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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Extended Essay is a 4,000-word research paper that provides students with the opportunity to explore a topic of their choice in depth. The Extended Essay (EE) is an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme and allows students to engage in independent research and analysis on a topic of their choosing. The process of writing an Extended Essay requires students to develop skills in research, critical thinking, and organization, making it an excellent opportunity for students to challenge themselves academically and develop important skills for future success.

There are many different topics that students can choose for their Extended Essay, and the best topic will depend on the student's interests and areas of expertise. Some potential ideas for an Extended Essay include:

  1. An analysis of a literary work: Students could choose to analyze a specific work of literature, exploring themes, symbols, and other elements of the text in depth.

  2. A historical investigation: Students could choose to research a specific event or time period in history, analyzing primary sources and exploring the context of the time period.

  3. A scientific investigation: Students could choose to conduct experiments or analyze data to explore a specific scientific concept or theory.

  4. An economic analysis: Students could choose to explore a specific economic theory or policy, analyzing data and examining its impact on society.

  5. A philosophical investigation: Students could choose to explore a specific philosophical concept or theory, analyzing the ideas of key philosophers and examining the implications of their ideas.

  6. An artistic analysis: Students could choose to explore the work of a specific artist or artistic movement, analyzing the themes and techniques used in their work.

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No matter what topic students choose for their Extended Essay, it is important that they choose a topic that is of interest to them and that they are passionate about. This will help them stay motivated throughout the research and writing process and will ensure that their final essay is of the highest quality.

Alfred Wegener and His Theory of Continental Drift

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As countries began to map the ocean floor after World War II, additional surprising clues from the geography of the ocean floor were brought to the surface, which would ultimately provide a mechanism for his theory and lead to ultimate vindication. Alfred Wegener Facts about Alfred Wegener 9: the strong interest The strong interest of Wegener is on the field of climatology and meteorology. TKSST features smarter, more meaningful content than what's usually served up by YouTube's algorithms, and amplifies the creators who make that content. Credit: Alfred Wegener Institute In addition, thanks to geolocation satellites, we are now able to detect that Europe and North America are moving apart, Francisco Doménech. He continued on to the camp but never made it.


Alfred Wegener Facts for Kids

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These trips were scientifically important, but dangerous, and numerous colleagues died as a result of accidents in the harsh, icy conditions. Tuzo Wilson's theory of plate tectonics, research in the field of paleomagnetism and its patterns, and the mapping of Earth's tectonic plates helped his theory gain traction. Born in Berlin, he grew up in the German Empire at a time that saw the advent of new technologies such as the airship, electricity and the automobile. The first time was by the mapmaker Wegener's theory Wegener used geologic, He believed these similarities could be explained only if these geologic features were once part of the same continent. Continental Drift Theory Early in Wegener's academic career, he became interested in paleoclimatology. Wegener speculated at centrifugal forces, sea floor spreading, or perhaps something astronomical could be the cause, but didn't have any proof.


Animated Life: Pangea

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However, most Evidence During the 1950s, in the mid-atlantic ridge discoveries of sea-floor spreading and magnetic reversal proved that Wegener's theory was real and led to the theory of plate tectonics, though his proposed causes were mistaken. In 1913 he married Else Köppen the daughter of his mentor Wladimir Köppen , with whom he had three children. He was the youngest of five children. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use Privacy Policy. His father, Richard Wegener, was a theologian and teacher of classical languages at the Berlinisches Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster. In 1905, Wegener got his doctorate in astronomy. Archived from PDF on 8 March 2012.


Alfred Wegener

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Wegener's ideas were considered radical, and also hard to prove at the time due to a lack of technology needed to provide concrete evidence of his ideas. Wenn ich auch nur durch die übereinstimmenden Küstenlinien darauf gekommen bin, so muß die Beweisführung natürlich von dem Beobachtungsmaterial der Geologie ausgehen. Therefore, he participated in various expeditions. And who knows how things will turn out tomorrow. This is the story about a scientist that embraced all of these things… In 1912, polar explorer and meteorologist A science-focused series of beautiful paper puppet videos by The New York Times. He realized, though, that if this idea were to be accepted, he would need much more supporting data than he had just fossils and fits of coastlines. He studied history and philosophy in Tübingen and Stony Brook, NY.


Biography of Alfred Wegener

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He became an assistant at Urania astronomical observatory during his study in 1902 till 1903. In addition to these duties, he found time to write his famous book on continental drift. Explore how he studied coastlines, fossils, and geologic features to develop his theory and discover the challenges he faced. Wegener working on his research in Greenland. Solving this mystery would take the work of a geologic supersleuth. Trouble with the Theory There was some trouble with this theory, though. Retrieved 27 July 2019.


10 Facts about Alfred Wegener

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Because his theories weren't readily accepted until after his death, there is often a disconnect outside of the geology community that is between his name and his theory. This expedition inspired the Greenland expedition episode of Adam Melfort in Death Wegener died in Greenland in November 1930 while returning from an expedition to bring food to a group of researchers camped in the middle of an icecap. But if the land masses had once been located closer together, it could have facilitated the transfer of these plants. You may choose to read the diaries in their original state, or browse the expeditions individually and read transcribed and translated excerpts by clicking on the individual chapters. Wegener's body would not be found until the May of the following year 1931. During his academic and science career, he did extensive research in the areas of astronomy, meteorology, and geologic history. Why did nobody believe alfred wegener? Alfred Wegener Facts Alfred Wegener November 1, 1880 to November 1930 exact date unknown was a German meteorologist and polar explorer whose most widely remembered for first developing the theories of continental drift and plate tectonics.


4.1 Alfred Wegener and the Theory of Plate Tectonics

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He is well known as an expert on Greenland and for his close relations with the Inuit populations of Denmark and Greenland. And it's free for everyone. He also had a moon crater and Mars crater named after him. Alfred Wegener, the father of Continental Drift which became plate tectonics and a pioneer in paleoclimatology died lost in a blizzard on an expedition. Only later, in the context of the systematic exploration of the seafloor in the 1950s, did observations of the phenomenon of seafloor spreading prove his insights. In addition to the fit of the continents and the fossil evidence, Wegener relied heavily on matching geological patterns across oceans, such as sedimentary strata in South America matching those in Africa Fig.


Alfred Wegener's Theory of Continental Drift

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The Continental Drift Controversy: Volume 1, Wegener and the Early Debate. To begin with, the current geologic theory was that the crust was all stationary, and continents were relatively unchanging - they didn't move around. Translated from the seventh German edition by Winifred M. Also in this case it was an intuitive insight and immediate observation that made him think about the origins of continental movements. It was like saying your resolution is to lose weight, but not having any explanation or plan for how you are going to do it. Greenland Journey, The Story of Wegener's German Expedition to Greenland in 1930—31 as told by Members of the Expedition and the Leader's Diary.

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