Nice Words - Synonyms & A List of Nice Words A-Z (2023)

Nice words are a great way to show kindness and make people feel appreciated.

The word ‘nice’ is an adjective used to describe people, places and things that are pleasant, kind and even courteous.

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It can also be used to describe something that is of an excellent quality or skill.

Nice can be used as a compliment (‘That was really nice of you Frank’), but it can also be used in a more sarcastic sense when referring to someone who has done something wrong (‘Yeah, nice one Frank!’).

In this post, we discuss what makes a word ‘nice’, some useful synonyms for ‘nice’ and we include a thorough list of nice words from A to Z, with a brief definition of each.

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What makes a word ‘nice’?

A word is usually considered ‘nice’ when it has a positive connotation.

A nice word can be used to express kindness and appreciation, as well as encourage constructive dialogue between people. It might evoke feelings of warmth and respect in the recipient.

Synonyms For ‘Nice’

Depending on the context that you are using the word, some synonyms for ‘nice’ may include:

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  • Agreeable
  • Amiable
  • Appealing
  • Attractive
  • Charming
  • Considerate
  • Delightful
  • Enjoyable
  • Favorable
  • Fine
  • Good
  • Kind
  • Likeable
  • Pleasant
  • Pleasing
  • Polite

Using these words instead of ‘nice’ can add variety and flair to your conversation and writing.

Additionally, using different words for the same sentiment will help you avoid sounding repetitive and monotonous.

Nice Words That Start With A

  • Acceptable – considered satisfactory or within acceptable limits.
  • Acceptance – willingly received and accepted as suitable or satisfactory.
  • Acknowledgement – the act of recognizing or admitting something.
  • Admirable – worthy of admiration, respect, or approval.
  • Admiration – a feeling of respect and approval.
  • Affectionate – having or showing feelings of love and care.
  • Agreeable – pleasant and acceptable to someone.
  • Altruistic – unselfishly concerned for the welfare of others.
  • Amazing – causing great surprise or wonder.
  • Amiable – friendly and easy to talk to; good-natured.
  • Appreciative – feeling or expressing gratitude for something.
  • Approachable – friendly and easy to talk to.
  • Articulate – able to express oneself clearly and effectively.
  • Assurance – a promise made with certainty or confidence.
  • Astonishing – causing amazement or surprise.
  • Astounding – causing strong feelings of surprise and wonder.
  • Attentive – paying close attention to someone or something.
  • Authentic – genuine and reliable.

Nice Words That Start With B

  • Beautiful – possessing physical attractiveness, charm, or gracefulness.
  • Belonging – feeling that you are part of something special, connectedness.
  • Beloved – dearly loved or cherished by someone.
  • Beneficent – doing or producing good; kind and generous.
  • Benevolent – having or showing kindness, compassion, and goodwill.
  • Blessed – favored by God, enjoying happiness and good fortune.
  • Blissful – feeling extreme joy or contentment.
  • Bold – having a confident and courageous attitude.
  • Bountiful – generous or plentiful in quantity or number.
  • Brave – ready to face dangerous or difficult situations without fear.
  • Bright – full of life, intelligence, and enthusiasm.
  • Brilliant – possessing superior intelligence or excellence of quality.

Nice Words That Start With C

  • Calm – feeling at peace and not stressed or upset.
  • Candid – being honest, open, and sincere in speech or behavior.
  • Caring – showing kindness and concern for others.
  • Charismatic – having a great personal charm or appeal.
  • Charitable – having an attitude of goodwill towards others.
  • Cheerful – feeling or expressing joy, pleasure, and happiness.
  • Comforting – providing solace in times of distress.
  • Communicative – expressing oneself clearly and effectively to others.
  • Community – a feeling of connectedness with a group of people.
  • Compassion – feeling sympathy, pity, and understanding for others.
  • Compassionate – feeling and showing empathy for others.
  • Composed – calm, relaxed, and free from worry or agitation.
  • Confident – believing in one’s own abilities and self-worth.
  • Connected – being united or associated in some way.
  • Considerate – thinking of the needs of others before your own.
  • Cordial – friendly and warm in manner.
  • Courageous – bravely facing danger or difficulty without fear.
  • Courteous – showing respect and politeness towards others.
  • Creative – having the ability to create something original and valuable.

