight on grammar sections 16 topic-based units organised into Website with printable activities, audio eight themes recordings and web links related to themes in the series Texts can be selected by topic, genre, reading skill or vocabulary skill Extra activity sheets, key skills worksheets and a wordlist at the back of Audio American the Student Book Component English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Learning to Listen Lin Lougheed Flexible three-level course offers Helpful Test Yourself sections provide students a rich variety of spoken English useful practice for exams such as TOEIC Interesting, active macro- and micro- Learning to Listen 1 TOEIC 300-400 listening activities train learners to listen closely and understand correctly Learning to Listen 2 TOEIC 400-500 Learning to Listen 3 TOEIC 500-600 Varied delivery methods reflect everyday language, including conversations, anecdotes, recorded messages, ads and announcements American Personalized Your Turn sections, encourage English learners to bring their own experiences into A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 the listening tasks Essential Reading Students Book Teachers Book (all levels) Effective Reading Students Book Elementary / 1 9780230029149 Level 1 9780230020108 Pre-intermediate / 2 9780230029156 Level 2 9780230020139 9780230020245 Intermediate / 3 9780230029163 Level 3 9780230020160 Upper Intermediate / 4 9780230029170 Level 4 9780230020191 Learning to Listen Students Book Teachers Guide Audio CD Reading Keys Student Book Teachers File + Test Generator Level 1 9780333988855 9780333988862 9781405010399 CD-ROM Pack Level 2 9780333988886 9780333988893 9781405010405 Level 1 9780230724778 Level 3 9780333988916 9780333988923 9781405010412 Level 2 9780230724815 9780230724808 Level 3 9780230724853 94 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com


98 Study Skills for Speakers of English The Study Skills Handbook, 4th Edition as a Second Language Stella Cottrell Marilyn Lewis Hayo Reinders This is the latest fully revised ideal guide for any An edition of the UKs biggest-selling international student studying at textbook an English-speaking university A unique approach to developing B ased on interviews with study skills based on individual international students and their requirements and learning teachers patterns S traightforward advice on PALGRAVE STUDY SKILLS H elps students unlock their academic and social topics potential and equip them with the and the culture of Western skills they need to succeed universities C ontains new chapters on time Contains a helpful mini-dictionary management and student of university words success, updated material on research projects and coverage of e-learning Study Skills Connected Study Skills for International Using Technology to Support Your Studies Postgraduates Stella Cottrell Neil Morris Martin Davies Helps students make effective D estined to become a lifesaver use of technology to enhance for international students their studies everywhere overs a broad range of topics C Provides clear, comprehensive from being part of an online guidance for students embarking learning community to podcasts, on postgraduate study at a blogs, wikis and social media western university L ively and engaging, and divided H elps to maximise students into manageable chunks, with chances of academic success illustrations, reflections, practical opics include challenges such as T activities and case studies critical thinking, research, writing and speaking skills The International Student Handbook The Student Phrase Book Hayo Reinders Nick Moore Marilyn Lewis Vocabulary for Academic Writing Jeanne Godfrey Provides non-native English speakers with the skills needed An invaluable self-reference to study overseas at an English- guide for students of all levels speaking university and disciplines who need to increase their vocabulary H elps to prepare students for living abroad, understanding Explains what academic university culture, and improving vocabulary is and how to use it their English actively and accurately H ands-on, practical activities to D oes what a dictionary cant do make studying a success and shows readers how to use the right words I ncludes examples and key information on common errors The Study Skills Handbook, 4th Edition 9781137289254 Study Skills for Speakers of English as a 9781403900265 Study Skills Connected 9781137019455 Second Language The International Student Handbook 9780230545199 Study Skills for International Postgraduates 9781403995803 The Student Phrase Book 9780230289338 96 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

99 Cite Them Right, 9th Edition Success in Academic Writing The Essential Referencing Guide Trevor Day Richard Pears Graham Shields Helps students to develop Explains how to reference just confidence, technique and clarity about any source whether in print of purpose as a writer or electronic form Takes the reader through the Sources covered include books, complete writing process, from journals, websites, media, understanding the task, through art, conference papers, legal research and planning to drafting documents, performing arts, PALGRAVE STUDY SKILLS and finalising copy logos, text messages, podcasts, Includes several self-study Twitter, Facebook, packaging, exercises throughout graffiti and unpublished work rovides guidance on avoiding P plagiarism New edition with updated and new examples in, APA, Harvard, APA, MHRA, OSCOLA and Vancouver referencing styles How to Write Better Essays, 3rd Edition Bryan Greetham Critical Thinking Skills, 2nd Edition Developing Effective Analysis and Argument PALGRAVE Works through each stage of essay writing from interpreting Stella Cottrell STUDY SKILLS THIRD EDITION the question, to research, he latest edition of this leading T HOW TO WRITE planning, writing and revision BETTER I ncludes practical techniques to guide helps students to develop develop the ability to analyse reflective thinking skills, concepts, criticise and evaluate improve their critical analysis and construct arguments more ESSAYS reading, improve style and avoid plagiarism effectively The third edition includes E asy-to-follow, step-by-step explanations along with plenty of BRYAN GREETHAM new chapters on Criticising examples and activities Arguments and Reflective Writing and revised exercises and N ew chapter on Critical assignments Reflection and new material on essays and referencing How to Use your Reading in your Essays, 2nd Edition Improve Your Grammar Jeanne Godfrey Mark Harrison Vanessa Jakeman Ken Paterson PALGRAVE A practical book which guides students through the process Comprehensive coverage of STUDY SKILLS SECOND EDITION of effectively using reading in the grammar areas where even HOW TO USE their essays native English speakers are eatures real texts and examples F known to make mistakes YOUR READING IN YOUR of student writing Flick-through style format C overs selecting what to read, allows students to dip in and out ESSAYS how to quote, paraphrase and of chosen units summarise sources, through to E asy-to-use practice exercises spotting and correcting mistakes check understanding and build JEANNE GODFREY in the final essay confidence Includes key vocabulary for using Brings a new can do approach sources, and practice in checking to producing clear, grammatically and correcting common errors sound sentences using proper punctuation Success in Academic Writing 9780230369702 Cite Them Right, 9th Edition 9781137273116 How to Write Better Essays, 3rd Edition 9781137293282 Critical Thinking Skills, 2nd Edition 9780230285293 How to Use your Reading in your Essays, Improve Your Grammar 9780230360532 9781137294685 2nd Edition For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com 97

100 BUSINESS In Company 3.0 Say hello to the latest edition of our popular In Company family. Now packaged with an Online Workbook with integrated gradebook, online and downloadable business scenarios videos as well as all the audio, fast-track and one- to-one notes for teachers, and a new Starter level for 2015, the English course for established business professionals has come of age. The Business 2.0 The Business 2.0 offers a range of new material providing your business English students with the language, skills and confidence they need when entering the world of work. With a wealth of resources for students and teachers including an eWorkbook, you can easily choose the package thats right for you. 98

101 Our students like the relevant, appealing topics and realistic activities and tasks In Company 3.0 offers, which prepare them for real business situations, and offer the diversity they look for inside and outside the classroom. It caters well for the digital natives of today through its one-stop access to videos, audio and interactive activities, and the language and skills practice in the Online Workbook. Beverley Todeschini, Professor of English: HES-SO Valais-Wallis, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, Valais, Switzerland 99

102 NEW Starter Level In Company 3.0 Mark Powell Simon Clarke John Allison Ed Pegg Edward de Chazal In Company 3.0 is the latest evolution of the popular In Company family. This edition provides updated and expanded BUSINESS ENGLISH content and builds on the successful features of previous editions, making it the English course of choice for established business professionals. Now with five levels, from new Starter to Upper Intermediate, the course features a compact online learning solution for both teachers and students. The key focus areas of the course remain business trends, soft skills and the practical application of functional language, and the course provides students with strong skills-based input with tangible results-based outcomes. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.macmillanincompany3.com For you: For your students: The core course content has been updated to ensure that all units focus on themes that bring A new Online Workbook lets your students really the business world to life for students ensuring get to grips with their Business English practice. your classes are more motivating and They can practise on-the-move and in their own dynamic. time, getting instant feedback and checking their progress through the automatic gradebook. Extra materials and extensive teachers New business scenario and related videos notes give you the simulate challenging business situations and flexibility to adapt dilemmas in a humorous way and allow students the course for fast- to consolidate and recycle the units language. track and one-to-one The texts, audio and video come from a range teaching. of global sources, and give students exposure Your teacher access to to various types of English. New People skills the Online Workbook units highlight interpersonal communication allows you to create strategies and allow students to use their virtual classes and measure language dynamically. and track your students Class audio, business scenario and interview progress, which frees up your videos, wordlists and worksheets are all teaching and marking time for available to students online through the more communicative lessons. Students Resource Centre, and downloadable Get access to all your teaching options allow them to practise English material in one place, at any time independently, anywhere and anytime. via your new Teachers Resource Beginner students can learn essential Centre, which contains class audio, language for survival and success at work videos, extra lessons, full testing with the new Starter A1+ level. materials and much more. In Company 3.0 Students Book Premium Pack Teachers Book Pack Class Audio CD Starter 9780230458826 9780230454910 9780230454927 Elementary 9780230455009 9780230455047 9780230455054 Pre-intermediate 9780230455115 9780230455153 9780230455160 Students Teachers Class Video British Intermediate 9780230455238 9780230455276 9780230455283 Resource Resource Audio Component English Upper Intermediate 9780230455351 9780230455399 9780230455405 Centre Centre 100

103 For established business professionals Online Workbook BUSINESS ENGLISH In Company 3.0 Resource Centre Intermediate with Students can practise their In Company in Action video language online whilst on the move, keeping track of their results in the automatic gradebook. The extensive additional content online provides numerous motivating exercises to practise language and skills. The Online Workbook saves you time with automatic marking. You can also see your students progress using the automatic gradebook, and provide them with feedback and extra support where necessary. Resource Centres Your teaching material and resources for In Company 3.0 are all available in one easy-to- access location. The class audio, videos, additional worksheets and tests, along with mapping documents for fast-track or one-to-one teaching can all be found in your Teachers Resource Centre, accessible online via a unique code in your Teachers Book and with options to download perfect for teachers who are on the move. Your students have access to a Students Resource Centre where they can access the class audio, the videos and worksheets, wordlists, audio and video scripts and much more. Everything is available to view online or download. Its great for students to have online access to all the video and audio content from the Students Book, which allows classroom time to be given to speaking. David Grant, Owner, International Language Services, Nantes In Company Second Edition is also still available to purchase: In Company Second Edition Students Book + CD-ROM Pack Teachers Book Class Audio CDs In Company Practice Online Elementary 9780230717091 9780230717107 9780230717114 9780230761926 In Company 3.0 Students Book Upper Intermediate Pre-intermediate 9780230717190 9780230717206 9780230717213 9780230750838 Intermediate 9780230717145 9780230717152 9780230717169 9780230750845 Upper Intermediate 9780230717244 9780230717251 9780230717268 9780230761933 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/business 101

104 The Business 2.0 John Allison Jeremy Townend Paul Emmerson Rachel Appleby Edward de Chazal The Business 2.0 builds on the successful first edition, and includes a range of new material which provides your students BUSINESS ENGLISH with the language, skills and confidence they need to succeed in the competitive business world. In addition, the flexible, modular structure allows you to combine topic-based material from the coursebook and the digital resources to equip your students with everything they need to succeed. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.businessenglishonline.net/business-2 For you: Transparent links to core business areas help you plan your classes effectively, including personal development, service, supply chain, For your students: management, sales and marketing, finance and Topic-based, flexible business English, which international trade. is particularly suited to college and university The modular structure allows you to make level. Students build strength in four key areas: the most of this compact course and includes language skills, new technologies, business skills interactive practice and fun videos to use and interpersonal skills. alongside your core course material. Self-study is encouraged, and students An introductory Business Fundamentals section wishing to consolidate their learning in a in each level helps your newest and lowest-level more interactive way can do so using the students with language and topics including eWorkbook, which is an integral part of the business organisation, financial control, CVs The Business 2.0. and covering letters. The speaking tasks and case studies in each unit provide thorough practice of interpersonal skills, focusing on students emotional intelligence. The Business 2.0 Upper Intermediate comes across as the kind of coursebook youd like to use if you were serious about studying and learning, about acquiring the language and skills to enable you to really perform these jobs in English. Brian Brennan, Language Training Manager, International House Barcelona Company Training, Spain The Business 2.0 Students Book Students Book + eWorkbook Teachers Book + Resource Disc Class Audio CD Pre-intermediate 9780230437807 9780230437814 9780230437845 9780230437852 Intermediate 9780230437883 9780230437890 9780230437920 9780230437937 Upper Intermediate 9780230437968 9780230437975 9780230438002 9780230438019 Advanced 9780230438040 9780230438057 9780230438088 9780230438095 Teachers Class Online British DVD-ROM Audio Workbook English 102

105 Building the next business generation eWorkbook Give your students hands-on experience with the course using the eWorkbook. BUSINESS ENGLISH The eWorkbook is an integral part of The Business 2.0, which provides students with interactive grammar, vocabulary and skills practice accessible on any device. Students can also download extra language practice, audio and video to their tablet or mobile phone for on-the-go learning, making it ideal for self-study or homework. The series is supported by a wide range of motivating and entertaining videos offering examples of good and bad communication The Business 2.0 contains relevant topics and people skills, along with commentaries that are essential for achieving a breakthrough in by communications experts. international business. I have been a devoted fan of this course since 2009 and I strongly recommend it to everybody. Varavara Kamionka, Teacher, Lingvo Expert Private Languge School, St Petersburg, Russia The Business 2.0 Students Book Upper Intermediate For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/business 103

106 Get Ready for International Business Andrew Vaughan Dorothy E. Zemach Get Ready for International Business gets your students ready for entry into the world of work at a BUSINESS ENGLISH pre-service or early-work level. It includes practical and communicative business English, and provides students with functional English for the international workplace, with a strong focus on speaking and listening. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.businessenglishonline.net/grib For you: Core input of each unit is presented through listening texts, and is further developed through In Business case studies and Viewpoints lessons which explore the international world of Get Ready for Students Book with TOEIC Students Book with BEC Teachers Book + Digibook business. International Business CD-ROM Level 1 9780230433250 9780230447868 9780230447875 60 hours of material makes it perfect for short Level 2 9780230447912 9780230447905 9780230447929 courses, or a core course supplemented with Audio CDs Audio CDs additional material. TOEIC BEC Level 1 9780230447899 9780230447882 TOEIC and BEC-style tasks provided across Level 2 9780230447943 9780230447936 both levels of the course. The Digibook is a digital version of the Students Book with embedded audio and is ideal for creating a heads-up, communicative learning environment. Digibook The Digibook, with embedded audio and other great features, is supplied with every For your students: Teachers Book, allowing you to make your Choice of Students Book with either TOEIC- or classes more communicative. BEC-style exam preparation and practice. International English for exposure to global aspects of the professional workplace with Viewpoints pages in each unit that follow the same familiar characters per level. Full language support provided through the grammar reference section with related practice tests. A realistic practice environment through In Business case studies. Teachers Audio IWB British DVD-ROM Component English 104 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/business

107 Course link Global Business Class Global p68 Jonathan Coxall Robert Campbell Mike Hogan Amanda Jeffries Amanda Leigh Rob Metcalf Julie Moore Adrian Tennant This business component of the award-winning In addition to the existing content of the adult course Global uses the same format as the original eWorkbook, there are: innovative Global eWorkbook. The material 10 business videos and worksheets is suitable as a supplement to the Global Coursebook or as a stand-alone self-study F urther business vocabulary and Work BUSINESS ENGLISH course for business English across four levels. Globally activities, providing functional language for the work place Downloadable reading and writing Students Video British worksheets DVD-ROM English A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Business Builder Business English Handbook Paul Emmerson Paul Emmerson E ach photocopiable lesson Offers high-level learners the gives you a wide variety of right degree of challenge communicative business M ind maps for lively and activities across three modules memorable input F ull teachers notes with Authentic interviews with tips, ideas and cultural hints leading business people on the accompany each lesson Audio CD P ersonalisation activities Includes answer key, full integrate the target language listening scripts and web into learners lives references A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Essential Business Vocabulary Builder Essential Business Grammar Builder and Business Vocabulary Builder and Business Grammar Builder Paul Emmerson Paul Emmerson Covers 21st century skills Extracts from business and topics sources such as: Newsweek, The Financial Times, The Wall Ideal for self-study or Street Journal and CNN classroom use Self-administered tests for Audio CD featuring progress checking international business people Includes coverage of grammar Incudes listening exercises, and vocabulary difficulties and listening scripts and a full a guide to British and American answer key English differences A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 Topic-arranged vocabulary A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 BEC and BULATS exams B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 preparation Global Business Class Global Students Book Business Class eWorkbook Essential Business Vocabulary Builder (+ Audio CD) 9780230407619 + Business Class eWorkbook Pack (stand-alone) Business Vocabulary Builder (+ Audio CD) 9780230716841 Pre-intermediate 9780230443747 9780230443754 Essential Business Grammar Builder (+ Audio CD) 9781405070485 Intermediate 9780230443761 9780230443778 Business Grammar Builder 2nd edition (+ Audio CD) 9780230732544 Upper Intermediate 9780230443785 9780230443792 Business English Handbook (+ Audio CD) 9781405086059 Advanced 9780230444621 9780230444638 Business Builder Modules 13: Social English, Telephony, Job Interviews 9780333990940 Modules 46: Discussions & Meetings, Business Correspondence, Report Writing 9780333990957 Modules 79: Presentations, Company Product & Customer Relations, Negotiations 9780333990964 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/business 105

108 Email English 2nd Edition Paul Emmerson Covers the basics of emailing, including: opening and closing emails, giving information, making requests, arranging meetings and checking understanding Includes a new social media section which presents strategies, tips and key language BUSINESS ENGLISH and expressions for writing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Presentations in English Networking in English Erica J. Williams Barney Barrett Pete Sharma Can be studied progressively Range of voices and or dipped into for specific skills personality types provided by and language six regular characters Develops both language and Native and non-native English presentation techniques accents help familiarise students with the global he DVD follows the progress T corporate world of real students, offering insights into their learning, C ultural and networking tips models to follow and analysis provide extra support and opportunities background information A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 ull Teachers Notes available F A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 S uitable for classroom use or B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 on the website B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 for self-study Telephone English Meetings in English John Hughes Bryan Stephens Trains students in sounding S ystematic coverage of all friendly and polite, making stages from planning meetings small talk and the importance to follow-up action of voice register when S trong focus on the language speaking on the phone of meetings plus networking F ocuses on the conventions skills before and after of making phone calls in the meetings English-speaking world S pecific strategies for Audio CD allows students to teleconferencing and video- work independently as well as conferencing in the classroom A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 C ase study scenarios B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Phrase bank provides B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 I ntercultural meeting situations students with a quick and practical reference to telephone English Meetings in English (+ Audio CD) 9780230401921 Networking in English (+ Audio CD) 9780230732506 Presentations in English (+ DVD) 9780230028784 Email English 2nd Edition 9780230448551 Telephone English (+ Audio CD) 9781405082211 106 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/business

109 Basic Survival and Survival English Peter Viney Contain practical communication activities which you can directly transfer to the world of work Culture Files build on the topic and language from each lesson, providing valuable recycling opportunities BUSINESS ENGLISH Teachers Guides include photocopiable tests with answer keys Bilingual wordlists available from the Class British Audio CD English website A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Check Your Aviation English Aviation English *now an international requirement enforced by the International Civil Aviation Organization Henry Emery Andy Roberts Henry Emery Andy Roberts ICAO Level 3-4 ICAO Level 3-4 Covers topics and language Teaches English structures required by pilots communication skills to pilots and air traffic controllers and air traffic controllers preparing to gain ICAO level 4 to achieve and maintain language requirements Operational Level 4* 30 topic-based units contain Covers 12 non-routine speaking and listening practice scenarios to help students to help develop key vocabulary deal confidently with situations not covered by Listening exercises as well as A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 radio-telephony radio-telephony exchanges A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 (verified by the Oxford Aviation B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Academy) featuring routine Suitable for self-study and non-routine situations or classroom use Campaign English for Law Enforcement Charles Boyle Ileana Chersan Campaign English for the Military Covers the full range of essential law enforcement Simon Mellor-Clark Yvonne Baker de Altamirano situations including vehicle Randy Walden Nicola King Charles Boyle identification, stop and search, Multiple award-winning crowd control and issuing course that meets the English statements language needs of military Designed to meet the needs personnel on international of law enforcement personnel, operations, such as from customs officers to peacekeeping, humanitarian gendarmes and police assistance, and training exercises A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 Topics and texts taken from B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 a variety of law enforcement Each level contains around contexts 200 hours of teaching material and works to NATOs STANAG Verified by officers from all 2009 A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 6001 system of levels, over the world, including taking students from a false The David Riley Award For Innovation In Business English And ESP B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Germany, Spain and the UK beginner/elementary level to a level 3 on the STANAG scale Dictionary, vocabulary and grammar practice material is For further details of the courses on this page and their ISBNs, visit: www.macmillanenglish.com available For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/business 107