Nice Words That Start With D

  • Dauntless – not discouraged by difficulty or danger; brave.
  • Decisive – having the ability to make decisions quickly and confidently.
  • Dedicated – devoted to a cause with enthusiasm and loyalty.
  • Delightful – giving pleasure or joy; charming.
  • Dependable – reliable, trustworthy, and consistent in performance.
  • Determined – having a strong will, resolute in purpose.
  • Devoted – deeply attached to someone or something through loyalty and affection.
  • Dignified – having or showing self-respect and a sense of pride.
  • Diligent – hard-working and persistent in accomplishing tasks.
  • Diplomatic – having the ability to handle difficult situations with tact.
  • Disciplined – self-controlled; having the ability to adhere to rules.
  • Discreet – careful to observe discretion, especially in speech.
  • Dynamic – energetic, active, and full of vitality.

Nice Words That Start With E

  • Effervescent – lively, cheerful, and bubbly in spirit.
  • Eloquent – having or showing clear eloquence and aptitude for speaking.
  • Emotional – showing intense feeling or deep emotion.
  • Empathetic – able to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • Empowering – giving authority or power to act.
  • Encouraged – inspired with courage and confidence
  • Encouraging – giving support and confidence to others.
  • Endearing – making someone loved and admired.
  • Endorsed – to give approval of or support for something.
  • Enduring – lasting or enduring; not easily forgotten.
  • Energetic – full of energy and enthusiasm; lively.
  • Engaging – attractive; captivating one’s attention or interest.
  • Engrossing – completely absorbing; captivating.
  • Enlightened – knowledgeable, wise, or well-informed.
  • Enlightening – providing knowledge or understanding; illuminating.
  • Enterprising – exhibiting initiative and creativity in business.
  • Enthusiastic – feeling or showing strong excitement and interest.
  • Equitable – just and fair in dealing with others.
  • Esteemed – highly respected; honored for admirable qualities.
  • Ethical – having moral principles based on fairness and honesty.
  • Euphoric – feeling great happiness and excitement.
  • Excelsior – ever upward or higher; excellent.

Nice Words That Start With F

  • Fabulous – extraordinary or incredible; wonderful.
  • Faithful – loyal and devoted; true to one’s word.
  • Farsighted – having the ability to plan for the future.
  • Fastidious – paying great attention to detail; very meticulous.
  • Fearless – having no fear or apprehension; brave.
  • Feisty – having a lively spirit; spirited and determined.
  • Fervent – showing strong emotion and enthusiasm for something.
  • Flexible – able to adapt to different conditions easily.
  • Flourishing – thriving or successful in a particular endeavor.
  • Focused – paying close attention, concentrating on a task.
  • Forceful – having great strength or power; energetic.
  • Forgiving – ready to excuse mistakes of others or oneself.
  • Forthright – honest, direct, and open in speech.
  • Friendly – kind, warm, and approachable.

Nice Words That Start With G

  • Generous – giving freely and willingly; kind and unselfish.
  • Genuine – authentic and real; sincere.
  • Glorious – greatly admired or highly praised; splendid.
  • Goal-oriented – able to set and achieve objectives.
  • Good-natured – pleasant or kindly in manner or character.
  • Graceful – having poise and elegance; elegant.
  • Gracious – having a courteous, kind, or benevolent nature.
  • Grand – remarkable, magnificent, or majestic in appearance.
  • Grateful – feeling or expressing thanks; appreciative.
  • Gregarious – outgoing, sociable, and enjoying the company of others.
  • Gritty – strong and determined, showing courage.
  • Gutsy – brave, bold, and daring in the face of adversity.