110 Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese Character Dictionary The Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese Its easy-to-use phonetic and CHINESE LANGUAGE LEARNING Character Dictionary is a radical reference system means valuable resource for students learners can find the characters in class or at home. It covers they need, fast. Information on 3000 of the most frequently used stroke order and number, as well characters in Chinese, and 32,000 as comprehensive tonal information key words and phrases that are and example sentences will help required for the HSK proficiency learners improve their writing and test levels 1-6. pronunciation. A practice CD- ROM is provided with animations, flashcard functions and audio. Practice Audio Animation CD-ROM Component Tiantian Zhongwen Graded Chinese Reader Series Tiantian Zhongwen is a carefully culture, lifestyles and the Chinese graded Chinese readers series for language. The readers can be language learners at Elementary to used stand-alone, or alongside Intermediate level. This anthology Discover China to give students of short stories contains a rich cultural insight, as well as provide selection of enjoyable readings character recognition skills through about China, covering a wide meaningful contexts. range of topics including modern China, ancient fables, history, Tiantian Zhongwen Graded Chinese Reader Series Turquoise: A Nice Lady in Shanghai and other stories 9780230406605 Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese Paperback + CD-ROM Pack Turquoise: Bicycle Kingdom and other stories 9780230406612 Character Dictionary Violet: Teahouses in China and other stories 9780230406636 9780230405943 Violet: Beijings Courtyards and other stories 9780230406629 Gold: Chinese Festivals and other Stories 9780230436848 Gold: Peking Opera and other stories 9780230436886 106 108 For more information and to download samples, visit www.mydiscoverchina.com

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111 Discover China Ding Anqi Zhang Jie Qi Shaoyan Tan Qiuyu Wang Dan CHINESE LANGUAGE LEARNING Key features A four-level course in Mandarin from Elementary to Upper Intermediate level, designed for young adult and adult learners Real-life topics and everyday language presented and practised through all four skills for immediate use outside the classroom Ample opportunities to use the language through personalisation, pair and groupwork activities A clearly structured syllabus with balanced language, skills, pronunciation and character formation practice A deductive approach to grammar that encourages students to work out rules for themselves Extensive cultural input for students to engage with and respond to A free downloadable Teachers Book with full lesson plans, plus a resource area with additional activities and worksheets available at www.mydiscoverchina.com A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 www.mydiscoverchina.com Discover China is based on an established methodology that follows a more communicative approach to language learning. Discover China enables learners to make rapid improvements and use Mandarin Chinese confidently in day-to-day situations. Students using Discover China achieve better results because they are encouraged to use the language through meaningful communicative activities in every lesson. The course follows a logical linguistic, topical and functional Perfect companions approach and covers everyday Chinese at the lower levels, Macmillan-FLTRP Chinese Character then more in-depth cultural topics and issues, as well as using Dictionary p108 Chinese for specific purposes at the higher levels. Tiantian Zhongwen Graded Chinese Reader Series p108 Each Students Book includes two Audio CDs for intensive aural practice in class, or for self-study. The accompanying Workbooks provide extensive exercises for character writing, as well as listening practice. Each lesson in Discover China possesses all the solid attributes of presentation, practice and production. I particularly like how students are encouraged to discover language and develop their critical thinking skills at Discover China Students Book Workbook every level. + Audio CD Pack + Audio CD Pack Level 1 9780230405950 9780230406384 Dr Li Xiuping, Lecturer in Chinese, University of Ulster Level 2 9780230406391 9780230406407 Level 3 9780230406414 9780230406421 Teachers Class Level 4 9780230406438 9780230406445 Resource Audio Centre For more information and to download samples, visit www.mydiscoverchina.com 107 109

112 READERS Macmillan Readers (A1B2) With over 180 titles in the series, Macmillan Readers include retold versions of popular classics as well as contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles. Most books are available with Audio CDs and as eBooks and include accompanying exercises and glossaries. There are two new titles for 2015: Othello and Agnes Grey. More information about our Readers is available in the Readers catalogue. View it online READERS at www.macmillanenglish.com/readers Macmillan Cultural Readers (A2B2) Macmillan Cultural Readers are factual Readers focusing on countries of the world, and include chapters on history, traditions, daily life, cities, nature and sport. These colour-rich, photographic titles encourage readers to interact with and explore the text through handy fact boxes. New titles for this year are Australia and Italy. Macmillan Literature Collections (C2) This advanced-level series contains original short stories written by famous classic and modern writers. All collections are designed to help ease students transition from Graded Readers to authentic reading and include substantial support material for each story. By reading authentic literature, students will enjoy the feeling that they are finally reading and studying literature just as it was written. Animal Stories is the latest addition to the series. Macmillan Readers for Young Learners There are three reading series for children aged 412, relating new adventures, dealing with real-world topics and retelling classic stories, all especially for primary school pupils. For more information about Macmillan Childrens Readers, Macmillan Factual Readers and the Macmillan English Explorers (which include a four-level phonics scheme), go to pages 40-43. Its always a pleasure getting lost in a book. And these days, almost a luxury too I spend so much time stuck to a computer that switching it off, putting my feet up on the sofa and reading a book feels like Im clearing my mind out, able to focus on just one thing for an hour or so. I could quote lots of learned journals and cite research articles about how extended reading not only expands our vocabulary, embeds recognition of grammar patterns and develops life skills such as empathy and creativity but to me, the importance of extended reading is immersing myself in a wonderful adventure. Chris Rose, author Love to... MACMILLAN READERS 110

113 READERS Macmillan Readers are marvelously effective for our extensive reading class. The wide range of free resources are very supportive for teachers. Each level is carefully graded and the placement test is a fantastic tool to help teachers choose the right level for their students. Eunsook An, Teacher, Seoul University of Science and Technology, South Korea For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/readers 111

114 NEW titles MACMILLAN READERS Othello Agnes Grey William Shakespeare, retold by Chris Rose Anne Bront, retold by Helen Holwill Othello and Desdemona hope for To bring in extra money for her a happy marriage after a secret family, Agnes Grey becomes a wedding in Venice. But Othellos governess, teaching children of READERS honest friend Iago has other rich families. But this proves to be plans for power and revenge. more difficult than expected. Iago mixes lies with the truth to push Othello into mad jealousy and murder. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 Students Film/TV Audio eBook Extra B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Students Film/TV Audio eBook Extra B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Audio CD tie-in available to available Exercises Audio CD tie-in available to available Exercises download download Australia Italy Jennifer Gascoigne Coleen Degnan-Veness Australia is the sixth largest Italy has a rich history and has country in the world and the been a centre for Western culture only one that covers a whole for thousands of years. Its food, continent. Learn about this art and fashion are famous and big country, its many different in this book we invite you to cultures, beautiful landscapes, discover why. and more. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 Students Audio eBook Extra Students Audio eBook Extra B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 Audio CD available to available Exercises Audio CD available to available Exercises download download Animal Stories Daniel Barber This collection explores the relationship people have with animals large and small, wild and tame, real and imaginary. From a fantastical fable to a love story, readers are sure to find stories that will entertain them. Find the Perfect Read for your course Visit the Macmillan Readers website to see which Graded Readers accompany and enhance your students learning alongside Macmillans courses. These Perfect Reads include recommendations for Beyond, Open Mind, Gateway and English World, amongst others. A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 For more information and to download samples, visit: eBook Extra www.macmillanenglish.com/readers B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 available Exercises 112

115 Online resources for Macmillan Readers Visit the Macmillan Readers website for a range of teaching resources as well as self-study help: Resources for teachers and www.macmillanenglish.com/readers READERS students include: New: Interactive level test for students New: Using Graded Readers in the Classroom guide Answer keys, tests, audio and chapter samples Exam practice and academic worksheets Creative writing resources and the Book Corner Club Tests, worksheets and answer keys Articles, interviews and reviews Competitions for schools Level Test Using Graded Readers in the Classroom Interactive test for students to check their reading level Students A free guide explaining receive reading graded reading and recommendations levelling based on their Deals with topics such reading level as online reading Suitable for tablets projects, using audio and mobile phones and film as well as non- fiction and short stories Includes a range of motivating activities and quizzes for each level (A1-B2) For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/readers 113