Nice Words That Start With H

  • Handsome – pleasing in appearance; attractive.
  • Hardworking – showing dedication and diligence in one’s work.
  • Harmonious – having accord and agreement in feeling or opinion.
  • Heartfelt – deeply felt and expressed with sincerity.
  • Helpful – providing assistance to those in need.
  • Heroic – possessing courage and boldness; brave.
  • Hilarious – causing great amusement or laughter.
  • Honest – truthful and sincere in one’s words and actions.
  • Honorable – respectable and admirable in character or actions.
  • Hopeful – having confidence that something will happen or come to be.
  • Humane – characterized by kindness and consideration for others.
  • Humble – having a modest opinion of oneself, without arrogance.
  • Humorous – having the ability to make others laugh and smile.

Nice Words That Start With I

  • Idealistic – believing in or striving for perfection or excellence.
  • Imaginative – having the ability to form images in the mind.
  • Impartial – free from bias or prejudice; fair and objective.
  • Independent – self-reliant and not dependent on others for support.
  • Industrious – having a strong work ethic; hardworking.
  • Ingenious – showing skill, creativity, and resourcefulness.
  • Innovative – introducing new ideas, methods, or products.
  • Inquisitive – eager to learn and ask questions.
  • Insightful – having keen insight into things; perceptive.
  • Inspirational – conveying enthusiasm and hope; uplifting.
  • Inspiring – motivating, encouraging, or influencing others.
  • Intelligent – possessing strong mental abilities; quick-witted.
  • Intrepid – bravely facing danger and difficulties with courage.
  • Intriguing – arousing curiosity and interest; captivating.
  • Intuitive – having a keen understanding of people and situations.
  • Inventive – showing creativity and resourcefulness in problem-solving.
  • Invigorating – energizing and refreshing mentally or physically.

Nice Words That Start With J

  • Jocular – using joking, light-hearted remarks or humor.
  • Jolly – cheerful, light-hearted, and full of good humor.
  • Jovial – characterized by jolly good humor; happy-spirited.
  • Joy – experiencing great pleasure or delight; happiness.
  • Joyful – having an upbeat attitude and feeling cheerful.
  • Joyous – causing joy and happiness; delightful.
  • Jubilant – filled with joy and triumph, rejoicing.
  • Judicious – wise, prudent, and using good judgment.
  • Judicious – wise, prudent, and using good judgment.
  • Just – fair and lawful; righteous.
  • Justifiable – able to be justified or defended as being right or reasonable.

Nice Words That Start With K

  • Keen – having a sharpness of discernment; perceptive.
  • Kind – having or showing sympathy, compassion, and understanding.
  • Kindhearted – possessing or displaying kindness and sympathy.
  • Kindly – showing kindness and sympathy; benevolent.
  • Kindred – closely related in origin; similar in nature.
  • Kinetic – pertaining to the science of motion and its effects.
  • Kinship – the relationship between two or more persons by descent.
  • Knowledgeable – experienced and well-informed about a particular area.

Nice Words That Start With L

  • Laudable – deserving praise and commendation; admirable.
  • Leader – someone who is a role model and guides others in achieving common goals.
  • Leading – being ahead in rank or position; directing others.
  • Liberal – open-minded and tolerant, especially of different beliefs.
  • Liberating – freeing people from the fear of oppression and giving them hope.
  • Lighthearted – having an attitude of joyfulness and enthusiasm.
  • Lively – full of energy, enthusiasm and activity; spirited.
  • Logical – based on or using sound reasoning; rational.
  • Lovable – having characteristics that inspire love and affection.
  • Loving – possessing deep affection, kindness and tenderness.
  • Loyal – having faithfulness and allegiance to a cause or person.
  • Loyalty – faithfulness
  • Loyalty – faithfulness to commitments and obligations.
  • Luck – being fortunate and happening by chance.
  • Luminous – emitting or reflecting light; radiant.
  • Luscious – sweet, delicious and very appealing to taste or smell.
  • Luxuriant – full of abundance; overflowing with richness.
  • Luxurious – characterized by great comfort or sumptuousness; opulent.
  • Laudable – deserving praise and commendation; admirable.
  • Lively – full of energy, enthusiasm and activity; spirited.
  • Lovable– having characteristics that inspire love and affection.
  • Loyalty – faithfulness to commitments and obligations.
  • Lucid – characterized by clear and effective expression; intelligible.

Nice Words That Start With M

  • Magnanimous – possessing a generous spirit and noble nature.
  • Magnificent – grand, splendid and awe-inspiring in appearance.
  • Majestic– having an impressive grandeur and lofty appearance.
  • Manipulative – skilled at influencing or controlling people’s behavior.
  • Marvelous – wonderful, extraordinary, and deserving of admiration.
  • Meditative – characterized by quiet contemplation; reflective.
  • Meditative – characterized by quiet contemplation; reflective.
  • Mellow – characterized by a relaxed, gentle mood or disposition.
  • Merciful – compassionate and forgiving, especially towards enemies.
  • Meritorious – deserving of reward or praise for good deeds.
  • Meticulous – taking great care to do something correctly or precisely.
  • Mindful – aware and attentive; conscious of someone’s feelings.
  • Moderate – refraining from extremes; having a balanced approach.
  • Modest – having a humble opinion of oneself; unpretentious.
  • Modesty – having restraint in one’s behavior and attitude.
  • Motivating – inspiring or encouraging people to take action.
  • Motivational – inspiring or encouraging people to take action.

Nice Words That Start With N

  • Natural – existing in or caused by nature, not as a result of human intervention.
  • Neat – tidy and free from mess or disorder; spruce.
  • Necessary – absolutely required; indispensable.
  • Neighborly – friendly, considerate and helpful towards neighbors.
  • Neoteric – modern or contemporary in style, approach or attitude.
  • Nice – pleasant, agreeable, courteous and kind in manner or behavior.
  • Nifty – cleverly skillful; ingenious in design or function.
  • Nimble – quick, light and agile in movement; deft.
  • Noble – having high morals and ethical principles; honorable.
  • Nocturnal – active during the night, as opposed to the day.
  • Nonchalant – having a relaxed attitude or manner; indifferent.
  • Nonconformist – refusing to accept or adhere to established conventions.
  • Nonjudgmental – refraining from making judgments or evaluations.
  • Nostalgic – having a yearning for the past; sentimental.
  • Nourishing– providing sustenance and nourishment to the body and mind.
  • Nouveau – new or modern in style and fashion.
  • Novel – fresh and striking, or something that is new and different.
  • Novelty – something new, different and strange; a refreshing change.
  • Nuanced – characterized by subtle shades of meaning or expression.
  • Nurturing– providing physical and emotional care and support.
  • Nutritious – beneficial to the body, providing nourishment or sustenance.

Nice Words That Start With O

  • Obedient– willing to comply with rules, orders or requests.
  • Obliging – willing to do favors or help other people.
  • Observant – paying attention to details and noticing subtle changes.
  • Oddball – someone who is eccentric or different from the norm.
  • Offbeat – unconventional, unique and not following norms.
  • Omnipotent – having power and control over all things; almighty.
  • Openhearted– warm and friendly with an honest expression of feelings.
  • Open-minded – willing to consider new ideas and approaches.
  • Optimal – most favorable or desirable; best possible.
  • Optimistic– having a positive attitude and expecting favorable outcomes.
  • Organized – arranged into a logical order; well-structured.
  • Original– unique and not derived from something else; novel.
  • Outspoken – frank and candid in expression; not afraid to speak up.
  • Outstanding– exceptional, noteworthy and remarkable in some way.