116 Macmillan Readers ISBN with ISBN without ISBN with ISBN without Title Title Audio CD Audio CD Audio CD Audio CD Starter Lost World, The 9781405072717 Alissa 9781405077880 9780230035782 Love by Design 9781405072724 Around the World in Eighty Days 9780230026742 Mark of Zorro, The 9781405076999 9780230029217 Blue Fins 9781405077897 9780230035799 Phantom Airman, The 9781405076562 9780230037434 Gullivers Travels in Lilliput 9780230026766 Picture of Dorian Gray, The 9781405076586 9780230029224 In The Frame 9781405078009 9780230035805 Prince and the Pauper, The 9780230436343 9780230436329 L. A. Detective 9781405077903 9780230035812 Princess Diaries 1, The 9781405080644 9780230037472 Lost Ship, The 9781405077910 9780230035829 Princess Diaries 2, The 9781405080668 9780230037489 Promise, The 9781405072779 READERS Lucky Number 9781405077927 9780230035836 Magic Barber, The 9781405077934 9780230035843 Quest, The 9781405072830 Photo Finish 9781405077941 9780230035850 Room 13 and Other Ghost Stories 9781405076609 9780230035126 Sara Says No! 9781405077958 9780230035867 Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror 9781405075350 9780230037465 Shooting Stars 9781405077965 9780230035874 Silver Blaze and Other Stories 9781405072793 Ski Race 9781405077972 9780230035881 Stranger, The 9781405076623 9780230035133 Umbrella, The 9781405077989 9780230035898 Tales of Horror 9781405076647 9780230035140 Well, The 9781405077996 9780230035904 Tales of Ten Worlds 9781405072823 Treasure Island 9781405072847 Viking Tales 9780230460294 9780230460270 Beginner White Fang 9780230026735 9780230034402 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The 9781405072342 Woman in Black, The 9781405077019 9780230037458 Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The 9781405076081 9780230030336 Anna and the Fighter 9781405076104 9780230035027 Billy Budd 9781405072274 Pre-intermediate Black Tulip, The 9781405072281 Call of the Wild, The 9780230408715 9780230408401 Dangerous Journey 9781405076128 9780230035034 Casino Royale 9781405087445 9780230037496 Good Wives 9781405072304 D.H. Lawrence, Selected Short Stories by 9781405087353 9780230035164 Hawk-eye, the Pathfinder 9781405072311 Daisy Miller 9781405084079 9780230035157 House in the Picture and Abbot Thomas Diamonds are Forever 9780230716629 9780230731196 9781405072328 Treasure, The Macmillan Cultural Readers: England 9780230436428 9780230436374 House on the Hill, The 9781405076142 9780230035041 Far from the Madding Crowd 9781405087094 9780230030527 Jane Eyre 9781405076166 9780230030381 Gandhi 9780230408692 9780230408388 L. A. Raid 9781405072366 Heidi 9780230026797 9780230034419 Last Leaf and Other Stories, The 9781405072373 Invisible Man, The 9780230460331 9780230460324 Last of the Mohicans, The 9781405076180 9780230034990 I, Robot 9780230026827 9780230034433 Little Women 9781405076203 9780230035003 Macmillan Cultural Readers: Italy NEW 9780230470163 9780230470156 Long Tunnel, The 9781405076227 9780230030350 Kick-off! The Story of Football 9780230400504 9780230400498 Lorna Doone 9781405072410 Michael Jackson: King of Pop 9780230406292 9780230406315 Man in the Iron Mask, The 9781405076241 9780230030367 Midsummer Nights Dream, A 9781405087278 Marco 9781405076265 9780230035010 Nelson Mandela 9780230716599 9780230731172 Mill on the Floss, The 9781405076289 9780230035058 Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories 9781405087414 9780230035171 Money for a Motorbike 9781405076302 9780230035065 Owl Hall 9780230422834 9780230422810 Newspaper Boy 9781405072458 Persuasion 9780230735132 9780230735125 Northanger Abbey 9781405076326 9780230035072 Robin Hood 9781405087230 9780230030497 Phantom of the Opera, The 9781405076340 9780230030343 Robinson Crusoe 9780230716568 9780230731189 Picture Puzzle 9781405072489 Romeo and Juliet 9781405087308 Princess Diana 9780230716537 9780230731165 Secret Garden, The 9780230026902 9780230034426 Prisoner of Zenda, The 9781405072502 Shake Hands Forever 9780230732131 9780230722637 Rich Man, Poor Man 9781405076364 9780230030374 Story of the Olympics: An Unofficial 9780230422247 9780230422223 Signalman and The Ghost at the Trial, The 9781405072496 History, The Tale of Two Cities, A 9781405076067 9780230035089 Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The 9781405087384 9780230035188 This is London 9781405087117 9780230035096 Treasure of Monte Cristo, The 9781405084215 9780230030510 Three Musketeers, The 9780230716735 9780230731158 Macmillan Cultural Readers: United 9780230436411 9780230436381 States of America, The Trumpet-Major, The 9781405072533 Wizard of Oz, The 9781405087148 9780230030503 Truth Machine, The 9781405072540 Washington Square 9781405072557 Intermediate Bridget Joness Diary 9780230716704 9780230731202 Elementary Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason 9780230400238 9780230400221 Black Cat, The 9781405076388 9780230029231 Bristol Murder 9781405076708 9780230035195 Macmillan Cultural Readers: Brazil 9780230454194 9780230454187 Macmillan Cultural Readers: China 9780230460409 9780230460362 Canterville Ghost and Other Stories, The 9781405076401 9780230030794 David Copperfield 9780230026759 Christmas Carol, A 9781405072588 Down Second Avenue 9780230408678 Claws 9781405072595 Dracula 9781405076722 9780230030466 Dont Tell Me What To Do 9781405072649 Dr No 9781405080583 9780230035263 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 9781405072656 Emma 9781405074544 9780230035270 Escape and Other Stories, The 9781405072663 Enchanted April, The 9781405072915 Frankenstein 9781405076500 9780230030435 Eye of the Tiger, The 9781405072939 Hound of the Baskervilles, The 9781405076524 9780230029248 Goldfinger 9781405080606 9780230035294 L. A. Winners 9781405076975 9780230035102 Great Gatsby, The 9781405077033 9780230035287 Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van 9781405076548 9780230035119 Hamlet 9780230716636 Winkle, The Jewel That Was Ours, The 9781405073110 114

117 KEY = eBook = no eBook = Extra exercises included See www.macmillanenglish.com/readers for details. ISBN with ISBN without ISBN with ISBN without Title Title Audio CD Audio CD Audio CD Audio CD Jurassic Park 9781405072960 Upper Intermediate King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Agnes Grey NEW 9780230470279 9780230470231 9780230026858 9780230034440 Table Anna Karenina 9781405087247 Kiss Before Dying, A 9781405076746 9780230030473 Macmillan Cultural Readers: Australia NEW 9780230470286 9780230470255 L is for Lawless 9781405057783 Bleak House 9781405073219 Live and Let Die 9780230735088 9780230735071 Creative Impulse and Other Stories, The 9781405073226 Meet Me in Istanbul 9781405077057 9780230030442 Cut-glass Bowl and Other Stories, The 9781405073233 Merchant of Venice, The 9780230716643 Ghost, The 9780230422872 9780230422858 Much Ado About Nothing 9780230408708 9780230408593 READERS Grapes of Wrath, The 9780230031050 My Cousin Rachel 9781405077156 9780230035317 Great Expectations 9781405076821 9780230030565 New Lease of Death, A 9780230422360 9780230422339 Importance of Being Earnest, The 9780230408685 9780230408449 Norwood Builder and Other Stories, The 9780230436466 9780230436459 L. A. Movie 9781405077118 9780230030558 Old Curiosity Shop, The 9780230460416 9780230460386 Macbeth 9780230402232 9780230402218 Oliver Twist 9781405076760 9780230030459 Man with the Golden Gun, The 9780230422346 9780230422285 One Day 9780230422353 9780230422322 Middlemarch 9780230026865 Othello NEW 9780230470200 9780230470187 Mine Boy 9781405073264 Pearl, The 9780230031128 9780230031135 Mistress Of Spices, The 9781405073271 Perfect Storm, The 9781405073127 Moby Dick 9780230026872 Pride And Prejudice 9781405073011 Officially Dead 9781405076845 9780230030534 Queen of Death, The 9781405077071 9780230035201 Of Mice and Men 9780230031067 Red and the Black, The 9781405074582 Our Mutual Friend 9781405073295 Rendezvous with Rama 9781405073035 Rebecca 9781405077132 9780230030541 Ring of Thieves, The 9781405073042 Vanity Fair 9781405083928 River God 9781405073059 Weep Not, Child 9781405073318 Sense and Sensibility 9781405080620 9780230037526 Seventh Scroll, The 9781405073141 Sign of Four, The 9781405076784 9780230035218 Advanced Macmillan Literature Collections: Adventure Stories 9780230408548 Silent World of Nicholas Quinn, The 9781405073073 Macmillan Literature Collections: American Stories 9780230716896 Slumdog Millionaire 9780230404717 9780230404700 Macmillan Literature Collections: Animal Stories NEW 9780230470293 Smuggler, The 9781405078733 9780230035225 Macmillan Literature Collections: Crime Stories 9780230410305 Space Invaders, The 9781405078054 9780230035232 Macmillan Literature Collections: Food Stories 9780230463912 Speckled Band and Other Stories, The 9781405076807 9780230030480 Macmillan Literature Collections: Horror Stories 9780230716933 Tess of the dUrbervilles 9781405074575 9780230035324 Macmillan Literature Collections: Love Stories 9780230716926 Thrse Raquin 9781405075381 9780230035331 Macmillan Literature Collections: Mystery Stories 9780230441200 Touching the Void 9780230533523 9780230034457 Macmillan Literature Collections: Science Fiction Stories 9780230716919 Woman Who Disappeared, The 9781405076685 9780230035249 Macmillan Literature Collections: Travel Stories 9780230408524 Woodlanders, The 9781405073196 Macmillan Literature Collections: Twentieth-Century Stories 9780230408531 Wuthering Heights 9781405077095 9780230035256 Macmillan Literature Collections: World Stories 9780230441194 Discover over 150 eBooks now online! Look out for these brand new eReader titles in 2015: Classics: Othello and Agnes Grey Cultural: Australia and Italy Short Stories: Animal Stories Check out whats in store online today at www.macmillaneducationebooks.com 115

118 Macmillan Childrens Readers Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Clothes / Georges Snow Clothes Ants Party, The 9781405057295 Ancient Egypt / The Book of Thoth 9780230460430 9780230469198 NEW April Fools Day 9781405074117 Castles / King Arthurs Treasure 9781405074148 Colins Colours 9781405057172 Big and Little Cats / Grandads Dangerous Weather / The Weather 9780230469211 9780230010222 Eddies Exercise 9780230010062 Weekend with Leo NEW Machine Fantastic Freddy 9780230010048 Birds / The Mysterious Egg 9780230010123 London / A Day in the City 9780230010208 Food, Food, Food! / The Cats Endangered Animals / A Safari New York / Adventure in the Big 9780230443648 9780230443686 9780230405028 Dinner Adventure Apple Frog and the Crocodile, The 9780230402010 Kings and Queens / King Alfred Penguins / Race to the South Pole 9781405057226 9780230443693 and the Cakes Hide and Seek 9780230402003 Pumpkins / A Pie for Miss Potter 9780230405011 Real Monsters / The Princess and Pip the Pirate 9781405057271 9780230010147 Volcanoes / The Legend of Batok the Dragon 9781405057233 Volcano We Love Toys / An Adventure 9780230443655 Unhappy Giant, The 9781405057301 READERS Outside Wild West, The / The Tall Tale of 9780230469235 Where Does Our Rubbish Go? / Rex Rodeo NEW 9780230404946 Lets Recycle! World of Sport, A / Snow Rescue 9780230460423 Level 2 Wild Animals / A Hungry Visitor 9780230404939 Carnival Time / Wheres Tiger? 9780230443662 Doms Dragon 9781405057189 Level 6 Level 4 Caves / The Lucky Accident 9781405074131 Fancy Dress Competition, The 9780230402027 Chocolate, Chocolate, Everywhere / 9780230469228 Deep, The / The City Under the Fun at the Beach / The Big Wave The Chocolate Fountain NEW 9780230405066 9780230469204 Sea NEW Dogs / The Big Show 9780230010185 Edinburgh / Festival Fear NEW 9780230469242 Lunch at the Zoo 9780230402034 Elephants / The Elephants Friend 9780230443716 Gold / Pirates Gold 9780230010260 Monkeys / Little Monkey and 9780230443679 Football Crazy! / What a Goal! 9780230010161 The Sun Horses / Mr Carters Plan 9780230460447 Incredible Sculptures / A Thief in Pats Picture 9781405057264 9780230404977 Inventions / Lost 9780230405059 The Museum Picnic Surprise!, A 9780230010086 Life in the Desert / The Stubborn Lights, Camera, Action! + On 9780230460454 9780230443709 Ship Wheres Rex? 9780230010109 Location Machu Picchu / Through the Fence 9781405057257 Making Music / The Talent Contest 9780230404984 Planets / School Trip to the Moon 9781405057240 New Years Eve 9781405074124 Sharks and Dolphins / Dolphin Riverboat Bill 9781405057288 9780230010246 Rescue Whats That Noise? 9781405057196 Macmillan English Explorers *All audio and Teachers Notes are now available to download from: www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers Little Explorers A Young Explorers 2 Snow Queen, The 9780230719927 At the Zoo 9781405059862 Bike Race, The 9781405060073 Snow Queen Workbook, The 9780230719934 Big Bad Monster, The 9781405059909 Daisys Dancing Lesson 9781405060059 Big Bad Monster Big Book, The 9781405061155 Jump, Stick, Jump 9781405060035 Explorers 5 Biscuit Man, The 9781405059893 Pirate Jack 9781405060066 Aladdin 9780230719804 Daisy the Dinosaur 9781405059879 Puss in Boots NEW 9780230469266 Aladdin Workbook 9780230719811 Daisy the Dinosaur Big Book 9781405061148 See You Soon 9781405060080 Alices Adventures in Wonderland 9780230469297 New Baby, The 9781405059855 Sun, Cloud, Stone 9781405060042 NEW New Baby Big Book, The 9781405061131 Comprehension Workbook 9781405060813 Black Beauty 9780230719842 Teddys Big Day 9781405059886 Phonics Workbook 9781405061308 Black Beauty Workbook 9780230719859 Comprehension Workbook 9781405060769 Bronze Bust Mystery, The 9781405060240 Phonics Workbook 9781405061124 Bronze Bust Mystery Workbook, Explorers 3 The 9781405061025 Camcorder Thief, The 9781405060110 Fishy Business, A 9781405060233 Little Explorers B Camcorder Thief Workbook, The 9781405060899 Fishy Business Workbook, A 9781405061018 Chicken-Licken 9781405059923 Elephants Child, The 9781405060097 Five Children and It 9781405060219 Daisy and Danny 9781405059930 Elephants Child Workbook, The 9781405060875 Five Children and It Workbook 9781405060998 Fun Day Out, A 9781405059954 How the Camel got his Hump 9780230719866 Secret Garden, The 9781405060226 Party for Teddy, A 9781405059947 How the Camel got his Hump Secret Garden Workbook, The 9781405061001 9780230719873 Workbook Party for Teddy Big Book, A 9781405061209 Magic Flute, The 9781405060103 School Play, The 9781405059961 Magic Flute Workbook, The 9781405060882 Explorers 6 School Play Big Book, The 9781405061193 Snow White 9780230719781 Ali Baba 9780230719828 Stone Soup 9781405059916 Snow White Workbook 9780230719798 Ali Baba Workbook 9780230719835 Stone Soup Big Book 9781405061216 Ugly Duckling, The NEW 9780230469273 Danger on Misty Mountain 9781405060318 Comprehension Workbook 9781405060776 Yeti in Town, A 9781405060127 Danger on Misty Mountain Phonics Workbook 9781405061186 9781405061070 Workbook Yeti in Town Workbook, A 9781405060905 Nicholas Nickleby 9780230719880 Young Explorers 1 Nicholas Nickleby Workbook 9780230719897 Aunt Rose Comes to Stay 9781405060011 Explorers 4 Railway Children, The 9781405060295 Adventures of Odysseus, The 9781405060165 Railway Children Workbook, The 9781405061063 Aunt Rose Comes to Stay Big 9781405061278 Book Adventures of Odysseus Work- Through the Looking Glass NEW 9780230469303 9781405060943 book, The Daisy Has the Hiccups 9781405059992 Time Twist 9781405060301 Dan Tries to Help 9781405060172 Greedy Gretel 9781405059978 Time Twist Workbook 9781405061087 Dan Tries to Help Workbook 9781405060950 Greedy Gretel Big Book 9781405061254 Treasure Island 9781405060288 Escape from the Fire 9781405060189 Going to the Beach 9781405060028 Treasure Island Workbook 9781405061056 Escape from the Fire Workbook 9781405060967 In the Jungle 9781405060004 Jungle Book, The NEW 9780230469280 In the Jungle Big Book 9781405061261 Pinocchio 9780230719903 Lazy Lenny 9781405059985 Pinocchio Workbook 9780230719910 Little Red Riding Hood NEW 9780230469259 Robin Hood 9781405060158 Comprehension Workbook 9781405060752 Robin Hood Workbook 9781405060936 Phonics Workbook 9781405061247 116

119 Macmillan Macmillan Factual Readers Explorers Level 1+ Level 4+ Phonics Baby Animals Busy as a Bee 9780230432031 9780230432055 Arctic and Antarctica Flight 9780230432277 9780230432222 Butterflies 9780230427037 Human Body, The 9780230432253 Little Explorers A Colourful Coral Reefs 9780230432017 Pirates 9780230432284 In Daisys Box 9780230404847 Jobs People Do 9780230432048 Rivers 9780230432246 In Teddys Bag 9780230404830 Seasons 9780230432000 Sharks 9780230432239 Look! 9780230404861 Snakes Alive 9780230431997 Spiders 9780230432260 Run and Hide 9780230404854 Trains 9780230432024 Weather 9780230432291 Little Explorers B Level 2+ Level 5+ Fish and Chips 9780230404908 Amazing Animal Senses 9780230432062 Explorers 9780230432307 READERS In the Mud 9780230404892 Fur and Feathers 9780230432086 Hurricanes 9780230432352 Pin it on 9780230404885 Lorries, Trucks and Vans 9780230432130 Rainforest 9780230432321 Teddy in Bed 9780230404878 What Animals Eat 9780230432109 Record Breakers The Fastest 9780230432314 What We Eat 9780230432093 Young Explorers 1 Where Animals Live 9780230432123 Level 6+ Where We Live 9780230432079 Ancient Egyptians 9780230432376 Crazy Cat and Fat Old Rat 9780230404762 Your Body 9780230432116 Environment, The 9780230432345 Daisy is Ill 9780230404755 Professor Green and the Snake 9780230404779 Record Breakers The Most 9780230432338 Dangerous Toms Haircut 9780230404786 Level 3+ Space 9780230432369 Cars 9780230432208 Dinosaur World 9780230432192 Young Explorers 2 Firefighters 9780230432178 All levels Crazy Cat and the Stars 9780230404816 Minibeasts 9780230432147 Library Pack (containing all 40 Daisy and the Big Yellow Kite 9780230404809 9780230454781 titles) Record Breakers The Biggest 9780230432154 Muddy Sheep, The 9780230404793 Romans, The 9780230432185 Pirate Jack Looks for Treasure 9780230404823 Vikings 9780230432215 Volcanoes 9780230432161 Celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland New for 2015: Lewis Carrolls masterpieces Alices Adventures in Wonderland (level 5) and Through The Looking Glass (level 6) as Macmillan English Explorers Includes original artwork from the first edition Comes with free audio download Worksheet and teachers notes available from www.macmillanyounglearners.com/readers sunny day, Alice f O ne ollows a White Rabbit down a rab bit h ole and in to Wonderland! 117

120 METHODOLOGY Learning Teaching Now in its third edition, the pick-up-and-teach approach has made this methodology title a favourite of trainees and trainers worldwide. This latest edition includes a DVD-ROM with worksheets and observation tasks helping make training classes more dynamic. Sounds: The Pronunciation App This is the ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid for students and teachers. Based on the best-selling pronunciation course Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill, Sounds helps you study, practise and play with pronunciation wherever you are. 118

121 Sound Foundations is an extremely effective book, particularly for adults who no longer learn by imitation as children do. Adult students need a system or code to work with. My students find Sound Foundations enjoyable and practical as it provides them with a lasting ability to improve their pronunciation. Christopher Guy Gimpel, Teacher of English, Tuscany, Italy 119

122 Learning Teaching Third Edition Jim Scrivener The no-nonsense approach of Learning Key features Teaching and its pick-up-and-teach format have made it one of the most Updated material on technology, successful guides to English Language covering the use of computers, Teaching since it was first published. Interactive Whiteboards and Virtual METHODOLOGY Teachers the world over, at all levels of Learning Environments (VLEs) experience, have found it an invaluable N ew sections on CLIL, young teaching text. learners and teaching exam classes It is ideal whether you are just starting Video demonstrations by experienced on your teaching career and in training, teachers using common teaching or whether you are a practising, techniques give teachers a practical experienced ELT teacher. insight into the teaching world This third edition has been revised and New teachers DVD-ROM includes restructured to take into account the photocopiable worksheets of activities latest developments in ELT methodology and observation tasks to make your and comes with a DVD-ROM. classes more dynamic Teachers Video eBook British DVD-ROM available English Teaching English Grammar Jim Scrivener If you want to prepare and deliver Key features effective grammar lessons using a direct approach, look no further than Jim Presents concept questions, Scriveners award-winning Teaching timelines and useful insights to help English Grammar. It combines teachers prepare accessible and comprehensive grammar reference engaging lessons with practical teaching advice, helping Provides ideas to help you create teachers to both understand grammar and use practice activities for points and present them. Essential for your students every trainee teacher and language school staff room. This book is suitable I ncludes information on common for all levels of experience. student errors to help you anticipate x likely problems British English Learning Teaching, Third Edition + DVD Pack 9780230729841 Teaching English Grammar 9780230723214 120 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

123 Blended Learning 700 Classroom Activities Pete Sharma Barney Barrett David Seymour Maria Popova The ideal companion for any 700 Classroom Activities teacher interested in the use provides you with a huge and of technology in their language instant repertoire of teaching classroom, Blended Learning ideas, ready to use straight provides a practical overview from the page. It includes both of the technology that has classroom classics that all ELT been available over the past teachers have come to know few years. and love and a wealth of new METHODOLOGY activities. This compendium of Combines basic information instant lessons covers a range for less experienced of levels from Elementary to teachers as well as more Upper Intermediate. experienced teachers using technology in the classroom Practical ideas and British suggestions to enhance eBook British English and support your students available English learning Examines the impact and implications of using technology for language teaching methodology Uncovering Grammar 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom Scott Thornbury Carol Read As teachers, we often talk 500 Activities for the Primary about covering grammar Classroom is the award-winning points. Uncovering answer to that perennial question Grammar explains why it is of What on earth am I going more useful to think about to do with my class tomorrow? how we uncover grammar If youre a teacher of children to reveal the workings of the aged anywhere from 3 to 12, English language system to this lively, varied compendium our students. of ideas and fun classroom activities is for you. The book uses extracts from exchanges in real classrooms, Written by Carol Read, a well- authentic texts and language known primary specialist and teaching tasks. It provides teacher trainer, who is also the lots of practical activities so British author of numerous primary that you can immediately and English courses. British easily put the ideas to work in English your classroom. Blended Learning 9780230020832 700 Classroom Activities 9781405080019 Uncovering Grammar 9781405080064 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom 9781405099073 121