Nice Words That Start With P

  • Passionate– filled with enthusiasm, vigor and strong emotion.
  • Patient– able to wait calmly or endure without complaint.
  • Patriotic – showing love for one’s country; displaying loyalty.
  • Peaceful – tranquil, quiet and free from strife or turmoil; serene.
  • Perceptive– observant, keenly aware and understanding quickly.
  • Perfect – flawless, complete and without any defects or imperfections.
  • Perfectionist– someone who strives for flawlessness in all they do.
  • Persistent – not giving up easily; determined in pursuit of a goal.
  • Personable – friendly, attractive and easy to talk to.
  • Persuasive – convincing and able to influence others’ decisions.
  • Philosophical– motivated by the search for knowledge or wisdom.
  • Pioneering– introducing or leading in a new way of doing something.
  • Placid – peaceful and tranquil; calm and serene.
  • Playful – lighthearted and humorous; full of fun and games.
  • Pleasant– agreeable, satisfactory and enjoyable.
  • Plentiful – abundant and readily available in large quantities.
  • Polite– well-mannered, courteous and respectful of others.
  • Popular– admired and appreciated by many people.
  • Positive – having a good attitude, optimistic outlook and expectations.
  • Powerful – having great strength, influence or authority.
  • Practical– grounded in reality and useful for solving problems.
  • Precise – accurate, exact and meticulous; paying attention to details.
  • Priceless – having value beyond measure; invaluable and irreplaceable.
  • Principled – guided by strong moral values and beliefs.
  • Pristine – clean and unspoiled; pure and fresh.
  • Proactive – taking initiative to make things happen, rather than waiting.
  • Productive – able to produce results or valuable output efficiently.
  • Proficient – highly skilled in a certain area; an expert in the field.
  • Progressive– advocating or implementing change, growth and improvement.
  • Prosperous – successful, wealthy and flourishing financially.
  • Protective – providing physical and emotional care and support.
  • Provocative – stimulating thought and discussion; stirring debate.
  • Punctual– arriving or completing something on time; following a schedule.
  • Purposeful – having a clear goal or direction, with intent to achieve it.

Nice Words That Start With Q

  • Quaint– attractive in an unusual or old-fashioned way.
  • Qualified – having the necessary skills or knowledge to do something well.
  • Quality– possessing a high level of excellence; superior.
  • Quantifiable – able to be measured precisely and accurately.
  • Quantitative– relating to or dealing with amounts or lar-ge quantities.
  • Questing– actively looking for something; searching with purpose.
  • Questioning – inquisitive and seeking answers; not accepting things blindly.
  • Quick – prompt and speedy; acting with little delay.
  • Quick-witted – intelligent, able to think and respond quickly.
  • Quiescent – still, inactive and motionless; at rest.
  • Quiet– making little or no noise; peaceful and tranquil.
  • Quietude– an atmosphere of silence, peacefulness and tranquility.
  • Quintessential – embodying the perfect example of a particular quality.
  • Quirky– peculiar, unconventional and full of personality.
  • Quizzical – confusing, unexpected or puzzling; curious.
  • Quotable– memorable and worthy of being repeated; noteworthy.
  • Quotidian – common and ordinary; occurring often or regularly.

Nice Words That Start With R

  • Radiant– emitting brightness, warmth and joy; glowing.
  • Rational – guided by reason, logic and facts instead of emotions.
  • Realistic – based on practicality rather than idealism; achievable.
  • Reassuring – comforting and giving support in times of fear or anxiety.
  • Rebellious– resisting authority or societal norms; rebellious.
  • Receptive– open to new ideas and willing to listen.
  • Refined– polished, well-mannered and courteous in behavior.
  • Refreshing– restoring energy, vigor and enthusiasm for life.
  • Rejoicing – feeling great joy or elation; expressing happiness.
  • Rejuvenating – invigorating, restoring energy and vitality to life.
  • Relaxed– freed from stress and tension; at ease.
  • Relevant – connected to the matter at hand; pertinent.
  • Reliable – able to be trusted because it is dependable and accurate.
  • Renew – to make something new again; to revive or restore.
  • Renewed – restored to strength; refreshed and reinvigorated.
  • Renewing – restoring strength, life or vigor; refreshing.
  • Resilient – able to withstand or recover from difficult conditions.
  • Resolute– determined and unwavering in purpose; firm.
  • Resourceful– skillfully finding ways to make do with what is available.
  • Respectable– held in regard, esteemed and admired by others.
  • Respectful – showing consideration for the feelings of others.
  • Resplendent – splendid and awe-inspiring in appearance.
  • Responsible – reliable, trustworthy and accountable for actions.
  • Responsive– able to react quickly, attentive and alert.
  • Reverent – deeply respectful and full of piety or reverence.
  • Revitalizing – refreshing and reinvigorating with new energy.
  • Revolutionary – advocating or initiating drastic change; groundbreaking.
  • Righteous– living a moral life, according to one’s beliefs and values.
  • Rigorous– demanding great effort, attention or accuracy; exacting.
  • Robust– strong, healthy, vigorous and energetic.
  • Rousing – stirring up enthusiasm and generating excitement.

Nice Words That Start With S

  • Seamless – without interruption, flawlessly connected.
  • Selfless – willing to put the needs of others before one’s own.
  • Sensational– exciting, remarkable and extraordinary in quality.
  • Sensible – rational, logical and level-headed in thought or action.
  • Sensitive – perceptive to the needs of others; empathetic.
  • Sensuous – arousing emotions or feelings through physical senses.
  • Serendipity – the occurrence of an unexpected and fortunate event.
  • Serene– peaceful and calm; composed.
  • Settled – well-established; securely in place and not likely to move.
  • Sincere– honest, genuine and without any hidden agenda.
  • Smart– possessing or displaying intelligence and cleverness.
  • Solid – firmly established, dependable and secure; reliable.
  • Solidarity– unity in thoughts, purpose and action; agreement.
  • Speak – to express one’s thoughts and opinions in words.
  • Spectacular – breathtakingly impressive in appearance and scope.
  • Spirited– full of energy and enthusiasm; passionate.
  • Splendid– grand and impressive in appearance; magnificent.
  • Stalwart – brave, strong and resolute; unwavering.
  • Steadfast – devoted, loyal and reliable; unwavering in faithfulness.
  • Steadfast– devoted, loyal and reliable; unwavering in faithfulness.
  • Steady– firm, unwavering and dependable; reliable.
  • Stimulating – arousing mental activity or excitement; invigorating.
  • Striking– attractive, eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Strong – having great physical power and endurance.
  • Stupendous – remarkable and extraordinary due to size or quality.
  • Sublime– majestic, awe-inspiring and grandiose; brilliant.
  • Successful– achieving one’s desired goals or objectives.
  • Superb – excellent or outstanding in every way; remarkable.
  • Superior – possessing or exhibiting qualities that are above average.
  • Superlative– of the highest quality, excellence or degree; outstanding.
  • Supportive – providing moral or emotional assistance; encouraging.
  • Supreme – the best, highest and most excellent; the greatest.

Nice Words That Start With T

  • Talented– gifted with a special skill or ability; aptitude.
  • Tasteful– having good taste, especially in regards to cultural matters.
  • Tenacious – persistent, determined and unwilling to give up.
  • Tender – gentle, sympathetic and kind in thought or deed.
  • Terrific– excellent or outstanding in every way; remarkable.
  • Thorough – complete and comprehensive in execution; detailed.
  • Thrilling – exciting, stimulating and producing an emotional rush.
  • Thriving– successful and growing in strength or prosperity.
  • Timeless – not subject or influenced by the passing of time; eternal.
  • Timely – occurring at the most appropriate or favorable moment.
  • Touching – arousing strong emotions and feelings of sympathy.
  • Transcendent – extraordinary and surpassing all others in quality.
  • Tremendous – powerful, striking and extraordinary due to size or scope.
  • Triumphant – successful in achieving one’s goals; victorious.
  • True – accurate, reliable and trustworthy; not false or misleading.
  • Trusting – having faith in the words, actions and motives of others.
  • Trustworthy– reliable and dependable; honest in keeping promises.