124 Sound Foundations Adrian Underhill Sound Foundations is an ideal introduction to the English phonological system and an invaluable resource, whether you are teaching full pronunciation courses or whether youd METHODOLOGY simply like to improve the quality of your work on teaching pronunciation. Sounds: The Key features: Pronunciation App Concise coverage of the English An award-winning app based phonological system describing on Adrian Underhills Sound how sounds are produced Foundations phonemic chart. Creative classroom activities Download a sample at www.soundspronapp.com Audio CD contains clearly recorded examples of the sounds described in the book eBook Audio Mobile App British available CD-ROM English Phonemic Chart Based on Adrian Underhills well-known methodology title, this eBook for English language teachers contains a full phonemic chart. It includes a guide on how to use the chart. An invaluable resource, whether you teach full pronunciation courses or youd simply like to improve the quality of your students pronunciation. An AZ of ELT Beyond the Sentence Scott Thornbury Scott Thornbury An AZ of ELT is a fully cross- How do we design sentences referenced, alphabetical guide to fit their purposes and to ELT that defines and explains how do we combine them essential language teaching to communicate complex, concepts and terminology contextualised meanings? from fields including grammar, Beyond the Sentence takes linguistics, discourse analysis x discourse apart to show how and phonology. it is organised and how this aids communication. Summarises the major issues and debates associated with Demonstrates how each theory or language insights into discourse can teaching concept clearly affect our work as language teachers Uses readable, concise entries that teachers Suggests ways to help British with little or no specialist British students work at the level English English knowledge can use of the text, backed up by practical, fun activities for Sound Foundations + Audio CD 9781405064101 achieving this goal in your Phonemic Chart (eBook) 9780230418578 classroom Phonemic Chart (PDF) 9780230728479 An AZ of ELT 9781405070638 Beyond the Sentence 9781405064071 122 For more information and to download samples, visit www.macmillanenglish.com

125 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards Teaching Reading Skills Pete Sharma Barney Barrett Francis Jones Christine Nuttal 400 Ideas for Interactive In Teaching Reading Skills, Whiteboards provides a wealth Christine Nuttall examines and of resources to help you integrate breaks down the skills we use in the digital board and heads-up reading. Based on this analysis, teaching into your classroom. It she suggests practical strategies provides ideas for using regular you can immediately use in the programs and software, as well classroom to help your students as creating specifically tailored develop their reading competence METHODOLOGY resources. The clear organisation, to a higher level. Especially useful with activities categorised for exam and EAP classes. according to skill focus, makes it easy to search for and find what you want, and there are plenty of suggestions for project work, British English learning to learn activities and British English the connected classroom. Children Learning English Uncovering CLIL Jayne Moon Peeter Mehisto David Marsh Mara Jess Frigols There is something special about Uncovering CLIL is the teaching children. Jayne Moons essential companion for CLIL academic rigour and classroom teachers and a guide to the experience inform every page of various methodologies and Children Learning English, but techniques involved in CLIL what shines through is a sense teaching for both language and of the privilege she describes subject teachers. Packed with in participating in someones practical ideas and suggestions learning at this formative stage in about what works in the their lives. As well as being a text classroom, this award-winning thats full of teaching suggestions, book features explanations Children Learning English is and examples of how to use also a source of inspiration to any CLIL at primary, secondary and educator of young people. vocational levels. British British English English Discover English Uncovering EAP Rod Bolitho Brian Tomlinson Sam McCarter Phil Jakes Discover English focuses on Uncovering EAP explains language analysis a key skill the processes involved in for language teachers. The teaching academic writing authors highlight specific areas and reading through concise of grammar and vocabulary theoretical overviews. These are and provide exercises and complemented by an extensive commentaries which are range of practical activities and designed to develop your worksheets which you can put to analysis skills. immediate use in the classroom. Case studies provide examples of real-life challenges faced by English for Academic Purposes teachers, along with suggestions British on how you can tackle them. English British English 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards 9780230417649 Teaching Reading Skills 9781405080057 Children Learning English 9781405080026 Uncovering CLIL 9780230027190 Discover English 9781405080033 Uncovering EAP 9780230723221 123

126 Course title Author Author Author Author Author Text PALGRAVE MACMILLAN p125 An Introduction to English Language, 3rd edition 9780230208018 English Grammar, 2nd edition 9780230216952 English Language 9781403945907 Beginning Linguistics 9780230231702 The Frameworks of English, 3rd edition 9780230392427 What is this Thing Called Language?, 2nd edition 9780230291379 Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition 9780230230187 English Syntax and Argumentation 9780230361690 p126 Hardback Paperback Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach 9781137025463 9781137025470 Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials 9780230362857 The Online Informal Learning of English 9781137414878 International Perspectives on Materials in ELT 9781137023292 9781137023308 English Language Teaching Textbooks 9781137276278 9781137276308 Assessing Second Language Pragmatics 9781137003515 9781137352132 Reflective Practice in ESL Teacher Development Groups 9780230292550 Mobile Learning 9781137309792 9781137309808 p127 Language Policy 9780230251700 Educating for Language and Literacy Diversity 9781137309846 Word of Mouth 9780230276840 Seven Ways of Looking at Language 9780230279315 Writing about Quantitative Research in Applied Linguistics 9780230369979 International Perspectives on Teaching English to 9781137023223 Young Learners Persuading People 9781137003676 Theories of Syntax 9780230216938 124

127 An Introduction to English Language The Frameworks of English 3rd edition 3rd edition Kim Ballard Koenraad Kuiper W. Scott Allan A comprehensive survey of the structures of the English language, T hird edition of a very popular with material on electronic language introductory English language textbook and a chapter on varieties of English Features a companion website E xplains the basics of the language in containing a set of electronic resources a lively and well-organised manner to aid study and consolidate learning: quizzes, audio MP3 clips and Powerpoint C overs lexis, grammar, discourse movie lectures with voiceovers and phonology all key parts of introductory undergraduate English C ontains coverage of the varieties of PALGRAVE MACMILLAN language courses English throughout the text, including many examples of regional dialects Presupposes no prior knowledge and is packed with classroom-tested examples and exercises to facilitate What is this Thing Called Language? teaching and learning 2nd edition English Grammar 2nd edition David Nunan Peter Collins Carmella Hollo A n overview of the key topics and concepts that constitute our current A n updated, revised and expanded understanding of language introductory guide to English grammar F illed with examples, questions, further I ncludes explanations of key terms reading and glossaries and topics for those without any prior T he author is a world-renowned linguist knowledge and former President of TESOL who has F eatures integrated exercises and received a citation by the US Congress examples alongside shaded boxes to for services to English language aid learning education Analyses a range of texts, both literary Extended coverage, including language and non-literary through which the variation, language and culture, second authors demonstrate how a knowledge language acquisition and bilingualism of grammar can provide a heightened understanding of how language works Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition English Language Shawn Loewen Hayo Reinders Jonathan Culpeper et al A practical and comprehensive reference Provides an ideal starting point for book that covers all key terms in those new to the subject of English second language acquisition, with clear language, and progression for those explanations and examples who have studied it before W ritten in a user-friendly style C overs both traditional topics, such as concepts are alphabetically listed for phonology, grammar and semantics, ease of use and topics that have more recently come to prominence, such as language Useful suggestions for further reading and power, politeness, and language throughout and politics Both authors are experienced educators A research-led approach, making the in this area latest developments in the field highly accessible for undergraduates W ritten by a team of experts in diverse English Syntax and Argumentation fields from the prestigious Lancaster University Linguistics Department 4th edition Bas Aarts Beginning Linguistics Extremely user-friendly, the book starts Laurie Bauer with a discussion of the basic concepts that are important in the study of A user-friendly guide to the core syntax, and then moves on to more areas of linguistics complex issues. Accessible and engaging for the Each chapter carefully explains technical absolute beginner straightforward, terms and uses graphic illustrations theoretically neutral approach alongside easy-to-follow examples and hands-on exercises to illuminate key L eads the student through, step by ideas. step, providing feedback at every stage From words and phrases to constituency and argumentation, the books broad P acked with questions, trivia, figures coverage and clear organisation make and graded material it essential reading for all students Extensive glossary and guidelines for of English and Linguistics who are further reading encountering the study of syntax for the first time. 125

128 Translation: A Multidisciplinary English Language Teaching Textbooks Approach Nigel Harwood Juliane House English language teaching textbooks (or coursebooks) play a central role in the life This volume presents up-to-date of a classroom. This edited volume contains discussions of important issues such as research-informed chapters focusing on: the evaluation of translations, the question analysis of textbook content; how textbooks of ethics in translation, translation as are used in the classroom; and textbook re-narration, literary translation, the role writers accounts of the materials writing, of corpora and New Media in translation, design, and publishing process. translating English as a lingua franca and translation in the context of language PALGRAVE MACMILLAN learning and teaching. Assessing Second Language Pragmatics Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Materials Steven Ross Gabriele Kasper John Gray Assessing Second Language Pragmatics is the first book-length This title brings together a collection of collection of studies on the assessment of critical voices on the subject of language pragmatic competencies in a second or teaching materials for use in English, foreign language. Grounded in theoretical French, Spanish, German and Content perspectives on communicative and and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) interactional competencies, it examines classrooms. the reception and production of speech acts through a variety of assessment methods and quantitative and qualitative analyses. Reflective Practice in ESL Teacher Development Groups The Online Informal Learning of English Thomas S C Farrell Geoffrey Sockett Reflective Practice in ESL Teacher Development Groups discusses the Young people around the world are concept of reflective practice in ESL increasingly able to access English teachers using data from a three-year language media online for leisure collaborative partnership, in which purposes and interact with other users of three ESL teachers in Canada explored English. This book examines the extent their professional development through of these phenomena, their effect on reflective practice. language acquisition and their implications for the teaching of English in the 21st century. Mobile Learning Mark Pegrum International Perspectives on Materials in ELT This book explores the use of mobile devices for teaching and learning Sue Garton Kathleen Graves language and literacies, investigating the ways in which these technologies open This book brings together different up new educational possibilities. Pegrum perspectives on ELT materials from a builds up a rich picture of contemporary range of international contexts and a mobile learning and outlines likely future variety of educational settings. All the developments. chapters are underpinned by sound theoretical principles while addressing practical concerns and debates in materials design and use. 126 For more information and to download samples, visit www.palgrave.com/linguistics