Nice Words That Start With U

  • Unbelievable– so unbelievable as to be beyond all doubt; remarkable.
  • Unconditional – free from any conditions or stipulations; absolute.
  • Understated – not exaggerated for the sake of emphasis or effect.
  • Unequaled – superior to all others in degree or quality; unequaled.
  • Unexcelled– superior to all others in degree or quality; unequaled.
  • Unexpected– not anticipated, predicted or expected; sudden.
  • Unfailing– always dependable and reliable; not prone to failure.
  • Unflappable– composed, confident and unconcerned by difficulty.
  • Unforgettable – so memorable as to be impossible to forget.
  • Unifying – bringing together as one; creating harmony or unity.
  • Unimaginable– so incredible as to defy belief or comprehension.
  • Unique – one of a kind, having no equal or comparison.
  • Unmatched – having no comparison or peer; unrivaled.
  • Unparalleled – having no comparison or peer; unrivaled.
  • Unprecedented– having no previous occurrence; never before seen.
  • Unrivaled– having no equal; surpassing all others in quality.
  • Unstinting – generous and conscientious in giving or sharing with others.
  • Unstoppable– not able to be hindered in progress; unstoppable.
  • Unwavering – steady and determined in direction or purpose.
  • Upbeat – cheerful, optimistic and full of enthusiasm for life.
  • Uplifting – inspiring, enlivening or causing one to feel encouraged.
  • Utmost– of the greatest possible degree, amount or intensity.
  • Utopian – ideal or perfect in its characteristics, nature and conditions.

Nice Words That Start With V

  • Valiant – possessing and displaying courage or bravery.
  • Valiantly – displaying courage, bravery and fortitude in the face of adversity.
  • Valor – great personal courage in the face of danger or opposition.
  • Valorous– brave, heroic and possessing great courage.
  • Venerable – worthy of respect due to age, dignity or stature.
  • Venerate– to regard with great respect, reverence and admiration.
  • Versatile– having multiple uses or applications; adaptable.
  • Versatility– having multiple uses or applications; adaptability.
  • Vibrant – full of energy and life; enthusiastic and passionate.
  • Vibrantly – full of energy and life; enthusiastic and passionate.
  • Victorious– successful in achieving one’s goals; triumphant.
  • Victory -the successful completion or termination of a struggle.
  • Vigorous– strong, energetic and capable of withstanding stress or hardship.
  • Virtuous– morally upstanding, righteous and just; having high principles.
  • Visible– able to be seen; clearly perceptible or obvious.
  • Vital – essential or necessary to the health, success or survival of something.
  • Vivacious – lively and full of spirit; spirited and enthusiastic.
  • Volition – an act of will or deliberate choice; the power to make decisions.

Nice Words That Start With W

  • Wealthy – having abundant possessions and material goods.
  • Welcome – warmly received; hearty and enthusiastic in response.
  • Welcoming – showing hospitality, friendliness and a readiness to receive guests.
  • Whimsical– exhibiting humor or playful fancy;
  • Whole – entirety, completeness; being in good health or condition.
  • Wholesome – healthful; characterized by virtue and morality.
  • Wilful– having a determined and persistent attitude; obstinate.
  • Win – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose by effort, skill or courage.
  • Winsome – attractive, charming and pleasing in appearance or manner.
  • Wise – possessing sound judgment and good sense in practical matters.
  • Wistful – having a yearning, longing or desire for something; pensive.
  • Witty – clever and humorous in expression; able to think quickly.
  • Wonderful– extraordinary; excellent in quality; marvellous.
  • Wondrous– wonderful, marvelous and causing amazement or awe.
  • Worthy– possessing merit or character that merits respect, regard or esteem.

Nice Words That Start With X

  • Xavier – derived from the Latin word for “new house”; signifying hospitality.
  • Xenial– friendly and hospitable to strangers or visitors.
  • Xenodochia– fond of strangers and visitors; hospitable.
  • Xenophile– having an affinity for, or fondness of foreign cultures or people.
  • X-Factor – an undefinable, special quality or attribute that sets someone apart.

Nice Words That Start With Y

  • Yarn – a story, often with exaggerated details; a tall tale.
  • Yeoman– a loyal, hardworking and dependable worker or helper.
  • Yieldingly– readily and willingly complying; yielding without resistance.
  • Yokel– an unsophisticated person from the countryside; a rustic.
  • Yonder– far away; at or in a distant place.
  • Yore -olden times; the distant past; days long gone by.
  • Yuletide -the period around the midwinter festival, especially Christmas.

Nice Words That Start With Z

  • Zany – filled with ridiculous and amusingly mischievous activity.
  • Zeal – great enthusiasm and determination; passion and dedication.
  • Zealous – full of ardor, devotion and eagerness in pursuit of a cause.
  • Zenith– the highest point of achievement or success.
  • Zephyr – a gentle breeze; a soft and mild wind from the west.
  • Zest – lively energy, enthusiasm and eagerness towards something.
  • Zigzag – a pattern of alternating straight lines forming acute angles.
  • Zodiac– an area of the sky, divided into twelve equal parts, containing constellations.

In conclusion, using nice words is a powerful way to bring positivity into any situation. It encourages us to think before we speak and act, which will go a long way towards creating a more positive environment.

(Video) Synonyms word list A-Z

Nice words can build stronger relationships, reduce negative feelings, and show gratitude and appreciation. They remind us that even in difficult times, kindness matters.

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What are 10 good synonyms? ›

synonyms for good
  • acceptable.
  • excellent.
  • exceptional.
  • favorable.
  • great.
  • marvelous.
  • positive.
  • satisfactory.

What are nice 5 words? ›

synonyms for nice
  • cordial.
  • ducky.
  • fair.
  • friendly.
  • good.
  • kind.
  • lovely.
  • okay.

Can you give me a list of synonyms? ›

List of Synonyms
15 more rows

What are 4 positive words? ›

Examples of Positive Words
  • Grin.
  • Lucky.
  • Masterful.
  • Truth.
  • Useful.
  • Secure.
  • Diamond.
  • Ecstacy.

What are the 10 new words? ›

  • 10 new English words for 2021. Read Time. ...
  • Adulting. Definition: The action of becoming or acting like an adult. ...
  • Awe walk. Definition: Taking a walk outside and making an effort to look at the things around you. ...
  • Contactless. Definition: not having to physically touch or interact with people. ...
  • Doomscrolling. ...
  • PPE. ...
  • Quarenteen. ...
  • Thirsty.

What are some nice A words? ›

List of Positive Words That Start With A:
9 more rows

What are the 50 examples of synonym? ›

50 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences PDF
RichWe all dream of becoming rich.Wealthy
NaughtyHe is a naughty boy.Mischievous
BusinessShe runs a big business.Trade
NeatThe movie last night was really neat.Tidy
46 more rows

What are 1000 synonyms? ›

synonyms for thousand
  • millenarian.
  • millenary.
  • chiliadal.
  • chiliastic.
  • millennial.
  • millesimal.

What are 9 synonyms? ›

  • ninth.
  • nonagon.
  • enneadic.
  • novenary.

What are the top 100 most used words? ›

The 100 most common words in English
1. the21. at61. some
2. of22. be62. her
3. and23. this63. would
4. a24. have64. make
5. to25. from65. like
15 more rows

Do a 180 synonyms? ›

synonyms for 180 degree turn
  • U-turn.
  • policy change.
  • reversal.
  • turnabout.
  • turnaround.
  • change.
  • double.
  • overturning.

What is the synonym of happy? ›

1 joyous, joyful, blithe, cheerful, merry, contented, blissful, satisfied. 4 favorable, propitious; successful, prosperous.

Is there a word with 30 letters? ›

The Oxford English Dictionary contains pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism (30 letters).

What is synonyms give 10 examples? ›

II. Examples of Synonyms
  • Bad: awful, terrible, horrible.
  • Good: fine, excellent, great.
  • Hot: burning, fiery, boiling.
  • Cold: chilly, freezing, frosty.
  • Easy: Simple, effortless, straightforward.
  • Hard: difficult, challenging, tough.
  • Big: large, huge, giant.
  • Small: tiny, little, mini.

What are good big synonyms? ›

synonyms for big
  • colossal.
  • considerable.
  • enormous.
  • fat.
  • full.
  • gigantic.
  • hefty.
  • huge.

What is a fancy word for good? ›

Synonyms: exceptional, favorable, excellent, righteous, altruistic, superb.

What's a fancy word for very good? ›

Superb, outstanding, and terrific are synonyms for very good.


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