129 Language Policy Writing about Quantitative Research in David Cassels Johnson Applied Linguistics Lindy Woodrow A detailed overview of the theories, concepts, research methods, and findings in the field of language policy is provided With increasing pressure on academics here in one accessible source. The and graduate students to publish in author proposes new methodological, peer-reviewed journals, this book offers a theoretical, and conceptual directions and much-needed guide to writing about and offers guidance for doing language policy publishing quantitative research in applied research. linguistics. With annotated examples and useful resources, this book will be indispensable to graduate students and PALGRAVE MACMILLAN seasoned researchers alike. Educating for Language and Literacy Diversity International Perspectives on Teaching Mastin Prinsloo Christopher Stroud English to Young Learners Edited by Sarah Rich Educators and researchers in a variety of locations increasingly encounter linguistically and socio-culturally diverse This volume comprises 11 research-led groups of students in their classrooms accounts from Teaching English to Young and lecture halls. This book examines Learner (TEYL) educators working in everyday forms of talk and writing in a range of diverse settings worldwide. relation to standardised forms and The innovative practical and theoretical schooling expectations to suggest ways perspectives offer some important forward in educational discourse. insights into effective TEYL pedagogy for the 21st century. Word of Mouth Geoffrey Finch Persuading People Robert Cockcroft Susan Cockcroft The study of language has evolved dramatically over the last thirty years. We know more about language use From the ancient rhetoric of Aristotle to and development than ever before. But political speeches today, this new edition many of these new ideas can challenge of Persuading People investigates our notions of identity and our sense of and illuminates the art of persuasion. uniqueness. Word of Mouth introduces Starting with basic theory, the authors these ideas and explores the power of go on to analyse the rhetorical words to shape and influence our lives. composition of different kinds of texts, from poetry to politics and drama to advertising. Seven Ways of Looking at Language Ronald Macauley Theories of Syntax Koenraad Kuiper Jacqui Nokes With new ideas and discoveries constantly challenging the ways we look at language, Starting with basic concepts of syntax, Ronald Macaulay provides a brief and Kuiper and Nokes then delve deeper by lively introduction to some of the different explaining how we understand syntactic approaches linguists have taken to the phenomena, and show us how to use study of language in all its complexity. different theoretical frameworks. Explores syntactic phenomena through a scientific lens Shows how syntactic models are shaped by theoretical frameworks Summarizes four theories of syntax Illustrates seven sets of syntactic phenomena through case studies For more information and to download samples, visit www.palgrave.com/linguistics 127

130 Macmillan Education USA We opened our first US office dedicated to Language Learning in 2012 to react to a growing demand for A global publisher American English with a local impact Collaboration in our publishing hubs means we can work together to give our customers exactly what they need. Were in over 130 countries meaning youre sure to find one of Macmillan Educations expert ELT consultants, teacher trainers or local distributors near you. Take a look at the following pages to find the details of who to contact in your country. Alternatively, you can find us wherever you are in the world whenever you like at www.macmillanenglish.com Brazil Two out of just six books approved for the Brazilian Ministry of Educations textbook acquisition programme were Macmillan Education titles. 128

131 Saudi Arabia In 2014 we trained 160 Saudi Arabian teachers in just two weeks in collaboration with the Ministry of Education UK China Every minute 342 Our locally-published New people look up words Standard English has helped and definitions on the over 30 million students in China Macmillan Dictionary improve their language skills Online, one of the worlds best-known reference tools. Georgia GLOBAL Over 500,000 copies of our teenage course English World were sold in Georgia in 2013 a country of just 4.5 million people. Australia Weve won the Australian Publishers Associations Primary Publisher of the Year Award 7 times Spain Macmillan Education Iberia celebrated 25 years of Teachers Days in 2014 with a record 6,000 teachers taking part in our specially-tailored training sessions Vietnam More than 150,000 primary school children in northern Vietnam are using our Next Stop course Myanmar Morocco Universities in Myanmar adopt 250,000 copies of Straightforward Moroccos appetite for every year reading saw 200,000 Macmillan Readers sold in the country in 2012. 129

132 Title Index 400 Ideas for Interactive Whiteboards 123 H R 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom 121 Happy Campers 24 Reading Keys 94 700 Classroom Activities 121 Hats On Top 22 Ready for Advanced (CAE) 79 Hello Jojo/ You and Me 23 Ready for First (FCE) 78 A Hot Spot 55 Ready for IELTS 80 All Aboard! 32 How to use your Reading in your Essays 97 Ready for PET 80 An A-Z of ELT 122 How to Write Better Essays 97 Reflection Practice in ESL Teacher An Introdction to English Language 125 Development Groups 126 Assessing Second Language Pragmatics 126 I TITLE INDEX Aviation English 107 IELTS Foundation + Study Skills 82 S IELTS Graduation + Study Skills 83 Second Foundations 122 B IELTS Introduction + Study Skills 82 See Saw 33 Basic Survival 107 IELTS Language Practice 83 Selections32 Bebop20 Improve Your Grammar 97 Seven Ways of Looking at Language 127 Beeline Plus 33 Improve Your Skills Series 81 Skillful 88, 89 Beginning Linguistics 125 In Company 3.0 100, 101 Smile33 Beyond46 Insights55 Speaking of Speech 91 Beyond the Sentence 122 Inspired54 Story Central 25 Big Bugs 33 International perspectives on Materials in ELT 126 Straightforward, 2nd Ed 66, 67 Blended Learning 121 International perspectives on Teaching Student Phrase Book, The 96 Bounce Now 37 English to Young Learners 127 Study Skills Connected 96 Brainwave31 International Student Handbook, The 96 Study Skills for International Postgraduates 96 Breakthrough Plus 64, 65 Study Skills for Speakers of English as Business 2.0, The 102,103 J a Second Language 96 Business Builder 105 Study Skills Handbook, The 96 Jump32 Success In Academic Writing 97 Business English Handbook 105 Jump Aboard 32 Survival English 107 C K T Campaign English for Law Enforcement 107 Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition 125 Campaign English for the Military 107 Take Shape 32 Teaching English Grammar 120 Check Your Aviation English 107 Check Your Vocabulary Series 91 L Teaching Reading Skills 123 Cheeky Monkey 23 Language Policy 127 Telephone English 106 Children Learning English 123 Language Practice Series 90 Testbuilder, Advanced 77 Cite Them Right 97 Laser 85 Testbuilder, First 76 Communicate92 Learning Stars 21 Testbuilder, IELTS 77 Critical Perspectives on Language Teaching Learning Teaching Third Edition 120 The Frameworks of English 125 Materials126 Learning to Listen 94 The Online Informal Learing of English 126 Critical Thinking Skills 97 Little Bugs 23 Theories of Syntax 127 Culture View 51 Tiantian Zhongwen Graded Chinese Reader Series 108 Tiger Time 26 M Tips for IELTS 83 D Macmillan Mathematics 35 Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach 126 Direct to FCE 84 Macmillan Science 35 Twist and Shout 33 Direct to IELTS 84 Macmillan English 34 Direct to TOEFLiBT84 Macmillan English Grammar In Context 91 U Discover China 109 Macmillan English Quest 36 Discover English 123 Macmillan Natural and Social Science 35 Uncovering CLIL 123 Discover Science Series 50 Macmillan Next Move 29 Uncovering EAP 123 Macmillan Practice Online 80 Uncovering Grammar 121 Macmillan Topics 56 E Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series 56 W Educating for Language and Literacy Diversity 127 Macmillan Writing Series 93 Email English 106 What Is This Thing Called Language? 125 Meetings in English 106 Word of Mouth 127 English Grammar 125 Mega55 English Language 125 Writing about Quantitative Research in Mind Series 2nd Ed 60, 61 Applied Linguistics 127 English Language Teaching textbooks 126 Mobile Learning 126 English Syntax and Argumentation 125 Motivate!50 English World (Levels 7-10) 53 Move69 Y English World (Levels 1-6) 27 Young Learners English Practice Tests 75 Essential Business Grammar Builder and Young Learners English Skills 74 Business Grammar Builder 105 N Essential Business Vocabulary Builder and Networking in English 106 Business Vocabulary Builder 105 New American Inside Out 71 Essential Reading 94 New English Upgrade 69 New Finding Out 38 F New Inside Out 70 New Inspiration 54 Faces23 New Inspiration 2 Starter Unit 54 Fantastics!38 Next Move 28 Fingerprints23 Footprints32 Frameworks of English, The 120 O Open Mind 62,63 G Gateway52 P Get Ready for International Business 104 Persuading People 127 Get Real! 69 Presentations in English 106 Global68 Global Business Class 105 Grammar Goals 30 130

133 Author Index A G M S Aarts, B 125 Gakonga, J 82 Macauley, R 127 S C Farrell, T 126 Acosta, P 24 Garton, S 126 Maggs, P 69 Sanderson, H 35 Allen, M 83 Garton-Sprenger, J 54, 55 Mann, M 85, 91 Scanlon, J 88, 89 Allison, J 102, 103 Gershon, S 69 Mares, C 69 Schottman, E 22, 23 Appleby, R 102, 103 Gershon, S 88, 89 Marsh, D 123 Scott Allan, W 125 Ash, J 77 Ghulldu, L A 93 Mauchline, F 50 Scrivener, J 120 AUTHOR INDEX Glover, D 35 McAvoy, J 68, 94 Seymour, D 121 B Glover, P 35 McCarter, S 77, 80, 81, 82, Shakespeare, W 106 Baccarin, M 55 Godfrey, J 96 83, 84, 123 Shaoyan, Q 103 Baker de Altamirano, Y 107 Godfrey, J 97 McKinnon, M 88, 89 Sharma, P 106, 121, 123 Baker, L 88, 89 Gough, C 94 Medwell, C 23 Shaw, D 32 Ballard, K 125 Granger, C 55 Mehisto, P 123 Shields, G 97 Barker, C 55 Graves, K 126 Mellor-Clark, S 107 Short, J 81, 82 Barrett, B 106, 121, 123 Gray, J 126 Metcalf, R 46, 105 Simmons, N 23 Bastow, T 70 Greenwell, J 32 Miles, C 94 Skinner, C 38 Bauer, L 125 Greetham, B 97 Miles, S 94 Sobern, A 23, 33 Beare, N 32 Milne, B 69 Sockett, G 126 Benne, R R 46, 68, 69 H Mitchell, L 55 Spencer, D 52 Bixby, J 88, 89 Harper, K 23, 33 Mohamed, S 33 Stannett, K 55 Bohlke, D 88, 89 Harries, A 31 Mol, H 32 Stephens, B 75, 106 Bolotho, R 123 Harrington, D 91 Monterrubio, M 20 Stroud, C 127 Bowen, M 27, 34, 53 Harrison, M 76, 97 Moon, J 123 Sunderland, P 90 Bowler, B 69 Harwood. N 126 Moore, J 105 Boyle, C 107 Heyderman, E 50 Moore, N 96 T Boyle, M 88, 89 Hird, J 69 Morris, N 96 Tan, Q 109 Brinks Lockwood, R 88, 89, 93 Hocking, L 27, 34, 53 Mouro, S 31 Taylor, N 30 Broadbent, A 35 Hogan, M 105 Taylore-Knowles, J 62, 63 Broadbent, P 35 Holden, S 56 N Taylore-Knowles, S 62, 63, 81, 85 Broudy, D 93 Hollo, C 125 Newton, R 74 Tennant, A 105 Buckingham, A 69 Holman, A 69 Nokes, J 127 Thornbury, S 121, 122 House, J 126 Norris, R 78 Tice, J 30 C Howarth, P 50 Norris, R 79 Tomlinson, B 123 Campbell, L 37 Hughes, J 106 Nunan, D 125 Toth, M 23, 33 Campbell, R 46, 68, 105 Nuttall, C 123 Townend, J 102, 103 Cant, A 28, 29, 33 I Tucker, D 30 Cassels Johnson, D 127 Islam, C 93 O Charrington, M 28, 29 OFarrell, R 36 U Chazal, E 100, 101, 102, 103 J Ormerod, M 26 Underhill, A 122 Chersan, I 107 Jakeman, V 97 Choy, M 25 Jakes, P 123 P V Clandfield, L 68, 88, 89 Jeffries, A 68, 70, 105 Padron, A 24 Valvona, C 93 Clarke, S 91, 100, 101 Jess Frigols, M 123 Painter-Farrell, L 24 Vaughan, A 104 Cockcroft, R 127 Jones, C 70 Papiol, E 23, 33 Vince, M 68, 83, 90, 91 Cockcroft, S 127 Jones, F 123 Parminter, S 69 Viney, P 107 Cole, V 82 Jones, V 70, 71 Paterson, K 97 Collins, P 125 Paul, D 38 W Corbett, J 36 K Pavlik, C 31 Cottrell, S 96, 97 Walden, R 107 Kasper, G 126 Pears, R 97 Wang, D 109 Coxall, J 105 Pegg, Ed 100, 101 Craven, M 64, 65, 69 Kay, S 69, 70, 71 Warwick, L 88, 89 Kelly, A 80 Pegrum, M 126 Watts, M 30 Culpeper et al, J 125 Peimbert, L 20 Cusack, B 81 Kelly, K 56 Webb, B 69 Kenny, N 80 Perrett, J 21, 23 Whitby, N 81 Kerr, P 66, 67, 70 Pickering, K 68, 92 Wilkin, J 88, 89 D Popova, M 121 King, N 107 Williams, E J 106 Dalton, T 91 Kisslinger, E 88, 89 Porter, D 91 Williams, L 24, 25, 30, 33 Davies, M 96 Kniveton, J 33, 37 Powell, D 100, 101 Williamson, D 69 Davies, P 32 Kuiper, K 125, 127 Preshous, A 82 Wisniewska, I 62, 63 Day, T 97 Preshous, J 81, 82 Woodrow, L 127 Diaz-Maggioli, G 24 L Prinsloo, M 127 Wren, W 27, 34, 53 Dimond-Bayir, S 81 Pritchard, G 33 Wyatt, R 91 Ding, AQ 109 Lambert, V 25, 28, 29, 33 Prowse, P 54 Dunne, B 74 LeBeau, C 91 Leigh, A 105 Z Q E Leighton, J 21 Zemach, D. E. 62, 63, 88, 93, 104 Lewis, M 96 Qi, ShY 109 Zhang, J 109 Ellis, P 34 Llanas, A 24, 25, 30, 33, 37 Emery, H 107 Linse, C 22, 23 R Emmerson, P 102, 103, 105, 106 Loewen, S 125 Ramsden, J 35 Lougheed, L 84, 94 Read, C 23, 26, 32, 33, 121 F Reilly, P 50 Fidge, L 34 Reinders, H 96, 125 Finch, G 127 Revell, J 38 Florent, J 32 Rich, S 127 Fox, S 74, 75 Roberts, A 107 Fox, S 75 Roberts, R 82 French, A 77, 79, 82, 83, 90, 94 Rogers, L 88, 89 Rogers, M 60, 61, 62, 63 Ross, S 126 131

134 Important Notice This chart is designed to act as a rough guide only. Every effort has been made to map traditional levels to CEF and ALTE levels as accurately as possible. For more information about CEF or ALTE levels, visit their websites www.coe.int and www.alte.org Key Title Level Chart For a more in-depth explanation of course levels, visit www.macmillanenglish.com/cef PAGE TITLE A1 A2 A2+ B1 B1+ B2 B2+ C1 C2 TEENAGE 46 Beyond and Go Beyond 50 Motivate! 52 Gateway 53 English World (levels 7-10) 54 New Inspiration 54 Inspired 55 Insights LEVEL CHART 55 Hot Spot 55 Mega 56 Macmillan Vocabulary Practice Series 56 Macmillan Topics ADULT 60 Mind Series 62 Open Mind 64 Breakthrough Plus 66 Straightforward 2nd Ed 68 Global 69 Move 69 Get Real! 69 New English Upgrade 70 New Inside Out 71 New American Inside Out EXAMS 74 Young Learners English Skills 75 Young Learners English Practice Tests 76 First Testbuilder 77 Advanced Testbuilder 77 IELTS Testbuilder 78 Ready for First 79 Ready for Advanced 80 Ready for IELTS 80 Ready for PET 81 Improve Your Skills Series 82 IELTS Introduction + Study Skills 82 IELTS Foundation + Study Skills 83 IELTS Graduation + Study Skills 84 Direct to IELTS 84 Direct to TOEFL iBT 85 Laser SKILLS 88 Skillful 90 Language Practice Series 91 Macmillan English Grammar in Context 91 Speaking of Speech 91 Check Your Vocabulary Series 92 Communicate 93 Macmillan Writing Series 94 Essential Reading 94 Reading Keys 94 Learning to Listen BUSINESS 100 In Company 3.0 102 The Business 2.0 104 Get Ready for International Business 105 Global Business Class 105 Business Builder 105 Business English Handbook 105 Essential Business Vocabulary Builder / Business Vocabulary Builder 105 Essential Business Grammar Builder / Business Grammar Builder 106 Email English 106 Presentations in English 106 Networking in English 106 Telephone English 106 Meetings in English 107 Basic Survival / Survival English 107 Aviation English 107 Check Your Aviation English 107 Campaign English for Law Enforcement 107 Campaign English for the Military CHINESE LANGUAGE LEARNING 132 109 Discover China

135 This chart gives approximate levels for childrens courses. The levels are based on levels for children and are not the same as those for our courses for older learners of English. The levels in this chart do not correspond to the CEF; Childrens Key Title Level Chart for more information about CEF levels, visit www.coe.int PAGE TITLE LOW ........ ........ ........ ........ HIGH Apps PRESCHOOL 20 Bebop available 21 22 Learning Stars Hats On Top from 23 23 Fingerprints Faces Macmillan 23 23 Cheeky Monkey Little Bugs Education LEVEL CHART 23 Hello Jojo/ You and Me 24 Happy Campers Bebop CEFR LEVELS A1 A1+ A2 A2+ B1 B1+ PAGE CY:LE LEVELS STARTERS MOVERS FLYERS KET PET PET MERIT Happy CHILDRENS Campers 25 Story Central 26 Tiger Time 27 English World (levels 1-6) Story 28 Next Move Central 29 Macmillan Next Move 30 Grammar Goals 31 Brainwave Sounds 32 All Aboard 32 Jump Aborad 32 Footprints IELTS 32 Selections Skills 32 Jump 32 Take Shape 33 Smile Macmillan Education 33 Twist & Shout apps p15 33 Beeline Plus 33 See Saw 33 Big Bugs 34 Macmillan English 35 Macmillan Science 35 Macmillan Mathematics 35 Macmillan Natural and Social Science 36 Macmillan English Quest Download the Apple OS 37 Bounce Now App from the App Store 38 New Finding Out or the Android App from Google Play. 38 Fantastic! SUPPLEMENTARY 40 Macmillan Childrens Readers 41 Macmillan Explorers Phonics 41 Macmillan Factual Readers 42 Macmillan English Explorers Worldwide rights Rights and Permissions Some of our titles are market restricted in certain regions of the world. For full details on If you would like to reproduce, translate or quote from material published by Macmillan the rights issues please visit the What We Publish page on Education in print, online, on television, on radio or via other digital media, please check www.macmillaneducation.com first that we are the correct copyright holders by reading the following information: Only titles commencing with the following ISBNs, 978 1405-0, 978 0330, 978 0333, 978 ePiracy 0230 & 978 0435 will be copyrighted to Macmillan Education, if not, you will need to consult a bibliographic service such as the British Library or Library of Congress which ePiracy, or the sharing and downloading of books online is an illegal activity. The illegal will assist you to find the correct copyright holder. sharing of Macmillan Education books, materials, websites and multi-media resources Very old Macmillan titles with ISBNs commencing 0023 & 0024 are copyrighted to breaks all copyright code conventions and undermines our authors, and the efforts we Prentice Hall/Pearson Higher Education US: [emailprotected] ISBNs invest in creating top quality resources. We take this illegal activity very seriously and we commencing 0028 (Macmillan Library Reference titles) are now copyrighted to are currently working on initiatives, both internally within Macmillans legal team, and [emailprotected] Please note also that Free Press, Collier Macmillan with the Publishers Association to target the websites that infringe our copyright and and Macmillan Inc (Macmillan New York) are not part of the Macmillan Group in the trademark by sharing our materials, or by offering links to download materials. For full UK, these are part of Simon & Schuster in USA, please forward to [emailprotected] details of our activities visit simonandschuster.com. Any requests for Pan Macmillan UK should be forwarded to www.macmillaneducation.com [emailprotected] and Palgrave Macmillan UK should be forwarded to [emailprotected] palgrave.com. Copying If you have a permissions or rights request you will need to complete a form to give us full details. Visit www.macmillanenglish.com to access and submit the Rights Request The UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988 allows a reader to make a single Form. copy of a limited portion of a work for the purposes of non-commercial research or NO requests will be considered or responded to if the required form is not completed. private study (fair dealing). This limit is subjective and advice should be sought from This is to ensure that we have all the necessary data to process your request. Macmillan Education. PLEASE NOTE: Macmillan reserves the right to charge an administration fee of 35 It does not allow the copying of entire books or the making of multiple copies to cover any direct costs should your request be granted and there may also be an of extracts. In some countries it is possible for schools to do a limited amount of additional fee for the right to reproduce or use the material. photocopying under the terms of a licence issued by a licensing agency such as the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) in the UK. It is also permissible to photocopy Acknowledgements copyright material when the publisher has designated a book or part of a book photocopiable. This special permission is always indicated clearly in the book both Macmillan would like to thank all those teachers and students who took part in the at the front and on every photocopiable page. Many of the Teachers Books that photos in this catalogue. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. All images in this accompany Macmillan Education ELT courses contain such photocopiable material. publication are 2014 Macmillan Publishers Ltd, apart from all images of electronic Under no circumstances may schools photocopy materials for use in self-access devices, which are supplied by Thinkstock. centres, unless they have registered with the Copyright Licensing Agency or an associated licensing agency and allow/use photocopying strictly in accordance with their regulations. Please see our website or contact Macmillan Education for further 133 details on copying limits.

136 With LEARNERS for life We help people interact globally by providing leading solutions for English Language Teaching, specifically designed to engage learners at all stages of life

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